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Arches National Park

Arches National Park, Utah, USACreated for MSFS2020 By Richard 'Georender' Goldstein January 2021Introduction................Thank you for downloading this scenery.  I have travelled this area many times IRL and visited the Utah National Parks several times.  This is probably my favourite so I'm really pleased to be...

Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Created for MSFS2020 By Richard 'Georender' Goldstein January 2021


Thank you for downloading this scenery.  I have travelled this area many times IRL and visited the Utah National Parks several times.  This is probably my favourite so I'm really pleased to be able to share it.

It is not the final version, but I will wait until we have a suitable DEM SDK in order to create a definitive ground blending capability and refine the scenery complexity/region sizes etc.

There are quite a few visual glitches, off colour textures, missing sections, holes etc.  I'm not sure why some of them occur and not including those areas didn't seem like an option so they are included warts 'n all.  Hopefully fixed in next version.

At present it is not possible to land on the detailed scenery areas.  They are not solid in this respect.  Hopefully that can change in the future.

Loading times will be longer than usual.  Especially if you are not using an SSD drive for scenery.

I highly recommend that you add one or two centimeters of snow for terrain blending purposes.  Furthermore, the blue tint of sky reflected off of the snow adds a colour which is complimentary to the orange rocks and this enhances the depth and realism of the terrain relief.  There is also a huge ugly cloud on the satellite image right next to KCNY and this becomes masked when using snow!

About Arches...................

Wikipedia pretty much covers it.........



Unzip.  Then place all six folder that are prefixed with 'Geo_' into your Community folder. Thats all there is to it.  In your Community folder you will have six new folders as named below..............


The areas above contain detailed terrain as shown in yellow highlight on the included map.

At present the Devils garden area is missing and will likely be added in the future.

How to find it..................

Take off from KCNY and head SSE following Highway 191.  Entrance to the park and the Courthouse Towers section is approximately 10nm on a heading of 135 degrees.  Turn into the park and follow the suggested route in order to familiarise yourself with the area.


Thanks go to Jonahex111 for his brilliant 'Google Earth Decoder' tool.

All additional terrain data owned by Google.  This scenery cannot be sold or used in a commercial product.  I do not own any part of it.
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6 month(s) ago / Thanked by georender

bonjour et merci from France. OK with V9.



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by georender

Nice work! Thank you.

Richard. You are my new MSFS Hero! I have enjoyed your Sedona and Arches scenery enhancements are so awesome ... they just take my breath away. Is there any way I can buy you a cup of coffee (or two) for your enhancements to a already wonderful sim?

Great Job, Richard!


This looks epic! I had a lot of your payware airfields. Are there any plans to release these for FS2020? Emma Field would be great!
thank you for this great work! we where there a few years ago when we visited usa. never saw a landscape like this. after after the america update it was my first flight to check if it looks better. but it was sad seeing onli a hilly landscape. then i saw your pictures of sedona and that guided me to this work. awsome!
What a great update. Can't wait to get the choppers flying around here. great job.
Nice but it does not seem to use the optimized method to import google maps data, this scenery alone has over 39000 files!
Also it contains multiple modelLib.BGL files known to be a cause to CTD
Great to know Richard is here with us again!
Amazing work! Thank you very much for providing us the pleasure to fly this region!

Do you have any idea why the Addons-Linker does not seem able to read the manifest.json files, and hence cannot link to them? Unlike other scenery, only way to install them was to put them directly into the Community folder.
Absolutely georgeous! Thank you very much!!
Snow, autumn trees in golden colours (with a mod here from flightsim.to) and sunset ... VFR at it's finest!
Well, Richard "more trees and then more trees" Goldstein ... as I live and breath!
Georender...1-6.. Lago..... Emma Field, The Flying M. Ranch Best Times I´ve had with these legendary Add Ons. This starts for me the Bush Flying Chapter in FS. Great to see, that you are still on the run Richard. Btw. Arches is a Jewel. Great work!
Just tested it. Very well done, no performance lose... One of the best scenery
perfect!!! great job!!
Thank you so much for this wonderful scenery. We visited Arches N.P. two years ago and now I can see the great nature again. You made a perfect colour match! I really love it.

There is another Arches scenery, which covers the missing Devils Garden: https://flightsim.to/file/1774/arches-national-park-utah-devils-s-garden-area
Yes!! Richard is back!!
So many beautiful memories of splendid sceneries for FS9 and FSX..!
Thanks for this new one, Sir.
Brilliant work.
Nice to see you back Richard! Hope you do some justice to a new version of Emma Field. Your legendary contributions over the years is much appreciated. I left a plug for this on the Avsim FS2020 forums.
not yet tested (top sim destination this WE) but sure it will be fantastic ! great screenshots with really natural colors and winter touch 😊

PS : I remember some "Georender" good sceneries for old FS ... many years ago !! I guess you made them ? Great work !
Richard 'Georender' Goldstein is back. Yeahhhhhhhhh 😊

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