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This mod does not need "Flight dynamics bug" workaround.

Please check out ring and phylon race mods from thokio and Jacob at

This is no livery, this is a flight model mod. The idea is to make the flight behavior more realistic. One important detail is a realistic glide ratio of 1:5,4. Now you can flare your airplane before touch-down.
See for more of my work for MSFS 2020:
Gliders: SG-38, Aircreations 582SL
Sailplanes: DG-808S, Ka 6E, ASK23
Trainer: Tiger Moth
Seaplane: Grumman Goose G21A
Warbirds: Fokker Dr1, North American P-51D
See Youtube videos , and

Flight model modification version

The Extra 330LT is my showcase airplane. I try to show that MSFS 2020 is the BEST simulator for aerobatics. Unfortunately the download figures of Extra 330LT are small. DOWNLOAD this file and try AEROBATICS. I think this is fun!

The NASA book "Quest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft" has no data about the 330LT. I can measure Asobo flight model maximum lift-drag ratio (L/D)max with the MSFS 2020 build-in DevMode tool Aircraft Editor, Debug, Sim Polar VhVs. The Asobo 330LT has (L/D)max of 10.3. I think this large (L/D)max is one reason for the "floating above the runway at landing" complaints about Asobo flight models. Therefore I set 330LT (L/D)max to 6.8.
MSFS 2020 uses the parameters drag_coef_zero_lift and parasite_drag_scalar to set zero-lift drag coefficient CD,0. The flight model uses drag_coef_zero_lift * parasite_drag_scalar, that is drag_coef_zero_lift=0.0688, parasite_drag_scalar=1 and drag_coef_zero_lift=0.0277, parasite_drag_scalar=2.48 produce the same (L/D)max value.
MSFS 2020 has no propeller drag and no ground effects. As workaround I use larger (L/D)max at the airplanes that have no retractable gear and/or flaps.

wing_incidence = 0 ; const
oswald_efficiency_factor = 0.77 ; const
htail_incidence = 2 ; const

cruise_lift_scalar = 1 ; const
parasite_drag_scalar = 2.48 ; zero-lift drag coefficient  parameter 1
induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; 1.2 (sailplane, low power airplane) to 1.5 (piston, turboprop)
flap_induced_drag_scalar = 1.5 ; see induced_drag_scalar
pitch_stability = 0.04 ; const
roll_stability = 0.04 ; const
yaw_stability = 0.04 ; const

drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.02770 ; zero-lift drag coefficient parameter 2
compute_aero_center = 0 ; const
aero_center_lift = 0 ; const
lift_coef_at_drag_zero = 0.1 ; const
lift_coef_at_drag_zero_flaps = 0.1 ; const

cruise_speed = 205 ; 150 ; Knots True (KTAS)
thrust_scalar = 3.00 ; 1 ; Propeller thrust scalar
wing_incidence = 0 ; 1 ; Wing incidence (DEGREES)
htail_incidence = 1.4 ; 2 ; Horizontal tail incidence (DEGREES)
After changing the zero-lift drag coefficient, adjusting the thrust is needed. I give the airplane thrust for 205 kts maximum level flight airspeed at sea level. The wing_incidence to htail_incidence difference influences the needed thrust_scalar because the elevator effect on drag_coef_zero_lift is too exaggerated in MSFS 2020.

empty_weight_CG_position = 0.54, 0, 0 ; 0.85, 0, 0 ; Position of airplane empty weight CG relative to reference datum (FEET), z, x, y
Move center of gravity to 25% MAC

wing_dihedral = 2.8 ; 0.7 ; Dihedral angle Lambda (DEGREES)
Left rudder SHALL put left wing down. This fixes the Asobo model.

aileron_up_limit = 60 ; 30 ; Aileron max deflection  angle (DEGREES)
aileron_down_limit = 60 ; 30 ; Aileron max deflection down angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
aileron_span_outboard = 0.99 ; 0.7
aileron_effectiveness = 1 ; 2
This is the heart of my aerobatics airplane mod. The effectiveness parameters add inertia. Therefore I increase the control surfaces and/or the maximum angle.

