Feeling lonely on a long flight?
Does the plane seem empty and dead?
Are you sad and lonely?
Install this mod, and your co-pilot will suffer from loneliness together with you!!!11

ATTENTION! This mod can cause problems when working with other mods!

Added co-pilot for all standart Asobo aircraft (except Pitts, has only one pilot)
- Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX
- B747-8i (integrated with: Salty-747 developer)
- A320 Neo (integrated with: FBW A32NX STABLE, FBW A32NX DEVELOPER)
- Beechcraft Bonanza G36
- Cessna 152 (integrated with: JPLogistic C152 Mod )
- Cessna 172 G1000
- CAP10C
- CJ4
- DA40NG (integrated in: DA40-NGX Improvement Mod)
- DA62 (integrated in: DA62X Improvement Mod)
- DR400
- E330
- FlightDesignCT
- Icon A5
- KingAir 350i
- Savage Cub
- TBM930 (integrated in: TBM930 Improvement)
- VL3
- X-Cub


P.S. Please vote for wishlist in official forum (LINK TO POST) for adding this feature in game by default!
P.S.SFor those of you who are not aware of this pilot attire mod, it is a natural companion for this mod! Dress your co-pilot (and pilot) in the latest fashions!

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