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no worries! take your time! :)
what you can do regarding the terrain is maybe take the one from google maps, and colour correct it so it merges smoothly?
i just downloaded it myself, and it seems fine, try using a different browser.
download now has 2 options but both are the same size yet marked as different versions and the main file seems to be 0.9 while the other 1.0 , which do we need to download?
will you make a detailed guide or video tutorial on how to do this with other areas of the world? as even though i read your github , i don't quite understand what has to be done :( as id really like to fix my Malta project primarily
haha im just getting this based on the FAQ xD
the file is by nature a few kb as everything used is ingame models and meshes
thanks, i will take a look at the github as I also want to correct a land mesh for scenery i am working on
thanks, yes unfortunately by default the islands have a bad mesh overall but the autogen is not too bad. I am slowly trying to learn the SDK more and Blender also now to maybe start importing custom models but primarily i want to improve the mesh somehow overall. It's rather tricky.
looks nice, are the building on the runways part of the scenery of have they been removed?
I don't know how far I will get with this scenery but my time and knowledge in this area is limited. Recently I have spoken to a staff member from simmershome who has finished a very high detailed freeware scenery for P3D and asked him about it. He will be converting it for MSFS in due time. I just don't know when, but when he does I would revisit mine as his is truly payware level, just it's free. So when that comes out I will advise and modify any missing details it may have to make mine compatible with his.
I have uploaded 0.3 (check changelog) but its not perfect, I am now trying to see if importing Google photogrammetry is worth a try as not all of Malta is on Google in 3d. Also terraforming is becoming a bit of a task that takes up a lot of time, so next release will probably take a while as I have exams coming up also and need to focus a bit on that. Also would like to fly a bit also in my free time. If you come across issues, let me know in the discussions section
thanks for the scenery, also i noticed there was A LOT of files, im assuming its textures. you think you can maybe reduce the number of files?
a bit of feedback, i would remove the line in the middle ;)
or maybe it was just out of the zone that's marked. I will check again and get back if its in the zone.
thanks!, I will be looking forward to the fix as i really like this one! :)
I hope this will come in the future updates also

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