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LVFR A321neo - FBW Compatibility mod by Horizon Simulations

Originally created by TJCAviation  This mod has since then evolved into another beast, and it has started to take shape with a lot more accurate characteristics for an A321neo. Please make sure that if you're updating from a previous installation that you delete the old files from...


Originally created by TJCAviation 

This mod has since then evolved into another beast, and it has started to take shape with a lot more accurate characteristics for an A321neo.

Please make sure that if you're updating from a previous installation that you delete the old files from your community folder, and then extract / copy the updated ones back in there. Do NOT Overwrite 

!! A genuine copy of LVFR A321neo is needed for this mod to work !! This mod works independently from FBW but install FlyByWire Simbridge from the FBW Installer.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Peyby68DTs


SimBrief Profiles:


  • EFB
  • SimBrief Import
  • FBW Cockpit Textures
  • Fixes the purple cockpit glass and CTDs.
  • Correct Aircraft type in MCDU
  • Correct Engine type in MCDU
  • Correct fuel capacity / model
  • Correct engine thurst values / model
  • FBW exp support
  • 240 passenger capacity for the non-LR models
  • 192 passenger capacity for the LR models
  • EFB Ground Services
  • GSX Support

Fuel flow isn't correct

A21N A321N FBW A321 Neo LatinVFR Airbus A321neo FlyByWire LatinVFR FBW
Sim Update 12 0 0
Initial Release
July 08, 2022
Last Updated
2 month(s) ago — 0.5.0



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  • Updated to version 0.5.0

  • Updated to version 0.4.0

  • Updated to version 0.3.3

  • Updated to version 0.3.2

  • Updated to version 0.3.1

  • Updated to version 0.3.0

  • Initial File Release

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Nice mod, would be great to somehow be able to always have the latest fbw exp version with it though, as its very out of date now, and so much has been added to the fbw exp in that time.

This is a fantastic mod that completely changes the entire LVFR Airbus series.

From what was effectively a visual model wrapped around a pretty average default aircraft we now (thanks to the team at FBW as well of course) have an actually decent representation of the A321NEO and A321LR.

Can't thank you enough for the time and effort spent on this mod which has been a complete game changer for this aircraft.

I'd also definitely like to second the request to include the FBW display stutter fix in the next update as I had forgotten quite how badly the FBW used to stutter. It's definitely very noticeable, but this is just an amazing piece of work.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in creating this.

Hi, I am experiencing a flickering problem with the screens in the aircraft cockpit when I zoom out the camera, will this be fixed in the next update?

I was skeptical, I didn’t have the 321neo from LVFR but I had seen a lot of negative reviews. But I decided to buy the base plane and give this mod a try. I’m so impressed! As noted the fuel burn seems off but otherwise, the combination of these downloads is fantastic. I’ve spent a lot more money on Toliss packages in xplane over the years but I think this package plus LVFR is almost on par and far better value.

thanks for this!

Game changer

nice now i like to fly withe the a321neo more


After using the mod none of my display work. They are all dark and wont load upon starting the plane. Am I doing something wrong?

Very good!!

only cockpit and no fuselage


This mod and all of the other FBW Compatability mods for the LVFR Airbus planes are a life saver. They take the value of the LVFR Airbus aircraft prices and dial it to 100.

My only wish (and idk if this is a Horizon Sim thing or not) is that FlightSim FirstOfficer worked with these. I had kind of hoped since this was running FBW it would work with the FSFO FBW A320 setup since the layout should be the same but for some reason FSFO is able to interact with literally everything BUT the FMS. It's nice having FSFO be able to control lights/spoilers/flaps and all but honestly the one thing I hate doing in an Airbus is setting up the FMS and it's the one thing FSFO can't do with this mod.

As for everything else with this mod, it's been amazing. I haven't had any issues in the A321 or the A319 (I haven't bought the A318 yet) and thanks to this mod I'm alllllllllllmost at the point of converting from a Boeing to Airbus fanboy.

