MSFS 2020 object library with 170+ models ranging from towers hangars to cones (v7 8 extra models)

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Version 7.1
Initial Release June 08, 2021
Last Updated October 06, 2021
File Size 186.49 MB
Downloads 14,284
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  • Version 7.1 October 06, 2021

    7.1 8 additional models animals + animated people

  • Version 6.1 September 13, 2021

    added 3 windsocks (same as msfs windsock but alternative colors) + 4 obstacle lights

  • Version 5.1 August 31, 2021

    Version 5.1 includes improvements for all curved surfaces Segmentation is gone after pressing the right button in Blender

  • Version 4.1 August 26, 2021

    fixed visibility problems on fence-paling models texture upgrade on hangar-24x19x7green-cbj new models - flag pole - microwave dish - shedx3 - hangarsx6

  • Version 3.3_2 August 15, 2021

    Version 4.1

  • Version 3.3_1 August 09, 2021

    missing texture on terminal-small-09-17x10-cbj fixed
    visibility issues with hangar-21x28-cbj fixed

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Thank you for the modellib's and PDFs - you have clearly been the recipient of other asset libraries and doing those 2 things makes life so much better for scenery developers and users - cheers,

Hi do I need to leave the v4 libraries for compatibility or will the v5 updated ones be sufficient? Thank you!!!

Thanks it's the best addon to add objects to our scenes. I especially like the modellib folder that allows us to include objects in our scenes independently because it is quite cumbersome and tedious for everyone to have assets from each other. If I make objects I would definitely offer to include them in your library if you want so that the community can benefit from it! So 5 stars! Thank you !

Thanks Colin great work.

Not sure if you take requests:

Any chance having hangar doors open?

Black and yellow tyres

Railway wooden sleepers

Thanks again

+150 Items, DAAANG! Awesome work! Thank-You! 😀

thanks to your work, i can make my airport better! !

Hangers are for clothes and hangars are for planes.

I'm giving you 5 stars anyway... excellent work! I may see what I can add on my next update to BGBW

Sorry to ask.Downloaded.Put the Library1 and 2 in the community folder.What do I do with the ModelLib1 and 2 folders.Maybe my brain has just gone to mush and it's missing something in the read me but Not too sure.Cheers,thanks for any help..

Hi @colinj, Thank you for your effort.

Request: Would it be possible to provide variants of the hangars without the external hangar door frame? (that sticks out past the hangar itself) More like the beige version of the hangars, you have in the library. I have some airfields where that type of hangar (Beige ones) are next to each other in a row and want to use the grey hangers you have. Alternate option is if you could make a green and especially silver (Aluminum color) of those beige hangars would be a great help.

Why no hangars with open doors?

Hi! Need a radar station (locator) with a rotating dish, is it possible to add this?

Very useful objects, thank you so much! There are amazing train objects too but I wonder if you could make a railway cargo that is filled with tree trunks. One version for road trucks could be cool too. Thanks! 😊

Hi Colin, Thanks so much for these, I'll be releasing some airports in New Hampshire soon where I use some of your objects.

Would you mind uniquely naming the modellib.bgl files and mycompany directories in the future so I don't have to keep renaming them myself to avoid conflicts and CTD's?

Please confirm these are only for the use of scenery creators, or does everyone download these?

Looks good. Cant wait to use this. Happens to have the only objects i need to finish my build.. Thnkyou

Thank you, Colin. That'll do nicely when I finally get around to modelling a couple of Wimmera Mallee towns.

Out of interest. The locomotives - Victorian N Class?

Thank you for the wheat silo. It removes one of my reasons for putting off my maiden addon, which was going to be a small country town in Victoria. Tell me, how tall would the concrete silo be? And if it is less than about 100ft, would it be possible to upscale it (in all dimensions) to be about 100ft tall?

Hey mate, I'm going to guess that you're from the Yarrawonga area in Australia?

As that white tower in the top left of the first screenshot looks identical to the one in Yarrawonga. (Hello from just over the border in Finley NSW!)

Also, these look fantastic. That old Concrete Grain Silo (Picture 2, Middle rear), any chance of getting the bigger version of it? (Similar to what's seen in Finley, Tocumwal, Berrigan and other areas?)

is it just for visibility 2.0? the changelog is empty

Thank you so much. A lot of the models that are here were 100% needed in the default game.

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