Another set of objects for scenery creators.

I have been experimenting with higher resolutions. I was going to add these objects as an update to my regular Crooked library , but only a few objects in, I realised this would make the package far too large. So here's a new library for you all.

As usual I included a thumbnails file to enable an overview of the contents.

A warning though: some objects are totally not politically correct. No offense was ment, it is just the way I am. On the Bush League Legends Discord I have been described as : "young enough to know better, old enough not to give a damn" or "Old, cranky, definitely not PC, but I got your back no matter what." It is what it is, take it or leave it. Check the above screenshots to get the idea.

I will be adding to this library next week; as I got another 40-50 decent models to work through.

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Creating libraries like this is very labour intensive. I spent almost 30 hours doing the original 16 objects.

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