Dave's Higher-Res Crooked Library

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Version 1.0
Initial Release June 04, 2021
Last Updated June 04, 2021
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  • Launched June 04, 2021

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1 month(s) ago / Thanked by BadMed

I just stumbled upon this "not politically correct" library of yours, as it seems the world on it spread as well as the fact it's being used in some of the most popular scenery addons within our community.

Okay. Listen.

Since today - you are officially my favorite freeware scenery developer - end of f****** story !!

Not to mention the high quality and dedication you display trough your work.


Excellent job. I appreciated it a lot. Thanks. I'm creating Helipads for São Paulo, Brazil and would like to know how I can get his permission to use some objects for him. Although I finished the project, I don't want to post it without your permission. Sorry, I'm new here and I don't know by what means I can ask for your permission.

It seems to be causing a some issues with the market place and the profile tabs in game, just get the swirling circle thing and shaded out. All the others work great tho.

First wanna thank you for all the nice objects and your time creating them I'' disabled and can't do much but play msfs and with your uploads makes things so much more interesting I don't have paypal but greatly appreciated for your talent

I'm sorry but this causes me to become stuck in the main loading screen 😞

Oil rigs, I know you are a busy person and I like your work. I need an assortment of oil rigs, land, sea and barge rigs. Let me know if that is something you can do?

Thank you for creating these libraries. Requesting conk and bepis vending machines if possible.

I like it, pretty much my kind of humor, too.

I just hope, that people will really use this nice pack in their addons, so we´ll really find your assets used here and there.

Edit: My ABSOLUTE favorite is the "James Corden" one... killing me!!!


thank you for this new library: can I have simultaneous "daveslibrary" and "daveshireslibrary" in my Community folder ?

LOL...love it! Hilarious!

Nice work as usual, the snowflakes can always find something to complain about so may as well make it amusing 😊


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