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Initial Release November 02, 2020
Last Updated March 02, 2021
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Exclusive Drag and Drop

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FAQ can be found here

Key Features

The FADEC controls manifold pressure, injected fuel quantity and propeller speed according to the desired engine power preselected with the power lever. The RPM will follow the RPM set curve. (Further details in the included PDF)

Engine changes 
  • Accurate engine performance in relation to pressure altitude and temperature
  • More accurate fuel flows
  • More accurate Oil/Coolant temperature and pressure behaviour
  • Fixed Fuel Pumps (no fuel flow increase)
Compatibility with WT G1000 Mod
  • Added systems and fuel page with funtional fuel totaliser (G1000 mod)
  • Correct Engine and Ammeter indication behaviour
  • CAS messages added for Engine, Failures and other systems.
  • Cruise speeds and climb rates more closely match AFM numbers
  • Smoother less twitchy control compared to default
  • Improved Cl table and stall characteristics
  • Added nose wheel steering (Can be removed)
  • Increased flap lift and drag
  • Increased Fuel capacity to 19.5 gal usable per side
  • ECU run-up
  • Functional windshield defrost (always on)
  • Simulated fuel/gearbox temperature
  • Improved autopilot PIDs with correct lateral and vertical limitations
  • mproved Internal cockpit lighting and ambience
  • Added white Navlight
  • Strobes behave like Quad Flash strobes
  • Prop Mod from Bilngualharp7
  • I Recommend these liverie  from BilingualHarp7. They are specifically made to be compatible with the DA40NGX
  • Engine will sputter and fail when pushed too hard
  • Oil and fuel starvation when flying inverted.
  • Fuel totaliser can be reset using the ELT
  • Added Debugging CAS messages to help figuring out mod compatibility

FAQ can be found here

Thanks for the help:
Nishmaster, Tim, Birdy,Uwajimaya, Jonasbeaver, BilingualHarp7 and others

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version v0.7.5.2 March 02, 2021

    Revert the flap lift fix for the bug that was now fixed...

  • Version v0.7.5.1 March 01, 2021

    Hotfix for world 3 update
    Flap lift scalar halved

  • Version v0.7.5 February 18, 2021

    Changed name to DA40NG, removed the X
    Fadec controls Torque and not directly power. Less overshooting and smoother control.
    Under -10°C the engine becomes Torque limited. Max power ~98%
    Run-up RPM fixed
    ECU Test behavior improved.
    ECU run-up no longer moves the throttle lever(thanks Abdullah), and moving it above 5% will cancel the runnup
    Tool tips for ECU test added and removed incorrect throttle % indication.
    ECU voters are inop, because you guys cant stop playing around

    Engine will sputter when overloaded for too long and if the fuel is too cold (-42°C)
    ECUs will fail when the engine is failed.
    Inverted flight will cause oil and fuel starvation

    Fuel temperature is simulated using simplified physics
    - Lower fuel quanitiy will cause higher fuel temps.
    - Transfering fuel will cause temperatures to equalise

    Increased adverse yaw
    Increased ailerson effectiveness
    Increased control athourity all around.
    Dihedral stability increased.
    Tweeked ground effect
    Better nosewheel control at higher speeds
    Less dampening on the suspension.
    Low power cruise speeds are more accurate
    Landing flaps more draggy, approach is better

    ELT resets fuel totaliser
    Fuel totaliser stops counting when unlimted fuel is selected
    Added rudder trim for and for those who like to hand fly
    Added "Debugging" CAS messages to G1000. ("incompatible Livery", FADEC) to help debug
    Autopilot PIDs improved. hopefully no endless climb anymore
    Autopilot no longer controls rudder (yes it did that)
    Removed ground tug

  • Version v0.7 January 07, 2021

    Version 0.7
    FADEC added with combustion extinction (not active on the ground)
    Max RPM limited to 2100 under -10°C (as per books)
    CAS messages: High oil pressure, Coolant level, Altitude and Vertical speed
    Added fuel heating
    Engine indications only stop after the engine has stopped turning
    Fuel quantity 20.5 gal with 1 gal unusable
    Lowest Fuel temp -25°C, not -30 (DA62 is -30)
    Removed fuel totaliser softkeys to avoid confusion
    Fuel totaliser behaves like an actual fuel totaliser. Turn the plane off to reset it (no softkeys to do so sadly :'( )
    Improved Autopitlot PIDs
    Fixed heading Bug bug
    A shit-ton of changes to the flightmodel. Lower Attitudes, correct climb performance etc etc
    Changed sitting attitude 1-1.5° nose up (rear wheels clip through the ground slightly)
    Increased prop drag
    Restored ground effect
    Added .FLT files for in air spawn lovers
    Removed BilingualHarp7's liviers. You can find the updated livires on his page (link in Readme)

Pretty empty over here.

