Current Version v0.6.1
Initial Release 18. February 2021
Last Updated 13. September 2021
File Size 8.10 MB
Downloads 58,865

This file has been scanned for viruses and is safe to download.

Greetings! Glad to present TBM930 Improvement mod! It is based on the initial mod by guifarias31, which was abandoned for some reason. Many thanks to him for the work done!
I picked up this project and made a number of changes and improvements that you can appreciate.

Workingtitle G3000 mod is highly recomended!

INSTALATION: Unpack with 7zip archiver to community folder.

- If something going wrong, and something not work - double check your MOD's. Other TBM930 mods can cause conflict!
- Please read FAQ before question!
- Before reporting BUG, try vanila aircraft (without mod)

Now, the project is continue in my Github TBM930 Improvement mod page.

All news/dev builds/suggestion/request in my discord chanel.

Donate via Patreon Check my Patreon
I want back my dirty windshield

Remove two blocks (with TBM_930_COCKPIT_WINDSHIELD_COMP) from layout.json file (via text editor)

How to change door state in hangar and C&D start?

Edit hangar.flt or/and apron.flt there is three variables in [LocalVars.0] block with state: 0 - closed, 1 - opened
- XMLVAR_TBM930_FrontDoor_Init=1
- XMLVAR_TBM930_BackDoor_Init=0
- XMLVAR_TBM930_CargoDoor_Init=0

I want to change my pilot/copilot to male/female


How to remove or hide pilot/copilot?

For hiding - pres red button near PFD (Display Backup) or set in Payloads Pilot/Copilot weight less than 100lb

If you wish to remove pilots by default, add to all .flt (apron.flt, runway.flt) files these strings (in [LocalVars.0])


I have opinion about changes or bug report

Use GIThub ling to make issue, or contact me through discord

How to move throttle?

When in Hi-Idle - hold LM button on throttle and press RM button, and vice versa

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version v0.6.1 September 13, 2021

    - Fixed Z-Fight on rear door lock decal
    - Fixed Master Warning/Caution button texture
    - Changed Mic source from Mask to Mic
    - Cargo Door animation splited animation is back (for all Asobo livery)
    - Pilots hidden by default
    - Fuel flow changed to default value (close to POH)
    - Flight model tunning with POH compliance
    - Small tune of animation for door handles
    - Removed overlaped registration in 01 livery for LOD1-4

  • Version v0.6.0b1 August 09, 2021

    - SU5 update
    - Added animation to Asobo liveries
    - Split G3000 PFD screen
    - Small tuning

  • Version v0.5.11 March 09, 2021

    - Sim Update 3 compatible
    - Added default pilots state to all .FLT files (you can change it if you want)
    - Changed non-moded G3000 lighting logic
    - Experemental: pilots always hide if you seat at pilot/copilot position

  • Version v0.5.10 March 02, 2021

    - Revert flaps hotfix for landing problem in
    - Revert slightly open door when unlocked state
    - Changed showing pilots logic (Show it by default)
    - Added show Pilots depend of weight (set less than 100lb in payload panel to hide pilots)
    - Ctrl-6 instrument camera always hide copilot