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Flight model modification version, date 2021-02-28:

This is the first time that I use the MSFS 2020 documentation from Citations are in "". Asobo has expanded the documentation, but sadly the documentation is still far away from complete. Asobo please go on!

MSFS 2020 version aka WU3 "tuned" the Asobo flight models from non-realistic to even more non-realistic. I think it was a side effect of "Improved flaps system of aircraft : Aircraft creators can now move the wing surface’s position and camber with each flap system at each flap level", see Release Notes
Asobo has confessed the flight dynamics bug, see

The workaround for the "flaps bug" is "go into the flight_model.cfg and divide the flap lift by 2x (there are several possible scalars for that purpose: lift_coef_flaps or lift_scalar)". I apply the "flaps bug workaround" to the airliners because Asobo made it clear that there will be no hotfix: "if we should address this via a hot fix as quickly as possible, but ultimately believe that the better approach is to implement the fix ... (coming early March)".

Additionally I corrected the airplane maximum lift-drag ratio (L/D)max to a more realistic value at level flight without elevator input. The (L/D)max change makes other changes necessary.

To all critics of my work: First, I am an armchair pilot. If you only accept flight model mods from real life 4 stars pilots, don't use it. Second, if you think my mod is atrocious, don't use it. Nobody forces you to use my mod! To everybody else: The mod is the best I can do with my knowledge of MSFS 2020. Stay happy and healthy!

max_gross_weight = 15000 ; 16500 ; Empty weight, (LBS)
empty_weight = 9785 ; 9955 ; Empty weight, (LBS)
cruise_speed = 312 ; 244 ; Knots True (KTAS)
Use Beechcraft King Air 350i brochure year 2019 data.

empty_weight_pitch_MOI = 40224 ; 35351 ; Empty pitch moment of inertia, Jxx (SLUG SQ FEET)
empty_weight_roll_MOI = 18746 ; Empty roll moment of inertia, Jzz (SLUG SQ FEET)
empty_weight_yaw_MOI = 55909 ; 51570 ; Empty yaw moment of inertia, Jyy (SLUG SQ FEET)
"we have developed a tool that computes the MOIs based on the dimensions and geometric shape of the aircraft, now that you have defined everything. You can find the results of these MOI calculations in the Weight [Aircraft Editor] Debug Window"

wing_incidence = 0 ; Wing incidence (DEGREES)
htail_incidence = 3.1 ; 2.5 ; Horizontal tail incidence (DEGREES)
No elevator input needed for level flight at full thrust at sea level.

fuselage_length = -1 ; 42 ; Nose to tail (FEET)
Automatic fuselage_length.

elevator_up_limit = 30 ; 20 ; Elevator max deflection up angle (DEGREES)
elevator_down_limit = 21 ; 14 ; Elevator max deflection down angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
More elevator for better inverted flight, better stall and spin.

elevator_trim_neutral = 0 ; 2 ; Elevator trim max angle (absolute value) (DEGREES), for indicators only (no influence on flight model)
I want to have the green area in the middle of VSI.

lift_coef_flaps = 0.2866 ; 0.85970
"Flight dynamics bug" workaround plus more reduction of lift. It was still too much lift for my taste.

drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.0626 ; 0.03180
"this value is usually of around 0.02 to 0.025 for an aircraft with a glide ratio above 15, 0.03 to 0.04 for aircraft with glide ratios of about 10, and up to 0.1 for some slow bush planes with very low glide ratios." from
BUT using the documentation numbers NEGLECTS the impact of "modern flight model" 3D model (virtual windtunnel). Use Aircraft Editor, Debug, Sim Polar VhVs to set (L/D)max (glide ratio) to a realistic 13.5.

thrust_scalar=1.15 ; 1
More drag_coef_zero_lift needs more thrust_scalar for the same cruise_speed.

fuel_flow_scalar =0.5 ; 1
More thrust_scalar needs less fuel_flow_scalar for the same ui_autonomy at 80% LVR.

toe_brakes_scale =1 ; 0.5
More thrust_scalar needs more toe_brakes_scale to hold airplane still on ground at full thrust.

lift_coef_spoilers = 0 ; -0.10000
drag_coef_spoilers = 0 ; 0.10000
Airplane has no spoilers.

drag_coef_gear = 0.1 ; 0.01000
"gear drag is usually between 0.005 and 0.01"
BUT because there is no propeller drag in MSFS 2020 therefore artificial increased gear drag is used as no propeller drag workaround.

induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1
flap_induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1
"a value between 1.2 and 1.5 is usually fine. If this value is above 1.5, the plane will generate a lot of drag at slow speed, and if the value is closer to 1, it will glide very easily at slow speeds."

pitch_stability = 0.05 ; 0.125
roll_stability = 0.05 ; 0.125
yaw_stability = 0.05 ; 0.125
"You need to enter a value that is higher than zero for backwards compatibility with the legacy flight model, and you can enter 0.01 - for example - if you want only the minimum friction. If the plane has more inertia, you can enter higher values."

