DA40-NGX Improvement Mod

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Version v0.8.0.3
Initial Release November 02, 2020
Last Updated September 26, 2021
File Size 256.31 MB
Downloads 38,924
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Aircraft Enhancements
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  • Version v0.8.0.3 September 26, 2021

    Fixed my 0 fuel flow goof

  • Version v0.8.0.2 September 26, 2021

    Fix for WT G1000NXi
    Note: Naming and order of System and Fuel page is not correct.
    Not using NXi fuel totaliser at this moment.

    Old panel.xml is still provided for those who still want to use the WT G1000 mod

  • Version v0.8.0.1 September 03, 2021

    Hotfix for WT NXi 0.5
    Fixed fuel slosh on right tank

  • Version v0.8 August 22, 2021

    Copilot has returned

    Removed small 5° gap in fuel temp
    Redblink on Load not so sensitive.
    Partially redone electrical system:
    -Fuel pumps, starters and Electric master behave 99% correctly.
    -Fuel transfer stops automatically when the left tank is above 14gal
    Fuel sloshes "back and forth", kinda
    The text of respective indications will now change colour (systems and fuel page)
    Turning on master triggers fuel pump sound (using transfer pump sound as its not as annoying)
    Voter switch, does something..

    Engine catches fire instead of just failing. (there is smoke, but its hard to see)
    ECU test behaviour improved. ECU test reacts to the engine and the way its performing in the current conditions
    Slight spool up added when starting the engine
    Reduced cooling a little

    Debugging stuff:
    Added a full CAS message. I encourage you to read it if you see it...
    Added "PROP AXIS" CAS message. again, read it, please...
    Engines will shutoff when the FADEC is not running.

  • Version v0.7.7.1 July 31, 2021

    Hot fix for SU5
    Fixed fuel selector, trim indication, ELT.
    Defrost and cabin heat levers now move. dont do anything yet though
    Altitude error and Vertical Speed error replaced with the simple "simvar solution"

  • Version v0.7.7 July 10, 2021

    Added "1000 tone" and "minimums" sound effect by Positive Zero (thanks Zeke12587 for showing me that)
    Temperatures will increase as engine is overloaded.
    Sharpened autopilot a little
    Reduced power draw on all electrics.

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

"FADEC INOP" CAS message, Engines turning off

FADEC Code hasn’t loaded in. The FADEC is based on Simconnect and other simconnect mods can interfere with the FADEC. 

Additionally a livery with a seperate Panel.cfg  can stop the FADEC from being loaded in.


Check your other mods (Kenetic assist, replay mods, multiplayer mods, Liveries, etc). Try the default livery

"Incompatible Livery" CAS message and alot of other warnings.

The ModelBehaviorDefs folder isn’t being loaded in. Another mod (possibly livery) is interfering with the DA40-NGX.

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA40. Try the default livery

"PROP AXIS" CAS message blinking on and off constantly

Most Joysticks will constantly send inputs to the game eventhough they are not moving. This normally happens inbetween 2 steps. This is perfectly normal behavior.


Moving your assigned propeller lever/wheel/slider to an end stop (0% or 100%) should fix it. If not, unassign/unbind the axis.

Controlling the DA40NGX seems sluggish, slow and heavy.

We all know how sensitive the planes are in this game. Check if you have sensitivity curve setup in your control settings. The DA40NGX doesn’t need a curve and it is recommended that you fly with a linear curve.

I don’t like the nose wheel steering.

The nose wheel steering can be reverted back to a castering nosewheel here

No or little aileron control

Only the modern flightmodel is supported. Check that you are not using the legacy flightmodel.

Cockpit is invisible

Uwajimayas Lighting mod and MixMugs Pilot/Copilot mods are already integrated into the DA40-NGX and are not needed. 


Remove those mods

Is le mod compatible with the marketplace G1000 NXi?

It is just as compatible as every other plane. However the engine/system/fuel pages are currently missing and the formatting is slightly different


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These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

Pretty empty over here.



2 month(s) ago

Currently the NXi is locked to “Lean” and “System” pages, where it should be “System” and “Fuel” for the diamonds. I am obviously aware of this. Whenever it’s possible to change this, it will be done. Fuel totaliser from them will also be used later.

While you are here, could you please upvote this bug and raise awareness.

Thank you


is this mod already SU6 compatible? thanks for the mod!


This mod is very good, way better than the default. If I may suggest some improvements, though...

