DA62X Improvement Mod

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Version v0.5.0.1
Initial Release November 02, 2020
Last Updated September 04, 2021
File Size 287.96 MB
Downloads 66,458
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Aircraft Enhancements #Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version v0.5.0.1 September 04, 2021

    Fixed the low engine power bug
    No longer to be fully shut down to change the deice fluid level. You just need to be on the ground

  • Version v0.5 September 03, 2021

    If you are having problems with Career plugins, check the PDF for instructions.

    Fix for NXi 0.5
    Deice fluid weight has been added (check PDF)
    NXi users can see the fluid level below the aux tanks
    Aux pumps turn off and on automatically when tanks are full or empty
    selecting unlimited fuel kills endurance and range calculations and deice fluid

    Fuel flow is more accurate at higher power settings
    Engine indications not as smooth, more closely represents the real thing.
    Fuel slosh has been added
    Engine failures based off temperature, not time
    Engines will catch fire

    Added particle effects
    Reduced landing gear clipping and fixed damage speeds
    stall behaviour softened

  • Version v0.4.5.1 August 16, 2021

    Copilot should be working again, thanks mugz <3
    "Prop Axis" CAS message only shows when the master is on.

  • Version v0.4.5 August 08, 2021

    Id like to thank asobo for breaking and having me to fix the following:
    Windshield defrost (for now its always on)
    Alternate deice switch: was inverted
    Prop governor: wont overshoot as much anymore
    ECU voters: click spots were inverted

    Partially redone electrical system:
    Fuel pumps, starters and Electric master behave 99% correctly.
    Reduced electrical load on most components.
    The text of respective indications will now change colour (systems and fuel page)
    Turning on master triggers fuel pump sound (using transfer pump sound as its not as annoying)
    Autopilot kinda sharpened a little
    Alternators and fuel valves are on when starting from cold and dark

    ECU test behaviour improved. ECU test reacts to the engine and the way its performing in the current conditions
    Slight asymmetries added in between left and right ECU test
    Slight spool up added when starting engines.
    Hot idle oil pressure not as low

    Debugging stuff:
    Added a full CAS message. I encourage you to read it if you see it...
    Added "PROP AXIS" CAS message. again, read it, please...
    Engines will shutoff when the FADEC is not running.

  • Version v0.4.2.1 July 31, 2021

    SU5 Hotfix,
    Fixed fuel guards, ELT.
    Made Load and RPM gauges a little smaller for the aux tank indications

    Showing copilot: At first it didnt work for me, the copilot wasnt shown in the external view either. Toggling through the pilots in the settings fixed it for me.

  • Version v0.4.2 June 22, 2021

    What is the meaning of life?

    Reverted filename and folder changes back to default.
    Added "1000 tone" and "minimums" sound effect by Positive Zero (thanks Zeke12587 for showing me that)

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

"FADEC INOP" CAS message, Engines turning off

FADEC Code hasn’t loaded in. The FADEC is based on Simconnect and other simconnect mods can interfere with the FADEC. 

Additionally a livery with a seperate Panel.cfg (Xbox 01 livery for example) can stop the FADEC from being loaded in.


Check your other mods (Kenetic assist, replay mods, multiplayer mods, Liveries, etc). Try the default livery

"Incompatible Livery" CAS message and alot of other warnings.

The ModelBehaviorDefs folder isn’t being loaded in. Another mod (possibly livery) is interfering with the DA62X.

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62.

Try the default livery

"PROP AXIS" CAS message blinking on and off constantly

Most Joysticks will constantly send inputs to the game eventhough they are not moving. This normally happens inbetween 2 steps. This is perfectly normal behavior.


Moving your assigned propeller lever/wheel/slider to an end stop (0% or 100%) should fix it. If not, unassign/unbind the axis.

Controlling the DA62X seems sluggish, slow and heavy.

We all know how sensitive the planes are in this game. Check if you have sensitivity curve setup in your control settings. The DA62X doesn’t need a curve and it is recommended that you fly with a linear curve.

Unable to takeoff and or the plane rolls and flips uncontrollably

Only the modern flightmodel is supported.

Check that you are not using the legacy flightmodel.

Cockpit is invisible

Uwajimayas Lighting mod and MixMugs Pilot/Copilot mods are already integrated into the DA62X and are not needed. 


Remove those mods

MFD and PFD are swapped

Check if you are using any liveries or cockpit repaints or Uwajimayas lighting mod.

