EGHE - St Mary's Airport & Isles of Scilly Scenery UK - Upgrade

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Version 2.0
Initial Release November 17, 2020
Last Updated September 17, 2021
File Size 117.89 MB
Downloads 14,695
GPS Coordinates 49.913549, -6.293002
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Regional Airports #Real-Life United Kingdom


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  • Version 2.0 September 17, 2021

    Does a far bit to the elevations on and around the airport. Still not perfect but better than before.

    Adds more details around the airport such as flashing runway guard lights and more work on the terminal.

    Adds some more boats, rocks and details to the islands in general.

  • Version 1.9 August 10, 2021

    Restores the correct elevations to the airport site.

    Tones down some colours.

    Adds some of Dave's 3D people.

    Various other tweaks to models and vegetation.

  • Version 1.8 June 17, 2021

    Plenty of improvements to the airport - added the new taxiway, modelled the fire station and hangars, added more detail to the terminal and airport overall.

    In the scenery file I've stripped the trees from the silliest places and removed Bishop Rock lighthouse to make way for the better version by someone else.

  • Version 1.7 April 28, 2021

    Sorts out a runway ridge.

    Finishes road markings.

    Adds more detail to the islands around the coast and plenty of bits and bobs here and there.

  • Version 1.6 March 05, 2021

    Hopefully squashed all of the errant sea.

    Got rid of all of the green roads on St Marys and put proper ones in.

    Stuck a few more items around.

  • Version 1.5 February 17, 2021

    Lowered the sea to sea level to address Asobo's horrid update.

    Redone the rocky coastline.

    Sorted out a few other things the update threw up.

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Absolutely marvelous! The best!

Thank you very much for sharing this great addon with us!

With version 2.0 there are two files: "Isles of Scilly-Superspud 2.0_bOwD9" and "EGHE St Marys No Ground Textures_SP4K2". Where did the scenery file go?

Can you explain real quick? Thanks.

wow! what can I say. This airport is phenomenal.'ve done it again, but better and better. Love the runways, terminal (and food), parked aircraft, foliage, rocks, flag! and all else. I have followed other comments and pass on that after loading this and Land's End, I didn't have to delete or remove any files...just added these into the Community Folder. All OK for me.

Thank so much for your efforts.

Thank you very much for this great add on

I also use Channel Islands Airports Upgrade - Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney

I do VFR in the area of Mont St Michel, Jersey Islands, etc... I will now do VFR flights in the area of St Mary's airport

I'm going there tomorrow. Two weeks camping on the Garrison.... and look... the sun just came out. YEYYY!!

Stunning! Best area and airport download on here. works great, Thankyou.

I have some sad news. Firstly, there is no doubt this is a beautiful addon that we are grateful for. But unfortunately there is a major problem with it. It causes the Marketplace and by extension the Content Manager to not load. You just get the spinning circle.

I have spent two days tracing the cause of this problem. I even uninstalled and painfully reinstalled the sim. I emptied the Community folder and added back groups at a time. After suspecting this mod I tried running it with nothing else loaded and yip this is the culprit.

The Scilly scenery part is fine, it is just the airport. Would you mind please taking a look at this? I would love to be able to use this airport again.

Just brilliant, thank you.

It's beautiful Spuddie.

Thought for a moment you had gone a bit Pulpit Rock crazy with multiple stone discs... then I realised I was already at Porth Hellick... That new P-40 is a bit too quick for sight seeing.

It's looking wonderful. Genueinely superb.

Good move stripping the Bishop Rock out for replacement with that other model.

Don't stop what you are doing. It's just epic!


Ah man you are the gift that keeps on giving. I love your add ons so much I've probably flown from Exeter, all the way down the Scilly Isles and back four times, recently with a touch and go at Salcombe for good measure. I will be heading back to St Mary's to test this out again tomorrow.

Dear SUPER_SUPERspud, thanks a lot! - Maybe A SILLY QUESTION: With the download, there comes v1.8 + 1.9... Is it enough to install v1.9? Or are both needed at one time??


Thanks for the new version!

Brilliant Job everything as it should be, Even the sloping runways are back, No problems at all.

Here's an odd one. I'll see if it repeats. But my update 5 had a problem with this. The new satellite info we see when zooming into the world map was missing. It went to the old blank grey everywhere. Until I removed just your Scilly isles. Then it all came back. ( That's a new one) odd huh?

I just checked with Sim Update 5: it's mostly fine; the issue I found is the Bishop Rock Lighthouse is now a short rounded building.

I was going to download this but i notice you don't have a price list for the cakes in the cafe. So, without that level of detail i don't see the point.

Excellent, quite excellent, thank you

We want to go to the Scilly isles so this is much cheaper option 😊 - leaving it until all the staycation mayhem dies down in 2022

Absolutely superb. These UK add on scenery areas are excellent and the updates are very much appreciated. Thank you 🙏

Hey Spuddie.... hit me up with a 1.9


Excellent scenery! Thank you!

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