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    March 03, 2021

    Thanks Tommy! Love the mod! Can you modify so it runs on Bitcoin instead of fossil fuel? LOL!

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    March 02, 2021

    I don't know if this comment adds any value whatsoever, but just as a sanity check, I spawned into a parking spot at N. Vegas just now, and went into VR with no issues whatsoever. I didn't do much other than turn on the master and avionics switch to get rid of the beeping from the master alarm, but everything appeared to be working perfectly. This is with

    I hope this was at least slightly helpful, I'm glad to experiment more if anyone would like.

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    March 02, 2021

    Any chance to comment on possibility to add the pilots inside the plane. It is something cool especially in VR and especially this mod is not compatible with the main mod for copilots.

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    mrtommymxr replied Author
    March 02, 2021
    WIP shhh...
    zaelu replied
    March 02, 2021
    :) 10x shhh
    LeDerpLegend replied
    March 02, 2021
    you two are shhhhing pretty loud, any secrets?
    zaelu replied
    March 02, 2021
    nope... :)
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    March 01, 2021

    Amazing work, as usual !
    However with this last version ( I can't fly in VR. I have a CTD everytime I activate VR with the DA40, and only the DA40. No crash with any other aircrafts, mod or not.

    Do you have an idea of what can cause this problem ?

    Keep up the good work !
    Best regards,

  • image
    mrtommymxr replied Author
    March 02, 2021
    Only when using VR? I don't have VR, so i can't test this.
    NezHaut replied
    March 02, 2021
    Yes, only in VR. I made a flight yesterday night of 2h with Track-IR without any trouble. At the end of the flight, I switched to VR and got a CTD.
    I will try to investigate, but at least the BE36 with mod, the C172 Classic, and the CJ4 with mod work perfectly.
    mrtommymxr replied Author
    March 02, 2021
    In this mod I am using the older 3D models (that are not broken).
    Perhaps that could be a cause
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    February 28, 2021

    Awesome mod, thanks and keep up the great work.

    @OOMPE try for the G1000.

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    OOMPE replied
    February 28, 2021
    Hi Buzz,

    Thanks for your reaction on my question. Going to try this later today...

    Enjoy the WE, Marc
    OOMPE replied
    February 28, 2021 got an error message while unzipping the file that some filenames are too long.
    Buzz replied
    March 02, 2021
    That’s a common problem. Unpack the zip first, then drag the unzipped mod into the community folder.
    OOMPE replied
    March 02, 2021 Unzipping the file on PC desktop is not the is when dragging the folder to the Community folder the error message pops-up. Unzipping directly into the community folder gives also the error message.
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    February 28, 2021


    I would like to install this mod. After reading the release notes; I am not sure which mod I have to download to make it 'compatibility with WT G1000 Mod'.
    I do see a lot of mods on the provided link but they do refer to e.g. G3000/G5000 and a lot of other stuff, but cannot find G1000...

    Can you indicate which mod I do have to download e.g. url or specific name to make it compatible ? Thanks. P.S. Looks promising to have this GA plane ...

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    February 28, 2021

    After testing FYI this doesn't work with the copilot mod that put's a copilot in the right seat. Not a big deal for me but informing just the same. As far as the mod goes great job here with the flight model.

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    mrtommymxr replied Author
    February 28, 2021
    good to know, thanks
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    February 27, 2021

    Everytime I install this the interior of the plane is gone. What am I doing wrong or is there a conflict with the latest patch (UK Update)?

    Edit: Looks like there's a conflict with having the copilot visible in the cockpit.

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    February 23, 2021

    Many thanks for this huge improvements !
    ...and also for your constant updates.
    keep it up

    Edit: just a small question...
    would it be possible to change the callsign from OE-DCI to the default ?
    so that i can use my personal sign

  • image
    mrtommymxr replied Author
    February 24, 2021
    You should be able to change it. no?
    Doublelaunch replied
    February 24, 2021
    ....Yes and No :P

    it is displayed correctly on the aircraft, but in my flight software it's still OR-DCI

    this is from the aircraft.cfg:

    atc_id = "OE-DCI" ; tail number
    atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number

    Default is :

    atc_id = "ASXGS" ; tail number
    atc_id_enable = 1 ; enable tail number

    can I change that easily? I don't want to break anything
    mrtommymxr replied Author
    February 24, 2021
    Go ahead. Thing is that i was told to switch it to "0" because of that. honestly i have no idea...
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    February 22, 2021

    I can't use this as it has the hollow insides issue using Steam version.

  • image
    mrtommymxr replied Author
    February 22, 2021
    So am I. Check your mods
  • image
    February 22, 2021

    Great... thank you so much-- now it´s perfect to fly with this plane :)

  • image
    February 20, 2021

    Would it be possible to include the copilot mod of Mugs from here:
    into your mod?
    Maybe colaborate with Mugz and make it toggleable as he did it with the TBM930 improvements mod here?

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