KBED Laurence G Hanscom Field, Bedford, MA, USA

Compatibility with Sim Update 6 has been confirmed.

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Version 0.1.3
Initial Release July 09, 2021
Last Updated July 12, 2021
File Size 95.40 MB
Downloads 681
GPS Coordinates 42.4699444,-71.2890000
Status Not Downloaded yet
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life United States Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.1.3 July 12, 2021

    VERSION 0.1.3 7/11/2021 - Added Jet Aviation hangar and surrounding area. Continued to add more detail to the West Ramp.  Added taxiway direction markings to Central Echo and Tango around Juliet and Sierra and Customs.  Added more detail to East Ramp

  • Version 0.1.2 July 10, 2021

    In creating the update, it's possible there's a layout.json error (there were two contentinfo directories, and I had deleted one, but the fix may not have ended up in the layout.json, and downloading is so slow I can't check), so I'm uploading a new version just in case. You can tell my update is active if there are flood lights on the East and West ramps (lots of other details, too, but that's the most obvious change).

  • Version 0.1.1 July 10, 2021

    Somehow I zipped up the wrong directory and the scenery wasn't included.
    Fixed. I need to sleep more O_o

  • Launched July 09, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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20 day(s) ago / Thanked by FlyingsCool

Hi question. I have to download all the extensions listed to use this add on ? Is that the parking lot and cars etc or is that all included ?

Will this be certified SU5/WU6 soon 😊 ? I cross my fingers, I grew up here and had all sorts of airshows roaring over our house come summertime.... F4's in formation -yes-- the Thunderbirds!

I work at KBED at the Ross/Rectrix FBO I can give some info if you want

Repeted big and slow downloads of "scenery-ma-flyingscool-kbed_Udi9X.zip" are just containing a number of jpgs and the "Marketplace.json" file, no scenery....???

So, the dependencies are for objects here and there. You can still use the airport without them. Most of the objects I use were standard in FSX, hopefully, Asobo expands their library of objects to AT Least what FSX had someday. They seem to use most of their talents on single use buildings and haven't really expanded the object library at all, except for some different light posts it seems.

Sorry Flightsim.to is having issues tonight. I didn't realize libraries was an issue. Sadly, I haven't figure out how to model or create libraries of objects for myself yet.



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by FlyingsCool

Looks like a wonderful scenery! But not sure if it's a flightsim.to network issue or what but this airport and the Emerald Object Library is having an 8+ hour download time. Hoping the download speed can resolve itself soon so I can hop in here and fly around in this scenery!

Update: Seems like the download speeds have been resolved, managed to grab the airport scenery and Emerald Object dependency, the airport is beautiful! Took the JustFlight PA-28R Arrow III for some circuits and it's great! Way better than the default scenery.

Again. Too many dependencies, unfortunately. A couple of these are taking all day to download.

Thank you so much! I was hoping you'd work your way down to KBED eventually. I drive on 128 under the approach to RW29 every time I go to work, and like to try and ID what's landing (in the 10 seconds I have before I'm past it on the highway). Now if only someone would do Logan properly...

My one gripe is using other airfield mods as required asset sources. I have approximately one gazillion mods, so for memory management purposes I have all my airport files segregated by region, with subregions for the US. So if I plan to fly in the Boston area, I'll only load the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic folders (and probably the South as well, to finish the coast). Having a Reno airport as a requirement kind of screws that up for me, as I'll have to add the Mountain folder (where I put Nevada files) if I want to fly out of Bedford, which I do quite a bit. Ditto for the UK airport, which I already had, but which I'd never load when flying in MA. Maybe you could ask the other mod-makers for permission to include the assets directly in your mod? (It's a nitpick I know, but I just got through basically dismantling my laptop to add another stick of memory, because two of the DIMM slots were on the underneath side of the mobo, which was... inconvenient. So I may be a bit prickly today, sorry....)

Looks great. I fly here IRL for work all the time. Can you incorporate Jet Aviation FBO ramp and hangars? Thanks for this, great job!

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