Great! Although the flight model does need some work. I was on final the other day and saw myself pitching the aircraft down way too much for full flaps. The speed kept increasing and didn't feel real at all. It also kept t disengaging the autopilot during a steep bank which I didn't like. Compared to the Fenix it felt like a toy in that sense. Apart from that the systems are great, and it made the Latin vfr worth it! Thanks horizon. I'm not sure how difficult it is to implement better flight model or in that case the fbw fight model but if you guys could attempt that I would find myself flying this aircraft much more.


Thank you! Please do more realistic spin with engines.


this is actually really good! i find myself using this mod more often than i thought i would. i just wish there would be a proper -271N systems/model or are they too similar with the -251 to even consider doing a rework? i don't know myself as not a pilot but simply an enthusiast, all i know is the CFM and PW sound different. keep up the good work! i can tell as a casual simmer there is great potential for extensive development for this mod. just hope it won't be abandoned.

Hi there! It's really nice add-on! I really like it! But please do something with the exterior lights! especially with NAV and STROBE effect reflections.

Thank you for this excellent mod! It works great. You are doing a great job!

One small detail: I cannot see the copilot avatar even if it is selected n the FBW Tablet option.

Would it be possible to make the copilot appear?

Thank you very much!

Somewhere in the FBW A32X implementation is/was a piece of code that causes notebale stutters every 20-30 seconds as discussed here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/613139-fbw-a320-stutter/page/4/

The FBW team has identified and fixed the issue in their dev version. Sadly this issue also occurs in your LVR-Mods (A318, A319, A321), too. Can we hope that this fix also gets implemented in your mods as it is really immersion breaking?

Help. how to remove passengers from the cabin?

When i download it, it downloads as a windows media player file. how do i change it to the correct file format? thanks.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
EFB Performance Envelope changes
⌛ In Queue

Estimated 08 Nov 2022 » As part of update 0.3.2 we're planning on making changes to the performance envelope chart within the EFB. To reflect the numbers from the A321neo instead of the A320neo May be pushed for 0.4.0
Version 0.3.3 Release
🕛 Planned

Estimated 14 Nov 2022 » If all of our QA testers have signed-off on the next update then we aim to release 0.3.3 to the public on this day.
Internal Testing for 0.3.3 Begins
🚀 In Progress

Estimated 29 Oct 2022 » Internal testing for the first release candidate of 0.3.3 begins.
Internal Testing for 0.3.3 finishes
🕛 Planned

Estimated 13 Nov 2022 » Internal testing should finish on this day for version 0.3.3 with all of the changes evaluated and further tweaked upon.
Version 0.3.1 Release
✅ Finished

Estimated 15 Oct 2022 » Releasing version 0.3.1 This version will add support for the new liveries added by LVFR in their 1.2.6 release.
Version 0.3.2 Release
🕛 Planned

Estimated 08 Nov 2022 » Version 0.3.2 should bring updated passenger and cargo capacity. Updated EFB performance envelope graph And any other compatibility updates that LVFR's releases may require
Discord Server Opening
✅ Finished

Estimated 11 Sep 2022 » Our Discord server is going to open to the public on the 12th Monday 2022 at 12:00 UTC. We are going to share the link in a post on the mods page. So that you will all be able to join. By then we should have tested most of the issues and will be able to interact with the community a bit closer. Before the update releases.
Merging TJC’s and LemiCandy’s mods together
✅ Finished

Estimated 08 Sep 2022 » We have ended up merging the two mods together, and we can confirm that we have full terrain radar functionality in all of the different versions of our release candidate builds.
Developer / Contributor Applications open
✅ Finished

Estimated 04 Sep 2022 » If you'd like to contribute to the project. You'll have your chance to do so. And we're going to open applications for this soon.
GSX parking brake issue
❗ Investigating

Estimated 08 Nov 2022 » We're back to the drawing board with this one. And are working on resolving the issue. Potential release with 0.3.2
Fuel Flow / Fuel Consumption Changes
❗ Investigating

Estimated 29 Sep 2022 » This is currently under investigation. As right now any changes to fuel flow stop the engines from starting up when loading the plane up in a cold & dark state. We can't guarantee that this will make it to version 0.3.0. But a future update may include this.
Correct Fuel Capacity
✅ Finished

