NORWAY 20m DEM Part 1 - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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Version 1.0
Initial Release May 19, 2021
Last Updated May 19, 2021
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#Real-Life Norway Drag and Drop


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  • Launched May 19, 2021

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Hi, I did a quick comparison between World Update 5 and this 20m DEM mod. You can see the comparison here . It seems WU5 has a much higher resolution with sharper edges and more detail, so I am sticking with WU5.

Is these files still needed after the Nordic "world update 5" Asobo claims that they now have better mesh/elevation data. I have not jet installed the "5" update since I have no more space on my nvme SSD - have ordered a 2Tb - still waiting. Thanks for your work 😊

When you click download there are two files, one called Main and the other mikeaat-dem-norway-File2_YwMeC.7z....what is the second file? How does it relate to the "Main"?

Hi, anyone tested how this works together with the 1-17-3-0-world-update-v-nordics released today?

Hello, I have a problem with the terrain with a payware scenery from orbx - ento torp airport.

Theres a significant incline parallel to the runway and the taxiway signs are floating.

This didn't happen with your package disabled.

This is great.

Working on a project myself, but had to manually correct for elevations.

This saves me a lot of trouble.

I have just installed this and noticed it has caused a big trench through the Orbx ENTO scenery and big mounds and hillocks at Aerosoft Trondehim. Is there a way to fix this please?

Was flying a320 from Oslo to Tromso, and the frame rate did take a big hit😥 (I know the description says this mod probably brings no benefit at higher altitude but didn't expect the frame rate would drop like this)

Looks like the game was struggling to load the DEM data when I was at a higher altitude, it froze every couple of seconds. Is there a chance the performance could be improved? Thanks🙏

My specs are: Ryzen7 5800X, GTX3080, 32GB RAM @3800MHz, MSFS and all add-ons installed on SSD

Thanks for the Amazing work 😊

Thank you so much my dear friend !!! I love Norway!!!

Thank you for these files, they have made an enormous improvement; I have ended up with three Norway DEM zip files which are "mikeaat-dem-norway-north-File1_saMc6", "mikeaat-dem-norway-north-File2_VESoK", and "mikeaat-dem-norway-File1_AcYXD"; are all three needed? Thanks.

Just love this. is it possible for you to do Iceland ?

Really love heliflying around Aalesund with this DEM. Great job.

But - a major issue..... taxiways are bumpy make the airports useless for other than helis... And terrain close to the airports look terrible.... Tested with ORBX ENAL and Aerosoft ENOV.

Thank you very much, Mike. I'm looking forward to fly over Norway - even more than before!

But - I did't succeed in installing the mod yet. Unzipping the 2 downloaded files results in creating 2(!) folders. Combining them with copy & paste into only 1 folder leads to some files with same name (and same size and time stamp though). But he result doesn't show the new & better resolution.

So - how is this mod to be installed?

Excellent. There were loads of artifacts around Alesund, and these are now gone. Well done

Absolutely spectacular. THANK you so very much for this.

So far only one problem and that's a very strange elevated lake / water mass about 83nm north of Bergen (ENBR) if you come from Alesund via Tutop to Bergen. I don't know how to upload a picture maybe via DM.


Will north norway also be released with 20m DEM in the near furture ?

can you please do the Caribbean islands thanks

These are great and I'm interested in learning how to create these myself! Is there any information or tutorials that you're using to make these that I could learn from?

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