  1. The backup attitude gyro is electric. It should start as soon as the main battery is activated. At this moment, it starts only when the engine is started, like a vacuum gyro. This is incorrect, because DA40NG doesn't have a vacuum system.
  2. The backup attitude gyro also doesn't react to the emergency backup 'horizon' switch. When the switch is flipped to ON the horizon should come alive even if the whole aircraft is de-energised, but it doesn't happen.
  3. I would be glad to see the backup altimeter untied from the G1000 altimeter. At this moment they work in complete sync: you change pressure setting on one, it automatically changes on the other, but this is not how it is on the aircraft.
  4. I would also increase damping ratio of the main gear.

Otherwise, it is very good. Thank you for this improvement!

I'm really enjoying this mod. Curious though...do you know if the fuel transfer switch has a key binding in the sim?

Great mod! This makes one of my favourites even better. Can't imaginge flying without it! Thank you - keep it up!

Nice modification, as well as Your project on the DA62. The plane flies so much more realistic now. Though I have a question: Using AUX fuel feels somehow weird. The fuel does not crossfeed to the engine directly. It pumps occasionally... like suddenly the note in left display flashes for 10 to 20 seconds and 2% of fuel are gone (supposingly in the engine) when the switch stays on. Do I do something wrong? Is this a bug? Or a workaround of the fuel management? Couldn't find anything in the description.

Good job with this one! ECU not working properly really annoyed me on the default MS2020 aircraft.

Couldn't manage to get this mod to play nice with the Working title G1000 mod. when entering the sim the G1000 was blank and nothing worked. Triple checked the NGX plugin was uninstalled and in fact even emptied out my community folder so it was just this one and the WTG1000. When I removed the WTG1000 everything worked perfect.

Thank you for your effort!! No chance to have doors opening?

I downloaded the file - extracted it and put the DA40NGX folder in my community folder. I still cant find the plane in my game?

Hello, great mod. Unfortunately with the latest WU6 I am not able to load a flight at EHRD when this mod is present in my Community folder. No matter which aircraft I choose loading hangs in the middle... removing the mod makes everything working fine again. No other mods installed. So far I have only noticed this with EHRD, other airports I checked (LOWI, EDDS, EHAM, LOWK) seem to load fine. Any ideas please? Thank you!

Hey, love this mod and the plane itself. My personal GA favorite. Question since you've obviously done the research for the airplane dynamics and weights and other factors. would you or do yo have a profile for the DA40 nx simbrief? I started one but don't have the complete info or can't factor/figure their questions for ZFE etc... I could make it available and see if members tweak it maybe? TIA

Do we need to write to [email protected] after WU6?. I don't have them in the DA40ng, but I do have them in the DA62

Downloaded and installed, and flying I realized instantly the difference in every aspect. Love it. This my favorite small craft and you just made it more fun😀

Seems the engine start bug has come back in SU-6. Everything else seems to come online correctly but the engines will never seem to start - also the throttle seems stuck and won't animate. Tried about 15 different methods to make sure it wasn't my end, right down to this being the only mod I was running.

Happens with the online checklist as well, using ctrl E to try and force engine start and trying to use the AI to force a start.

Amusingly though with the engines not seeming to run the AI managed to make it taxi around. 😅

I´m new to this mod. Yesterday, i installed it for the firs time. Is it known to be very sensitive or buggy, when other mods are active, too?

I got display errors every 1 or 2 seconds, making it impossible to fly without getting a headache because of the heavy "blinking" going on on my screen.

For sure, this won´t be a standard for this mod. I just would like to hear, if there is anything special, i should take care of, when using this mod.

I use an addon manager to activate my mods, so they are just as a link in my community folder when activated.

I had some modas active like sceneries, some planes, some more general mods like Dave´s or mikea.at´s scenery object libraries.

So, again, i am perfectly sure, this mod works totally nice for most people. Im just asking for suggestions, how to possibly narrow in on the detail, that´s causing my screen issue with this mod.

with this new hotfix update, does the mod work with wt nxi now? should I install the nxi now?

program crashes just before flight is loaded with this mod installed

Currently the NXi is locked to “Lean” and “System” pages, where it should be “System” and “Fuel” for the diamonds. I am obviously aware of this. Whenever it’s possible to change this, it will be done. Fuel totaliser from them will also be used later.

While you are here, could you please upvote this bug and raise awareness.

Thank you


Thank you for improving and maintaining this mod! It must be a bit frustrating to fix all these changes and work around bugs, so I appreciate you improve the Diamonds to be much closer to reality. They are not the same without your mods!

im really exiting to see a engine page at full screen in the NXI

I really love this one🤩 Hope that the Da 42 is coming to in the sim sometime 😁 But i was wondering if It's possible for me to change the strobe lights to the led version same as on the 62? I see a lot of the 40's here on my home airport real life have them, probably the latest models 😊? Or is it hard for you to copy the plane and make one with these ones? Again, SERIOSLY NICE PLANES/MODS YOU MAKES👌👌👌😍👏👏

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