engine_wash_on_roll = 0.5 ; 1 ; Torque effect
"We recommend setting this effect to 1 which represents the simulation that is closest to reality."
It was too strong for my taste.

torque_on_roll = 0.5 ; 1
"We recommend setting the torque on roll effect to 1 first and then to adjust it slightly so that the aircraft does not roll or yaw sideways at cruise speed with cruise power."
It was too strong for my taste.

p_factor_on_yaw = 0.5 ; 1
gyro_precession_on_roll = 0.5 ; 1
gyro_precession_on_yaw = 0.5 ; 1
"we recommend setting them to 1 as they are realistically calculated when applied a scale of one."
It was too strong for my taste.

rudder_engine_wash_on_roll = 0 ; 4 ; Torque effect
Not documented parameter. What I don't know, I don't use.

flaps-position.0 = 0, -1, 0 ; 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
flaps-position.1 = 20, 202, 1 ; 20, 202, 0.25, 0, 0, 0, 0
flaps-position.2 = 40, 158, 1 ; 40, 158, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0
flaps-position drag depends on flaps angle. Therefore drag multiplier of 1 is good enough.

Summary: "If Asobo only knew what Asobo knows". Some Asobo engineers write documentation and tell everybody what to do and why. Other Asobo engineers write cfg files. As you can see above, these two groups don't talk to each other. Specially not about the induced_drag_scalar and stability parameters.
That Asobo nowhere writes about the difference between drag_coef_zero_lift and (L/D)max (glide ratio) is for me the single most important reason for the poor quality of Asobo flight models.

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version March 01, 2021

    use the MSFS 2020 documentation from

  • Version February 17, 2021

    Undo the "Static thrust bug" workaround.

  • Version February 14, 2021

    Static thrust bug on multi engines workaround

  • Version February 09, 2021

    Use drag_coef_zero_lift for realistic drag.

Pretty empty over here.

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    February 19, 2021

    This Mod is atrocious, engines are way over torque and still descending at 1000 fpm with gear and full flaps, landing speed is far far far far to high it should be 100 knots not 160 knots The Asobo version doesn't want to land this one doesn't want to fly. lowering flaps should not introduce sudden and major vertical height loss if you removed some of the induced loss of lift from the flaps (which should add lift not kill it) then this maybe better

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    Indianb0y016 replied
    February 19, 2021
    You are aware that the KingAir is basically broken by default? This guy is doing his best to keep up with unannounced changes Asobo makes to the flight model. Torque is fundamentally broken in the sim. ITT is fundamentally broken in the sim. Anything related to those is hard to fight, even for mod makers. Give some slack. This mod makes the KingAir much better to fly than its default state. Dont like it? Remove it and wait till Asobo eventually gets around to somewhat tweaking the aircraft. Im still waiting on them to fix the G58.
    taildragger355 replied
    February 28, 2021
    If you want to see a real head scratcher, go check out his A320 video demonstration on YT
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 28, 2021
    I do not like your aggressive tone using words like atrocious. Nobody forces you to use my mod! Write your own mod, wait for Asobo or use payware. Or can you point me to POH or other serious sources of information about approach speed, lift effect of flaps and more?
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    February 16, 2021

    Does this improve night lightning like strobe lights and landing lights?

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 16, 2021
    No, up to now I did not do lighting.
    totheskies replied
    February 17, 2021
    Okay. thank you. Do you plan to?
  • image
    February 13, 2021

    Hallo PaulFalke,

    herzlichen Dank für diese tolle Arbeit!!! Großes Lob!!! Das gibt gleich ein viel besseres Gefühl beim Fliegen. Super!
    Ich weiß nicht, vielleicht liege ich falsch; kann es sein, dass die Maschine zu viel Sprit verbraucht? Mit vollem Tank soll sie angeblich 1.806 nm erreichen. Bei mir schafft sie das nicht. Ich liege so bei 1.300 nm. Propellerdrehzahl und Gas nehme ich natürlich zurück.

    Viele Grüße, Koschi

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 13, 2021
    Treibstoffverbrauch ist fehlerhat - soweit ich im Forum lese. Ich habe Verbrauch nicht korrigiert. Ein Tipp: mitten im Flug kann man über "Gewicht Tab" das Flugzeug "nachtanken".
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 15, 2021
    In Version habe ich Treibstoffverbrauch korrigiert. Bitte prüfen ob nun realistisch.
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    January 31, 2021

    Does this fix the bug where moving the prop levers have zero impact on actual rpm?

  • image
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 01, 2021
    I did not investigate this topic. The conservative answer is: your bug is not fixed. But please test. To uninstall my mod you just have to delete the installed folder from your Community folder.
  • image
    December 22, 2020

    Thank you! :-)

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