elevator_up_limit = 43 ; 26 ; Elevator max deflection up angle (DEGREES)
elevator_down_limit = 43 ; 26 ; Elevator max deflection down angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
More elevator for better spin.

rudder_limit = 45 ; 30 ; Rudder max deflection angle (absolute value) (DEGREES)
More rudder for better knife edge flight. Do snap rolls at airspeeds below 120 kts.

elevator_trim_neutral = 0 ; 4 ; Elevator trim max angle (absolute value) (DEGREES), for indicators only (no influence on flight model)
This is a green area in the non-cockpit elevator trim display.

lift_coef_flaps = 0.00000
lift_coef_spoilers = 0.00000
drag_coef_flaps = 0.00000
drag_coef_gear = 0 ; 0.00500
drag_coef_spoilers = 0.00000
Airplane has no flaps, no rectractable gear and no spoilers.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version February 13, 2021

  • Version February 07, 2021

    Speed rush flight level mod

  • Version January 23, 2021

    More realistic polar glide curve.

  • Version date 2021-01-06 January 07, 2021

    Tweaked for invert spin

Pretty empty over here.

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    February 24, 2021

    Thank you for this. Yes the Extra 330 is not really realistic. The roll rate on the Extra planes used in the RedBull AirRace is 420 degrees per second. The MSFS2020 version is sluggish and responds too late. It is also bouncing in a weird way. Your effort made some improvements, but if you are able to figure out how to improve the roll rate, it would be fantastic.

    I have put together a few airraces. The last is a 'RedBull type' from Spielberg if you are interested.

    I posted some videos of the real pros and you see it is not possible to fly like that in MSFS2020 (yet). Now, I do of course not have their experience but when flying the same in XP11 it looks and feels more realistic.

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    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 24, 2021
    Within MSFS 2020 I have two limits: first the limits of the flight model. Second the limit of the simulation core, the flight dynamcis engine. I think the Extra 330LT hits the second limit. Or short answer: Use Xplane. Maybe in 2022 Asobo starts to change the flight dynamcis engine. Sorry!
    thoklo replied
    February 25, 2021
    I understand. You have more knowledge of the flight model so thought of asking in case. Thank you.
    PaulFalke replied Author
    February 25, 2021
    I tried your LOXZ phylon course with the Extra. For me this is difficult. I have to meditate about flight model optimization for this task. At the moment the roll rate is to fast for me. But maybe the roll inertia is to high.
    Can you please fly the course with my Pitts 2S2 and Robin Cap10 mods and tell me which of the 3 aerobatics airplane you think is best for the phylon course? Speed is not the matter for me, but exact execution of the figures (rolls, ...) is. Thanks!
    thoklo replied
    February 25, 2021
    Thank you, I will have a look. So, to clarify what I 'feel' on the roll rate. When putting the joystick full right or left, the Extra spins fast, BUT it is too 'slow' to start, like a delay, and when you are in vertical position and stop giving joystick input it keeps rolling further. I can compensate, by shifting the joystick the other direction, before you are vertical, but that is a terrible experience.
    Visually see this video about training in an Extra 300. The URL is set to when he is doing the clock-turns. Notice how when he starts giving input the plane moves immediately, and when he stops giving input the plane stops rolling immediately. (you may know this, but just sharing in case)

    Another view of the student to see it only rolls with input.
    thoklo replied
    March 07, 2021
    So I tried your mods on the two other planes, but I am not able to get them around the track. not sure if they are 'powerful' enough.

    Anyway with some practice this is me with the Extra 330 (without mods).
    PaulFalke replied Author
    March 07, 2021
    Thanks. Yes I made the Extra in the mod the most powerful aerobatics airplane. The only thing I see right now is to reduce Extra mod roll rate. The dilemma: you can have high roll rate but no precision because you demand more then the simulation core can provide or you put the roll rate within the simulation core capabilities.
    I started experimenting if graphic detail level and/or frame rate limitation changes the simulation core capabilities, but I have no conclusion. And Asobo is still optimizing that part of MSFS 2020.
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    November 03, 2020

    thanks for this

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