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Version 1.0
Initial Release October 07, 2020
Last Updated October 07, 2020
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#Real-Life #Buildings Netherlands Drag and Drop


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Any change of updating the set? Removing the erasmus brug and add some of the (no longer maintained) models of Resetti?

So nice to see some of my models beeing used by somebody else,..
Super, FPS is way better in comparison to the individual buildings. Also less space occupied on my SSD
Very nice, I enjoy flying over Rotterdam! One question though, I see a few very tall chimneys in the harbor (about the size of Euromast). Is this part of the default scenery or an error in the mod? I don't recall the harbor having such tall chimneys XD.

EDIT: Never mind, I just looked up some data on chimneys in Rotterdam, those are very large (some are 200+ meters)
To all Rotterdam builders. Rotterdam is a highlight of The Netherlands for real and now in MSFS2020 too!
Compliments !!
Well, thanks for the hard work.

But now I have two Euromasts half overlapping and two half overlapping Dijkzicht hospitals. Haven't checked the rest, had already taken some maps of the other developer out of my Comm folder.

I am inclined to choose one of two (or three?) developers now (based on rating, otherwise this is getting too much to keep track of, regrettably!

On second thought, maybe having one or two big packages to update is easier than a lot of small ones so keep up the good work!
Reaper, can you check your uploaded files, cause i see only the default buildings..thanks.
For some strange reason the scenery doesn't work for me. Put the 'rotterdam' folder in the communityfolder, contentmanager says it's installed (rotterdam by REAP, up tot date)but nope, just the default Rotterdam scenery. Anyone any suggestions?
Great job. If someone could do Antwerp this way we can fly from one port city to the other. Mentioning ports , Rotterdam port as well as Antwerp port can use an update.
Mike departure @ 1000ft is becoming interesting 😊

Or direct Oud Beijerland
I would also like to see a cooperation between the different developers. Some objects are prettier from one developer, and some from the other eveloper. I do not know if you put all the objects in one megapack of the framerate will become an issue. Perhaps an optimization is possible.
This is brilliant! Thank you very much for your outstanding work recreating one of my favorite cities.
Perhaps you, Geraldar98, MrResetti and other "Rotterdam Scenery developers" can team up together to create 1 Rotterdam-Mega-pack?
It's quite a puzzle right now to determine which building is available, duplicate etc.

Anyway!...thanks a lot for you work!
nice work!, is the SS Rotterdam, the Harbour and the football stadium in this ? or will you add them at a later date?

looking forward for other City megapacks <3
Thank you for your nice "next level" version.
I like it very much and was waiting for someone who will put it all together including merged textures.
I keep my stuff online for maybe one more month and then delete them.
Thanks...! Looks amazing. Also the same question: what can be disabled from previous Rotterdam buildings?
Dude this is epic thank you looks good but unlike Groningen this does not absolutely tank the frame rate
Ajax fan perhaps?
Thanks! Do you have a list of what is included? There are about 18 other downloads for Rotterdam, so it would be nice to know what can be disabled. Or is there a way to check for overlapping scenery?
awesome! thanks alot for this.
Hope someone makes a megapack for Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen also

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