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Version 21.10.29
Initial Release February 25, 2021
Last Updated October 30, 2021
File Size 230.44 MB
Downloads 6,487
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  • Version 21.10.29 October 30, 2021

    - Added new models!
    > [Building - Bld] Abandoned Cottage, Old Wood House
    > [Clutter - Clu] Stump with Axe, Firewood Pile, Firewood Stack, Water Well (Capped), Dog House, OutHouse (2 variations: Open/Closed)
    > [Industrial - Ind] Propane Tank
    > [Vegetation - Veg] 3D Pine Tree Dead (6 variations), 3D Pine 07
    > [Vehicles - Veh] Snowmobile (3 variations - Green/Black/Red)
    - Changes to dock models:
    > Added colliders (Float planes will no longer drift through the docks)
    > Now use PBR textures.
    - Changes to GA Hangar 1:
    > Added collider
    > Now uses PBR materials
    > Fixed inverted channel in Normal map
    - Fixed glass on the static DHC-2 Beaver

  • Version 21.8.30 August 30, 2021

    - Added two new models!
    > [Buildings - Bld] Shed Rusty - Including three variations: Rusty, Derelict (Same as Rusty, but with missing panels), and Frame (No metal panels).
    > [Buildings - Bld] Shed Metal - Different style than above, with only one variation.

  • Version 21.7.28 July 28, 2021

    - Added several new models!
    > [Aircraft - AC] Static DHC-2 Beaver and Jodel on floats (Converted from FSX).
    > [Vegetation - Veg] 6 3D Pine Tree models inc. 3 sets of fallen branches (These were in the last update, but I forgot to include a note about them).
    > [Industrial - Ind] Railroad Bridge.
    - Added some new handicap marking materials.
    > White Symbol, White Symbol w/ Blue Background, White Symbol w/ Blue Background & White Outline. (Special thanks to FlyingsCool!)

  • Version 21.7.12 July 13, 2021

    - Added several new models!
    > [Clutter - Clu] Camping Tents (4 Variations)
    > [Clutter - Clu] Light Globe (Includes light Effect/Emissive)
    > [Vehicles - Veh] Derelict Rusty Mustangs (4 Variations)
    > [Vehicles - Veh] Forklift
    - Adjusted scale of Cow models.
    > Brown/White (1.1x)
    > White/Black (1.25x)
    - Fixed an issue where the "EOL_Asphalt" Material Editor tag failed to show.

  • Version 21.6.16 June 16, 2021

    - Added some new models for Fantasy of Flight dev release.
    > Pump Jack [Industrial - Ind]
    > Black/White & Brown/White Cows [Animals - Anm]
    - Added some new materials.
    > Right Turn Arrow [White]
    > Left Turn Arrow [White]
    - ESD materials now show under Material Editor tags/categories (EOL_).
    - Fixed white artifacts on handicap marking material.

  • Version 21.4.27 April 27, 2021

    - Added apron materials (Common materials will be removed from ESD's current MSFS releases in an effort to reduce file duplication).

  • Launched February 25, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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I have always really appreciated and admired the incredible work you have done in FSX, P3D and now MSFS. You have a real tallent for scenery design and a great eye for detail! It is reflected in the lengths you go to bring life and realisim to the scenery you create. Hope this helps a little and keep up the great work!




Thank you for bringing a little TLC to my home area. :)


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Hi, I'm getting a "Library file does not exist error for package EOLib-Materials with the latest version of your library 21.7.12. I see 8 materials in the texture directory.

Ah some modeling goodness from my friends over at ESD

Woo Hoo! More objects for FLORIDA! 😀

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