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Version 1.8
Initial Release November 04, 2020
Last Updated April 16, 2021
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United Kingdom

After mucho testing the only way this version is usable is to delete the Asobo one from your content manager.  

This is really strange as it was possible to wipe the necessary elements of the hand done airports from previous updates, but it's not possible here. I will continue to experiment.

Land's End is my second favouritest airport before St Marys on the Isles of Scilly and rather handily that's pretty much the only place it flies to. A geezer who works there told me that almost every single person passing through is overjoyed to be there and you can't really say that of most airports. 

Why should you as a discerning flyingist choose this over the Asobo version? I dunno. 

Main differences are -

New taxi system with parking space 5 starting off inside an open hangar. 

This version retains runway 25's sloping gradient. 

A juicier terminal overall with plenty of opportunity for snacking. 

More effort put into the areas around the approaches with frighteningly realistic additions such as a coach about to block the single track road it's on. 

The Asobo one does a better job with the ground markings and some of the surrounding buildings and does a fine job too. 

Large up to Skell300  https://flightsim.to/profile/skell300  for doing a brilliant rendition of the service building next to the terminal. 
I will leave you to explore and discover the other additions for yourself, there are plenty of them. What type of maniac would download a mod without surprises? 

To take this much further would basically involve my paying for your taxi fare to the real place so you can run up and down the runways with your arms outstretched before you're forcefully removed. As of right now I'm too mean for that. 

V 1.8

Rescues this from Asobo's attempted murder. I REALLY hope this doesn't crash for you. This version replaces the one that died after the latest world update. 

If this is still a crash fest for you I can only advise you to A - not tell me. B - get rid of it. 

In addition to actually working, which I think is important, there are a few minor tweaks to ground textures and aprons. Nothing too radical. 

A cheesy placeholding version of the Longships lighthouse just out to sea is included with the scenery file in here https://flightsim.to/file/3615/eghe-st-mary-s-airport-isles-of-scilly-uk-upgrade

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.8 April 16, 2021

    Actually makes the airport work again after world update 4.

  • Version 1.7 March 08, 2021

    New taxi system.

    Reprofiled runway.

    Better ground details.

  • Version 1.51 February 11, 2021

    Nothing other than adding a giant exclusion rectangle to wipe out Asobo's version if you want to return to this one.

    No pressure.

  • Version 1.5 December 07, 2020

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates 50.102368, -5.668387

  • Vulcan558
    5 day(s) ago
    Have installed this without getting rid of the Asobo version and everything works as it should. Have had a pasty from the huge selection in the café – not as tasty as my grandmother from Helston used to make but hey, it was digital… and super, as in spud…
  • WiggleNiggle
    13 day(s) ago
    Just perfect. Let's face it Asobo version missed out major airport items such as the pasties in the departure lounge cafe and TVs showing the Scillonian 3 ferry crossing over to the island. At least someones taking airport development seriously. Asboso you should be ashamed of your attempted murder of this mod. Now where did I put my scrumpy for the filght.
  • britfrog
    25 day(s) ago
    matey, your work is soooo appreciated !
  • alfme
    25 day(s) ago
    Where is the Asobo airports to be found if I should like to delete any of them?
    • superspud
      25 day(s) ago
      Look for 'content manager'. Can't remember which screen it's on but it's not the marketplace one.
  • DaisyMower
    25 day(s) ago
    Do we still need to delete the asobo version of this airport?
    • superspud
      25 day(s) ago

      Nothing's changed there. Their version refuses to yield to me.
    • DaisyMower
      25 day(s) ago
      Ok, thanks
  • scaleybrat
    25 day(s) ago
    I just completed the flight I attempted last night from your St Marys to St Just. Completed Satis in a default C208 with default livery.
    FYI, I also have your Tresco and Scilly scenery and both Dave and Mike's object libraries. No CTD. I almost forgot. Thank you for fixing it.
  • mikey
    26 day(s) ago
    No problems with V1.8 as always great work thanks.
  • ezwingman
    26 day(s) ago
    Thanks for perservering with this.
    It was quite easy to remove the Asobo version and tuck it away (just in case).
    Always love your airports and the attention to detail.
    2 month(s) ago
    Great work, Certainly alot better in many ways, AS you say the UK update also is very good.
    It would be a waste not to have either.

    Every considered using the review youtube video to to base a new version?
    start again mixing both yours and the uk update?

    Maybe doing that will remove the need to not have the uk update installed.
    • superspud
      2 month(s) ago
      Can't be done. Before the UK update I played with Friday Harbour to see if you could wipe and build on top of a hand made airport. With that, you could.

      With this I couldn't. None of the buildings or items will go and it won't respond to terraforming. I've never seen anywhere do that before. Their ground markings in particular are vastly better but I can't use any of it. It's fully one or the other with no mixing possible.
  • scaleybrat
    2 month(s) ago
    Do you still need to delete the Asobo version for this to work.
    Your attention to detail was quite breathtaking..
    • superspud
      2 month(s) ago
      I can't find a way past it yet so yes. And with this version you save up to 25mb in space vs the other. That's one hell of a deal.
    • scaleybrat
      2 month(s) ago
      a whole 25 meg or almost? I mean it has to be worth the effort 😀

      Does it make a difference that it's a Microsoft airport, not Asobo.
  • Thom
    2 month(s) ago
    If you could find some time to use your Talent to bring
    EGAV Wiltshire Microlite Centre to our beloved sim it would be much appreciated. Regards from Thom.

  • Thom
    2 month(s) ago
    That's quite a Well Deserved Compliment when your rendition is considered to be as good as, if not more authentic than ASOBO's version.
    Thanks for your hard work Maestro !

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