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Hi, I need to figure out to make the rwy more "used". However, all of this was created by me (also the other sceneries) during my 3 week holiday and had more time. For now I am back at work, so time is killing factor for me. I can share with you the original package? If you like to pick it up.
Thanks :-) At the moment back to work and busy, so not much time for creating new stuff. :-( When I have some time, I will continue with some new stuff. And I'm still not satisfied with the runways EHHV including the Rwy marks.
Yes indeed, that's a good one... next to Holland Spoor... I will put it on the list. Can't promise yet, because I am busy now with some dutch airfields..
Yes indeed... I was yesterday in the centre for a cup o coffee and lunch and walked around the buildings... (i live in Delft), you gonna look in a strange way... more with a flightsim developer eye... hahaha....
well, in include it together with the new.
Tip how to do: Use runways with runway grass textures. Use taxiways with runway grass. For the wide grassfields like Hilversum, just create a big Apron polygon and as texture ...runway grass or other grass. (all are as default available in MSFS2020.) And the funny thing....you can't see on a grassfield that it is an Apron, but it will give you short grass. ;-)
EHHV is now updated with 3 runways, short grass and other parkingstands and NEAR runway starting points (and not on the rwy). I have the objects also for Teuge (via LPNils) and will see what I can do.
EHHV now updated, with 3 runways, SHORT GRASS, new startpoint next to the runways and extra and repalced parkingstands.
Airfield is updated, now 3 runways and grass is short... I cut the grass. ;-)
Yes I can. The reason that they are a little big is to compensate for better visibality from distance. Be honest I am sitll not happy with it, as soon as I have a good representative runway mark barriers, I will replace it.
That was one of the things, that I asked them. Using the objects for creating the Dutch airforce bases. They told me they have to deal with copyrights, authorisations from 3rd parties, etc. So it is good to give NL2000 team the time they need, they are doing by themself research about this subject. We need to be patient. :-) On the other hand, if you are handy with development, design, use of 3D software, Sketchup, Blender, etc, and have some spare time and want to do it for free, contact the NL2000 Team, it could be that you will be invited to help. (NOTE: I am not the spokesman from NL2000 Team, just share my contact info)
Thank you for your nice "next level" version. I like it very much and was waiting for someone who will put it all together including merged textures. I keep my stuff online for maybe one more month and then delete them.
I am in contact with NL2000 team. All I can say by now is, they are learning the process, the new technology and the SDK options and possibilities. Please don't forget we are still in the beginning of the new MSFS2020 ERA. Development and creating cost for most of us (including me) a lot of privat time in combination with having a fulltime job or other busy things in normal live. :-) P3D, FSX, Xplane had in the beginning also nothing. So i think what we see is already promising, right? :-)
So true, what you are saying. It is also my bottleneck. I wish to have an option, by just just selecting with the polygon for short rwy grass.
It is possible to fix it in the original MSFS2020 Airfield. However for now, I just leave it as it is. All the landingstrips are basically available for land and take-of, only it will not be available in local ATC. Via Poscon or Vatsim, you can still do the job. (I'm not ready yet for editing Airport files in relation to add extra rwy. Still leartning the new tools.)
Aha...Eksterlaan. I remember the request. :-)
Hi, yes i am aware of. The scenery from Google 3D is sill using old satellite images. (my parents are living in Lent close to the bridge) I am looking for a solutions or maybe someone can step in with some Sketchup created extensions

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