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Note that there maybe a folder named something like "dash8-q400_CVT_" generated inside the Community Mods Folder after installing the DHC8 and started the game for the first time. In case for any updates with this aircraft, delete the mentioned folder to make sure the changes to be applied.
For making the DHC8 really appear in AI traffic and report the aircraft model correctly during conversation with ATC, replace the [GENERAL] part the aircraft.cfg of the DHC8 (default path is "Dash8-Q400\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\Dash8", NOT the aircraft.cfg of the livery) to the following:
atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL DH8D.0.text"
editable = 1 ; 
performance = 70-78 Pax Regional Airliner\nLength: 107 ft\nWing Span: 93 ft\nHt: 24 ft-7 in\nWeight:32,836 lb Empty\nMax T\/O Weight:63,000 lb\nPower: 2 x 2,140 SHP P&W 150A Turboshafts\nMax Cruise: 414 Kts TAS\nStall Speed 120 Kts\nCeiling: 25,000 ft\nRange: 1,567 Naut Miles (max)with std fuel load. ; 
category = airplane ; 
icao_type_designator = "DH8D" ;
icao_manufacturer = "De Havilland Canada" ;
icao_model = "DHC-8" ;
icao_engine_type = "Turboprop/Turboshaft" ;
icao_engine_count = 2 ;
icao_wtc = "L" ;
icao_generic = 1 ;

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  • Version 1.1 March 19, 2021

    Alternation of texture files

  • Launched March 18, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Liveries in this category require the freeware aircraft Bombardier Dash8 Q400 by Capt22 to work. You can download it from this page.

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  • duffystavern
    1 month(s) ago
    Swell job. Please keep up the good work. Really would love to have a Bahamasair version, kind of like the MSFSX. Don't know if they still fly The Dash 8 but it would be nice to have it. Much appreciated.
  • CRC
    2 month(s) ago
    Great livery. Thank you very much. Would it be possible for you to use this same American new livery colors for a atr 72-600. I realize they do not have this livery in real life, they had it only in the older American Eagle colors. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
  • Tarval
    2 month(s) ago
    Great contribution of this livery for this plane! Thanks!
  • CRC
    2 month(s) ago
    Great livery. Thank you very much.

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