Estimated 12 Sep 2022 » Released with 0.3.0
Updated Passenger Capacity
🚀 In Progress

Estimated 08 Nov 2022 » We have started working on this as part of the planned updates for the mod. And will go into internal testing in the coming days. Potential release with 0.3.3, but it may be pushed further to 0.4.0
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.5.0 January 16, 2023

    - Updated SimBrief Profiles with the native A21N versions
    - Updated SimBrief Profiles with an M10 fuel offset until we can update the WASM module to get accurate fuel consumption
    - Updated the EFB payload page to reflect A321's 8 door layout (emergency exits moved from overwing, to before and after the wing)
    - Updated the EFB payload page to reflect emergency exit row having extra legroom.
    - Updated wing area parameters to be more precise
    - Updated engine inlet area parameters to be more precise
    - Added compatibility for LVFR's 1.2.12 update
    - Added Horizon Simulations + Airbus Branding to EFB
    - Updated flaps induced drag parameters
    - Updated Green Dot Speed calculation parameters with increased Gross Weight
    - Modified EFB theme to match Horizon Simulations Branding
    - Updated "A21N_Utils" folder's files with "A21N" prefix to further reduce interference with FBW A32NX
    - Updated Fonts folder and its files with "A21N" prefix to further reduce interference with FBW A32NX
    - Updated Pages/JS/ folder's files with "A21N" prefix to further reduce interference with FBW A32NX

  • Version 0.4.0 December 12, 2022

    - Completely independent from the FBW base mod, so there shouldn't be any more conflict with the A319 mod, or the base FBW mod
    - Updated to latest experimental FBW systems (around 19th - 21st November release)
    - Updated EFB to the latest experimental version (around 1st week of December)
    - Smaller tweaks to engine parameters
    - Added new model.PAX included in the LVFR 1.2.7 / 1.2.8 update
    - Added compatibility for LVFR's 1.2.10 update
    - Updated passenger numbers and MZFW in EFB and MCDU
    - Passenger numbers for the non-LR models are at 240
    - Passenger numbers for the LR models are at 192
    - Updated performance envelope chart in EFB to reflect A321neo values [W.I.P further updates to this in particular will be released]
    - Updated SimBrief profiles to reflect the maximum number of passengers that can be boarded.
    - Updated SimBrief profiles with new cruise level offset, so that it reflects the MCDU PROG page a bit closer
    - Fixed EFB Ground Services

  • Version 0.3.3 November 20, 2022

    Brought mod to compatibility with LVFR's 1.2.10 update
    Added back missing liveries included in the LVFR 1.2.10 update

  • Version 0.3.2 October 24, 2022

    Brought compatibility to LVFR A321neo's 1.2.7 update
    "NO CABIN" liveries removed

  • Version 0.3.1 October 16, 2022

    Support added for updated and added liveries by LVFR in version 1.2.6 of the base aircraft.

  • Version 0.3.0 October 13, 2022

    Updated fuel capacity per model to reflect the A321neo, A321neo LR, and A321neo XLR versions
    Updated engine performance for all models to reflect the LEAP-1A33, and PW1100G thrust values
    Updated MCDU speeds table to be able to calculate with GW above 84.9 tonnes
    Added support for LVFR’s No-Cabin liveries
    Added support for LVFR's 1.2.5 update and liveries
    Modified aircraft.cfg file for correct tail number recognition in Volanta
    Created updated SimBrief Profiles for all models
    Fixed misaligned MSFS ground services where catering truck didn’t align properly with the back door

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

The plane doesn't appear in my list

You need to buy the actual LatinVFR A321neo from the marketplace, and then place the mod into the community folder.


Do I need to replace any of the files in the LVFR A321neo folder

No, you just drag and drop the downloaded folder into your Community Folder

Will this mod work on Xbox, since the plane does

Xbox due to its fully encrypted file system doesn't allow mods to be installed therefore sadly for the time being this mod is not available on Xbox

When is the next update coming

The simple answer is: we do not know, and we'd rather not give estimates and not meet them. The funny answer is: the more this question pops up, the longer it will take. 


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