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Version v0.3
Initial Release December 09, 2020
Last Updated March 27, 2021
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  • Version v0.3 March 27, 2021

    huge texture update for the pilot faces!!!

  • Version v0.2 January 08, 2021

  • Launched December 09, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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20 day(s) ago / Thanked by twoseventyinc

Flipping awesome. Just downloaded and did some editing so removed all male pilots as I never use them, not once lol, but am wondering how I can add the casual female pilot back? I see the airline pilot is there and would like option of having the female casual as an option. I assume can just copy the female airline pilot line but edit code slightly, what would I need to put? Cheers!



22 day(s) ago / Thanked by twoseventyinc

How to find the avatar folder after done download??ermm...

This Update removes the Games own Defaults and now displays only DEFAULT and no Pilot displays. It might show yours though. So I'm reverting to your previous Version.

Doesn't seem to work any more with the new update.

This is an excellent idea - Any chance you can add a Air Ambulance pilot/co-pilot to your next release? Thanks

Hello. How can i create myself...? 😊

Hallo, its brilliant, thank you 😊 My favourite mod.
Does this work with the A32NX DEV version?
Hi, do you find a 3D model to paint, where is it? Ore do you paint it oldscool with Colorgrid?
This does not seem to be working in the current sim version.
Thanks for your effort. In my opinion, some of the outfits seem good if you are a rap singer. It would be possible to add more normal clothes?
Hmm I have tried the Mod and disabled again. Now all standard Plots are gone. You wrote that you disabled something?
Nice work. More style and color than their default styles. That being said, how about some more tradition less flashy clothing for other optional avatars. And maybe the female pilot could wear a white or black tank top, lol. And maybe some black sunglasses as an option also instead of the chrome always. Thank you!
is this compatible with your another mod twoseventyinc-the-BLL-buddies-v0.1 from the BLL site?.
Should we remove that to install this?
Amazing work!!! =D
Hope the formal officers will be back. I'll download it when that happens
This is AWESOME! Love the new catalogue of Characters as well, makes it so much easier to select your avatar and a copilot if you need one! Can’t help but appreciate all the work that went into each Characters detail, especially in the Facial Features... Thanks For Sharing your Time, and Your Talents!
Great stuff....Just curious if it's possible to add some animated passengers for example one or two in the back end of the TBM 930. Or, simply reposition the current ones to the back end?
wow what a fantastic mod you have created may have seen there has been a bit of a push to create airline pilot uniform shirts. if these shirts could be easliy incorporated into your mod it would mean folk could pick the uniform for the pilots according to the plane livery ...hope you finalise your work its def a 5 star mod thanks ...

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