Regional Airports #Real-Life United Kingdom

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Version 2.1
Initial Release November 17, 2020
Last Updated October 09, 2021
File Size 120.74 MB
Downloads 17,864
GPS Coordinates 49.913549, -6.293002
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  • Version 2.1 October 09, 2021

    Adds a heliport - EG45 - to Round Island Lighthouse

    Re adds Bishop Rock lighthouse. Adds a lighthouse beam to Longships and Round Island too.

    More rocks on the outlying areas.

    Improves some ground textures and vegetation at the airport

  • Version 2.0 September 17, 2021

    Does a far bit to the elevations on and around the airport. Still not perfect but better than before.

    Adds more details around the airport such as flashing runway guard lights and more work on the terminal.

    Adds some more boats, rocks and details to the islands in general.

  • Version 1.9 August 10, 2021

    Restores the correct elevations to the airport site.

    Tones down some colours.

    Adds some of Dave's 3D people.

    Various other tweaks to models and vegetation.

  • Version 1.8 June 17, 2021

    Plenty of improvements to the airport - added the new taxiway, modelled the fire station and hangars, added more detail to the terminal and airport overall.

    In the scenery file I've stripped the trees from the silliest places and removed Bishop Rock lighthouse to make way for the better version by someone else.

  • Version 1.7 April 28, 2021

    Sorts out a runway ridge.

    Finishes road markings.

    Adds more detail to the islands around the coast and plenty of bits and bobs here and there.

  • Version 1.6 March 05, 2021

    Hopefully squashed all of the errant sea.

    Got rid of all of the green roads on St Marys and put proper ones in.

    Stuck a few more items around.

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It has error when installing

hello to you and happy new year

very nice scenery

I have a little question : wheer did you find those static sailing boats

are they default MSFS object ? because I can't find them in the SDK objects list

thanks for your help


I tried the Scilly Scenery without Bishop Rock download but it did not work in MSFS as there was no updates st marys

Superb work. Payware grade. Thanks

Stunning scenery!

Hi Superspud...fantastic...just a small point the base of the EG45 Lighthouse was pink for me...sure that wasnt planned...

Best wishes


I can confirm that this appears to work fine on SU6! I did two VFR landings here today on vatsim - it was meant to be one but the weather was getting naff over the mainland - and I didn't like the idea of not being able to see my way back so put her down for the night. The airport and scenery looked gorgeous and thankfully the crash to desktop kraken was nowhere to be found. Also I'm glad the ski-ramp on Asobos runway 32 is gone - hilarious though that was to discover for the first time it was a bit ridiculous and somewhat destructive to a cessna's landing gear!

Great Scenery.

Curses No CTD here but the vanilla-Asobo is quite inducing to place two fingers in me mouth.. Asobo what did you do to this time ruin my favorite airport ?

One of the best sceneries out there. I had to download all 3 files, for the scenery to show up. I made a video, to highlight, the excellent workmanship & detail you put into this

Both v2 and v2.1 have a problem (possibly earlier versions but not tested). If you depart from EGHE but then want to restart your flight the blue loading bar crawls slowly to the end and then just sits there forever, no inputs work and you have to kill the sim via task manager or similar to exit. Tested with both mentioned versions as the only items (one at a time) in the community folder. Flight restarts without a problem if nothing is in the community folder.

Hi, could you please include the option to remove the Bishop Rock Lighthouse?

I use this mod, and now there's 2 lighthouses

I love the attention to detail and all the little extras to discover, like the cyclist on the road by the airfield etc. The new contouring looks great, I don't know how accurate it is since I didn't have my spirit level with me last time I was there, but even though I don't fly "au naturel" the landings certainly have a pucker factor in the nether regions.

Good advice about the lighthouse by the way:

Absolutely marvelous! The best!

Thank you very much for sharing this great addon with us!

With version 2.0 there are two files: "Isles of Scilly-Superspud 2.0_bOwD9" and "EGHE St Marys No Ground Textures_SP4K2". Where did the scenery file go?

Can you explain real quick? Thanks.

wow! what can I say. This airport is phenomenal.'ve done it again, but better and better. Love the runways, terminal (and food), parked aircraft, foliage, rocks, flag! and all else. I have followed other comments and pass on that after loading this and Land's End, I didn't have to delete or remove any files...just added these into the Community Folder. All OK for me.

Thank so much for your efforts.

Thank you very much for this great add on

I also use Channel Islands Airports Upgrade - Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney

I do VFR in the area of Mont St Michel, Jersey Islands, etc... I will now do VFR flights in the area of St Mary's airport

I'm going there tomorrow. Two weeks camping on the Garrison.... and look... the sun just came out. YEYYY!!

Stunning! Best area and airport download on here. works great, Thankyou.

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