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NEW - NL - Hilversum Airfield (EHHV) - Update July 2021 - Version 4.4

After update sim 5 - everything is working fine accept the Grass is back on the grass runway and grass aprons. Way to high of-course.... grrrr...   I will fix it as soon as Scenery editor form MSFS in DevMode is functional again. At...

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After update sim 5 - everything is working fine accept the Grass is back on the grass runway and grass aprons. 
Way to high of-course.... grrrr...   I will fix it as soon as Scenery editor form MSFS in DevMode is functional again. At this moment it is very lacking and freeze the functionality, which makes it not useable for me. I hope MSFS will fix this as well.


Hilversum Airfield

With this enhancement package my goal is to make the Dutch Airfields more identical to the real thing.
To make this all possible I use existing objects, addons created for Xplane 11.
By using Import converting tool for objects in Blender in combination with an overlay map from google, it is possible to place each object one by one on the right place with the right scale.
After that exported as MSFS 2020 package to the sim and build the package including extra detailed objects, such as lighting, fences, etc.

A massive THANK YOU is going out to Nils, better known as LPNils in the Xplane.org envrionment, by giving me permission to let me use his objects from Xplane scenery, which I used for convert and blender into MSFS 2020 objects.
Nils is working at a Flight instruction school and is also big fan of the Flightsimulators. Have a look at Xplane.org and search for LPNils.

Thank you Nils.

Just drop the package in the Community folder.

File credits:
Do not use these objects without permission from LPNils.
It is not allowed to use it as payware or other commercial projects. (Ask for permission LPNils)

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Intl. Airports
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October 06, 2020
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4.4 update

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Never thought I'd see a scenery pack for my hometown!

Appears to work in SU6. Great stuff, although the grass airstrip beacons are not 1:1 correct. In real life the "dihedral beacon" type are being used at EHHV. Also since this november 2021, a new windsock is installed midfield, on the spot where the water reel (haspel) would be (visible on the EHHV-webcam). Perhaps interesting to implement in a future update?

Nice scenery but I see double gliders on the same location on the ground!?

Works with SU5. There is high grass on the runways and also the marker cones do not show.

Looks good, thanks!

Thanks for the update, btw its also with your other scenery. If you could update them all then that will solve many CTD's for people that dont know about the issues.

Causes CTD because of the modellib.bgl , please update and rename the file to something unique this has been a known issue amongst scenery makers. This goes for all your scenery that uses that name, it causes conflicts and causes CTD's

Thanks for this great Airport update. I live in Hilversum so it it really fun to fly from this airport, top. Just one question, can you please explane how to use the Common Airports Objects? Do we need to place that

EHHV is getting better and better. Please advice on what library pack to use to get the signal square.

Thanks, nice airfield! Beautiful.

The windsock points the opposite direction, can you check here to solve the windsock issue:



Gerald, what am I doing wrong. I see only cones that are close to me ( https://flightsim.to/file/854/common-airport-objects ). Less than 30-40 meters. No problems with the other textures.

Thanks a lot Geraldar, I like it very much!

one additional question: I installed the 6 libraries you mentioned but no horses and cows?? Any advice?? Thanks!!

I found the cows and horses, it;s an addditional pack you have to download: BeeKay-Pack1 v5.0-Animated and moving Assets_lpd2L

Great scenery. I didn't use all the asset packs to save on performance hit but even so, the look and feel of a small airfield is captured nicely. here's a short video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C2rASjaS7U

Great airfield. This is the field where I learned to fly gliders, at de Gooise.

One question. Where do the files from the Modellib download have to go. does the Modellib dir goes into the community folder??

Thanks for the update

Glad your back and thx for the Update...

Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for this, Geraldar98!

I immediately feel at home. I've been flying here for many years.

The gliders seem to be stuck in the ground, it seems. Another terrain update by Asobo? And here, at least, Skylight is still intact. (I prefer it that way)

There are a few details that we could talk about, if you like.

Really happy with this as it is. Thanks again.

This is peculiar: I did not do any updates here, but suddenly the white cones appeared again! I guess Asobo changed the elevation data that is streamed from their server...
It's annoying that they can mess up scenery without warning just like that, but in this case, it is for the better...
i think the ground levels in update 4 have change the airfield.
it looks that a little lifting is needed 😉

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  • Version 4.4 update July 26, 2021

    Changed and renamed the MODELLIB.BGL file

  • Version 4.2 July 16, 2021

    Runway cones are now visual from distance

  • Version 4.1 July 14, 2021

    Update: Change and functionality windsock and windtee.

  • Version 4.0 July 14, 2021

    Better and natural recognation runways and more new details

  • Version 3.0 July 01, 2021

    New version 3
    Smaller runway cones
    new gliders
    trashcans, tables, playground

  • Version 2.0 October 08, 2020

  • Launched October 06, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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