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Thank you for your suggestions. I will give it another try.
Thanks for the wonderful scenery. However, I am running into a strange issue. When I use a C152, it seems to loose all my controls and I cannot use my throttle any more. The airplane starts with full throttle. When I delete your scenery, everything turns back to normal. Anyone else experiences this?
Thank you for your wonderful scenery. However, I have an issue: when I try to leave and give full power, for some strange reason the aircraft loses power. Any ideas?
Thank you for updating ENVA. However, when I use your airport together with the southern, middle and northern norway lake fixes I get spikes around the airport. Could you look into this? Thanks in advance.
I would also like to see a cooperation between the different developers. Some objects are prettier from one developer, and some from the other eveloper. I do not know if you put all the objects in one megapack of the framerate will become an issue. Perhaps an optimization is possible.
Thank you very much foryour fantastic works! Suggestion for following projects: Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau and Bernina group.

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