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Nice story about this "Ladie's castle" in the Loire Valley. Built, maintained and improved upon by famous ladies, surviving the French Revolution and open for visits in our times. Lovely! And now even better with several of the ca. 3.000 Chateaux in the Loire region added plus more to come. Excellent, un grand merci!!
Well, thanks for the hard work. But now I have two Euromasts half overlapping and two half overlapping Dijkzicht hospitals. Haven't checked the rest, had already taken some maps of the other developer out of my Comm folder. I am inclined to choose one of two (or three?) developers now (based on rating, otherwise this is getting too much to keep track of, regrettably! On second thought, maybe having one or two big packages to update is easier than a lot of small ones so keep up the good work!
Wow, the tower of our first kiss, 46 happy years ago! Thanks!!
Well, with the slightly different color now we can in any case see the fast and big updates ;-)
Very nice, this example of superb Dutch waterworks engineering! The barrier is open, nice! Now, getting rid of the cars driving below ;-) but that is probably a MSFS2020 problem. I hope to master the process with Blender etc. one day (stuck at the injection part now), then I would add the churchtower in Zierikzee, the tower of the former church of the abandoned village of Koudekerke, and on Walcheren the watertower in Domburg ;-) Keep up the good work!
Geweldig, Mestreech al zoe sjnel!! Bedaank! Great, thanks a lot! And suggestions: Gouvernemint and Monsieur Rieu's castle? Molen Gronsveld? En mijn eigen huis of wijkje ;-) ?

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