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Is this working with SU5?

Can't wait to see the QEUH.
Great set of Helipads Lochaber MRT base isn't where the helicopters land anymore. Where the pad is placed in Flight sim is actually a Bus depot the rescue helicopters and Air Ambulance land 1 mile North at Carrs Corner
@Epicfool - very nice set of landing pads. For info, most of these were managed by Bond/Babcock and they were referred to as a 4 digit code starting SC and then two numbers. For example. Campbeltown is SC07.

I am working on the new helipad at Campbeltown to release soon. I have the main pad in but need to add lights and also some wording on the pad. I also want to add the yellow circle round it - how did you do that, as the normal medical pad does not have the circle but you have both??
Hi, ich schätze deine Arbeit und freue mich sehr darüber.
Leider kann ich nur bei zwei von deinen Helipads starten,
Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team funktioniert und
Glasgow City Heliport funktioniert.
Alle anderen Stationen zeigen sich zwar kurz in der Startsequenz, aber wenn es dann zum Fliegen geht, dann befindet man sich plötzlich auf der Startbahn des nächstgelegenen Flughafens... Ich hoffe, dass du da noch was ändern kannst.
Danke für deine Arbeit, weiter so!

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