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The past week The Netherlands is become more and more realsitic. With Rotterdam as THE HIGHLIGHT of MSFS2020. Thanks Matt! Really great. To save loading times I put this larger files only in the Community folder when I am using them. In this way I always start with cherry picking before loading the game. Without any obligations for you: Pijnacker and Schiedam city center?
This is absolutly great! Together with all the other Dutch cities its great to fly VFR in The Netherlands! Thanks a lot.
Dear Matt88, I agree that youre settings are better for performance and the quality suits me perfect. It is alway a game between performance and higher settings. Thank for the effort and I look forward for more Dutch area's ! (City center Amsterdam with the canals will be much appreciated). Barrie40
Dear Tribalowski, My compliments for your Harbour projects. Rotterdam is my homebase and the Industry is an important part of the Rotterdam area. Really Great!! I understand form youre Hamburg Topic that the complete harbour can not be made because of a lack of google data. Pitty. But if possible an extend in the future is additional value for me. (Maasvlakte?) But apart from the harbour. Suggestions? Amsterdam city center with the old canals. It looks shit at the moment ;-) Have lots of fun with Flight sim!!
Perfect additional scenery for Zestienhoven. Thanks!
To all Rotterdam builders. Rotterdam is a highlight of The Netherlands for real and now in MSFS2020 too! Compliments !!

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