Is ze mod compatible with ze marketplace G1000 NXi?

It is just as compatible as every other plane. However the engine/system/fuel pages are currently missing and the formatting is slightly different

Can't start the engines, screens flash when pressing the starter

It could be that another mod or livery with it's own "systems.cfg" is interfering with the DA62X. 

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62X.

Remove Uwa's lighting mod if installed. 

Try the default livery


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Pretty empty over here.



21 day(s) ago

While you are here, could you please upvote this bug and raise awareness.

Thank you



I just got a FFB yoke and trying to set it up as best as possible for this aircraft which I have never flown in real life, so it will be just guess work : (

Can somebody tell me if the DA62 elevator, aileron and rudder are affected by prop wash ?

This is not a yoke peripheral related question:

I am trying to simulate the loss of one engine.

Does this airplane in real life while in flight with one engine completely turned off, has its prop completely at a stop (not rotating), or is it still rotating?

Thanks for any answers

great mod! especially love the switches for the pilot avatars...

keep up the good work 😊

dont works. my throttle do nothing and my engines cant start...

I used to fly without this mod. Now I can't imagine not having it. Good Job. Thank You 😉

Compatible with WT G1000 NXI ?

hello since i installed it my trottle no longer works

My Garmin has been blacked out since last version. I have WT 1000 v0.4.1 in my Community. What can be the possible reason for that? Thanks in advance

After downloading and activating v0.5.0.1 with Addons Linker, the version shown is v0.4.5.1

After update 6, using G1000 NXI (from Marketplace) I am unable to activate GPS tracking, heading tracking, or other basic AP functions in DA62. I have latest DA62 version loaded in community file with nothing else except pushback mod. The G1000 mod works in other planes but not DA62 mod.

Fantastic improvement on the default da62. Thanks so much for all your work on this, it really makes the plane a joy to fly now (especially in VR)

Top Value addon, congratulation to the creator I am really enjoing it, a small bug (maybe) after WU6 if I try to execute ECU Test on the right engine it does not work, is it me? Thank you and again congratulations for your excellent mod(s)

Using this mod and the latest nxi, if I select a departure airport and destination from the world map, but choose parking ramp for cold and dark start, the FD and AP doe not switch on. If however I choose to start direct from the runway, the problem is resolved. Not sure if it's a bug with this mod or the nxi mod. Would like to hear others experience.

Really really like the flight characteristics. Works great with default g1000, unfortunately it appears that the g1000nxi doesn't play with or there are bugs on one or both ends, far from the end of the world though. Been using this improvement mod for months so the fact that the nxi isn't fully functional yet is far from enough to knock off a star. Thanks mrtommy

Just flew my first flight successfully with the new mod download and the latest G1000NXi 0.5 mod, available in the market place. Love everything you have done! Not sure if others are experiencing this, but I wasn't able to get ILS approach to work properly. I could see that the G1000 switch from GPS to radio mode (green), but the AP doesn't appear to capture the landing slope. Anyone else having the same problems?

Da62X does not appear in my planes list even though it appears as installed in my content manager?

Having a little issue after getting back from vacation. Installed update 5, installed latest version of DA62x to community folder. When I stat up the flight sim the 62x does not show in my planes list. But if I go into content manager it shows under Not Installed.



15 day(s) ago / Thanked by mrtommymxr

FYI, I did a bunch of test with the DA62 G1000NXi v0.5.1 and I think I understand what is happening with my setup and the DA62 mod and no mod. I can reproduce with consistency and at will.

So, the DA62 without the mrtommy mod in my case works flawlessly when doing altitude change using the AP with its VS and FLC mode, very smooth at any speed.

Now, what's happening with the DA62 mod, any AP altitude change manage with either VS or FLC happening @ 148Kt IAS or ABOVE will create those jerky/oscillations movements, more so with VS, very unpleasant when you have a motion sim.

Anything @147kt IAS or below is smooth.

I can at least use the DA62 mod and have now a smooth experience, I just have to pay attention to the IAS.

Hope i was clear, thanks : )

Hello, I think there is a bug. Try to enter a flight plan manually by first entering the Departure and Destination airports. It is not possible here. I have the latest G1000 NXI installed. I can enter Departure and Destination on other aircraft but not the DA62. Check it out, I was trying to start from KAHN.

Thank you again for this outstanding mod which has transformed the DA62 into the most relaxing and enjoyable plane in MSFS - tiger1962 aka GBTAW.

Thank you so much for your hard work!

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