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Super, FPS is way better in comparison to the individual buildings. Also less space occupied on my SSD
Thanks .. hope more will follow. I mean ... lets take Paderborn from aerosoft as an example. rendered chairs in the buildings ... how many people will "sit" on those chairs all day ? Its a gimmick people will check just once ... but eats 3.5GB ( not 1.8 but 3.5GB !! ) SSD space for ONE airport. Its a flightssim .. so people will normally fly at least at 1000 ft over a building .. so no need for interior to be calculated by a flightsim I suppose. Thanks for the great job !! off course I downloaded both your buildings :-)
Thanks but not sure why you suggest this ... I do not have issues with the cache .. I have issues with my "community folder " containing 5GB with just one airport and a few buildings.
I like to add the performance thing also. I REALY love al the buildings in Rotterdam city ... but its not flyable anymore. NO buildings added ... 35 FPS. The building added drop to 21 FPS. And that i logical because when i look at the skyline of rotterdam .. its 1 GB in buildings that is vissible and added to the drfault scenery !! ( also added to manual cache by the way .. ). That 1 GB needs to be recalculated over and over again. With those buildnings NOT loaded .. but thousands of default flightsim buildings vissible in rotterdam .. 35 FPS again. So yeah its nice someone spits out building after building ... but in a few weeks filling up the netherlands its not flyable anymore. Just wanted to add ... AND YES .. i love the buildings and effort !!!
@Flyingdutchie EEEEeeeh ... who says I do not appreciate .. and yes I am aware of others .. I think just ONE free airport Paderborn is 1.8 GIG ( it contains high res textures that nobody will ever look at or hardly look at anyway .. BUT are using SSD space ) Yes it's free .. yes happy .. yes I appreciate ... AND YES ... if this continues like this my SSD will be full in a few months. I am very happy with EHRD .. I just ASKED to TRY to keep the size down ... please read and put thing into perspective instead of marking me as "ungratefull"
Thanks ! Looks great so far ! Please try to keep the file size down. Almost 300 + MB already ... Downloaded a few dutch sceneries and already lost 1 GB for a few buildings. Thats half the size of fs9 :-)

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