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gesalcedoa posted this
1 month(s) ago

Hi buddy!!! Thank´s for your great job!!! For some reason the scenery doesn´t show up. I´ve been following your instruction which is to put the "portRT" folder into the Community folder but nothing happens. Can you please let me know if there´s a way to fix this issue. Thank you so much!!!

PHMAC answered
1 month(s) ago

Hi, I think you sent this PM to the wrong person. Looks like you need to send it to Tribalowski who is the developer of the Rotterdam Port scenery.

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Beautiful!!...the colors match very nicely with the surroundings. Could you perhaps take a look at doing Maastricht?
There it is!....Thank you Port-guy ;-)
Hahaha!...Let's see... For the Netherlands a lot of work has already been done. Personally I would really like a good Maastricht scenery since it is close to my home. Somebody here already tried it but for some reason it was a bit buggy...not sure if that developer has managed to fix it. A bit more to the south, situated between some hills is Liege which is also available as Photogrammetry. Besides that I also like Onkelyogi's suggestion. Perhaps you can become the Harbour-Expert... Antwerp Harbour comes to mind... ;-)
Got it!...thanks! Looking very nice!
This looks amazing!!!...thank you very much! I can't wait to explore this wonderfull scenery.
That would be amazing!...Thank you for your work!!
Love it!!!..Thank you very much!
This is brilliant! Thank you very much for your outstanding work recreating one of my favorite cities. Perhaps you, Geraldar98, MrResetti and other "Rotterdam Scenery developers" can team up together to create 1 Rotterdam-Mega-pack? It's quite a puzzle right now to determine which building is available, duplicate etc. Anyway!...thanks a lot for you work!
Heel mooi!...ziet er geweldig uit! Thanks Geraldar!
Thanks man! Rotterdam starting to look amazing!
Thanks JeDa!...Looking forward to your update.
I have the feeling that your add-ons are getting better! Thank you!
I just flew took off from EHBK and flew over Maastricht again with your add-on buildings. And although I'm very happy with them, I think the color can be a little bit improved... The add-on building don't blend in very well with the rest of the scenery. I believe Geraldar98 is using Lightroom to correct the blue-ish color. Is that something that you can look at for your next update? Thanks!
That's really fast!...Thanks!
In 24 hours The Netherlands had surpassed the US and Australia with most community add-ons...UK beware! Excellent job guys!! Thank you!
Looks like I'll be planning a flight from Rotterdam to Groningen via Friesland today! Thanks!
Good job!!...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the default tower...even in the handcrafted premium version it's nothing like the real thing. Thanks for fixing this!

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