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Version 1.0.5
Initial Release December 31, 2020
Last Updated February 06, 2021
File Size 82.61 MB
Downloads 31,060
Status Not Downloaded yet
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  • Version 1.0.5 February 06, 2021

    Major update, library has grown to 355 models. Remove a few models (fd-worker..) due to faulty texturing-will put them back in a future update.

  • Version 1.0.4 January 21, 2021

    Major update, library has grown to 286 models. A lot more seated characters and in preparation for the summer, some beach dwellers

  • Version 1.0.3 January 13, 2021

    Now 168 models in the library
    Also added a thumbnails HTML file

  • Version 1.0.2 January 11, 2021

    Now 125 models in the library
    Upon request, some more sitting people

  • Version 1.01 January 05, 2021

    Added more models . Now 86

  • Launched December 31, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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should I just download this and paste it in my community folder?

Excellent job. I appreciated it a lot. Thanks. I'm creating Helipads for São Paulo, Brazil and would like to know how I can get his permission to use some objects for him. Although I finished the project, I don't want to post it without your permission. Sorry, I'm new here and I don't know by what means I can ask for your permission.

Please put all in the same library package.

Been having a recent problem with a couple of scenery mods that use this library as a dependency. In both cases, with nothing in the Community folder other than the scenery and your library the Marketplace and Content Manager won't load, you just get the spinning circle.

In the first case, VNDP by Blinn, if I just have the scenery loaded there is no problem. The error only occurs when I include your library.

In the second case, EGHE by superspud, the problem occurs whether your library is present or not.

My belief is there is something wrong in the way the library is referenced. I have reached out to both devs through this forum but wanted to include you in the discussion as you may have some insight on this.

EDIT: Just found another - NZQN Queenstown by T0kenkiwi causes no problem by itself, but when this library is loaded the fault occurs. And another, Tekapo by spas3man.

works in 5 update? much regards

One of the "must have" addons in MSFS.

Great work, thanks a lot!

Could you add some photographers with big lenses, as all those spotters have at the big airshows, please?

Like these here:

Some could wear a yellow or an orange vest, some might be sitting in some chair.

Maybe you´ll have the time to add some of those.

Excuse my ignorance but how to I find your assets in the SDK once I DL them? Do i need to save them somewhere in particular?

ca donne un des aéroports plus vivant

Hey man, thanks for your awesome work on 3d people. This came in handy for a scenery I put together (TIST). Thanks and much love to your work.

Quick question, do you have any that are in the running or walking position?


Wanted to donate... Great collection! i noticed at least one is animated? how many more are?

Great collection of people. Variety of poses, clothing, ages, etc. makes it easy to populate a scene. I just uploaded some screenshots of some of these folks enjoying the amenities at Pistol Creek Ranch.
Nice - Thank you
This library is very helpful for my scenery addons. Thank you sir!
Anyway for a small commisioned pack?
Are the models automatically placed worldwide, or do you place them yourself at some locations.
Is this supposed to download a .rar file? In past experience I've had when I put the rar into the community nothing happens, so just checking to see before I do so
In all cases ! a thousand thanks for your sharing which animates our aerodromes and congratulations😉

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