Altisurface LF0652 Cipières

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Version 2.5
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#Real-Life France Exclusive Drag and Drop

 Altisurface Cipières LF0652

This is a small airfield (altisurface) in South of France, a bit North of Cannes and close to the village of
Altitude is around 1000m (~3700ft) so mixture needs adjustment.

Coordinates are:
43°46'44.7"N 6°51'47.2"E

43.779077, 6.863098

Detailed info here:

You can start with engine stopped in 4 parking spots if you zoom in close enough to chose them.
Also 2 headings with engine started but normally you should take off down hill westwards.

You can watch a RL landing here:
- I added trees on the south side as they were missing.
- I changed the buildings a bit with some more close to the ones I've seen in the pictures/movies.
- I added 2-3 parked cars too on North side.
- Visual changes can be seen in the 2 new pics added.

-At the west end of the airfield there are some poles, 3-4 are not that tall in real life and the 5th one is a tall pylon of High Voltage. After new update (3) the pylons are now "hardcoded" and visible and cannot be hidden by SDK. So... for now they stay like this. I have placed under the 4 pylons that are suppose to be short poles some light/electricity poles from SDK... maybe in the future they can be removed (they also have polycons defined to hide everything inside so if it's fixed by MS at some future point they might "magically disappear".
I could'n find the high voltage pylon that is in real life to replace the generic one (place on top of it) as in RL is painted RED and White. I actually found one on the net and forgot to grab it and now I can't find it again.
Antyway... maybe in the future I will be able to change them.

-The Icao is LF0652 but I couldn’t make it in MFS2020 6 letters long so it is LF652
-No tower, No radio for now as I don't know if it can be added yet.  But you can tune into Nice approach and Marseille center after take off.


Frequently Asked

Pretty empty over here.


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  • Version 2.5 April 18, 2021

    -Fixed the two Windsocks (they were reversed)
    -Added some red-white pilons for high voltage towers that are better seen than the autogen ones.. The autogen ones can't be deleted for now! Limitation of SDK.
    -Added some ruins to "suggest" the Castelaras de Thorenc... can be used in VFR.
    -Added some objects at the location of the aeroclub. Not many just to give it more alive look... lots of car wrecks there :)
    -Added some trees to that area also

  • Version 2.0 April 15, 2021

    I corrected the altisurface after World Update 4 France and Benelux has included an airfield at the location but done in one microsecond by a pathetic AI. As a result of the update the altisurface was all ruined. The new version corrects it.

    Inside archive are now two folders. One is the altisurface Cipieres and the other is the necessary "anti-airport" mod that delete/disables the default one underneath.

    Also I included now just as reference cones on the runway from Alps Altisurfaces by bagolu. So if you also have his mod you will see the cones (during the night they have lights in them which might be handy). If you don't have that mod then the runway is clear of any objects.

  • Version 1.31 November 10, 2020


  • Version 1.3 October 06, 2020

    I included the white cones that were left out by some mistake. Nothing major beside that. Still slowly coming back to MFS2020

    1.3 Notes
    - I added trees on the south side as they were missing.
    - I changed the buildings a bit with some more close to the ones I've seen in the pictures/movies.
    - I added white cones on the runway. Thanks to Hoynedawg for them. His work can be founded here on the site at this page: https://flightsim.to/profile/Hoynedawg
    - I added 2-3 parked cars too on North side.
    -Visual changes can be seen in the 2 new pics added.

  • Launched September 27, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates 43.779345, 6.864626


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Thank you! yesterday I chosed randomly this place on the map and I was really disappointed by the autogen 😀
Glad someone addressed this in a proper way


29 day(s) ago
Merci pour ce beau travail. J'ai un dossier "lfma-remove-default-cipieres" je n'ai pas compris à quoi ce dossier sur LFMA ? j'ai une scène LFMA dédié à cette aérodrome, est ce que cela a un impact ?


29 day(s) ago
Merci pour le travail et le partage.


1 month(s) ago

I am trying to fix the Altisurface Cipieres as fast as possible after WU4 it was replaced by a horror 😡😱

if anyone could help with an advice on this error I present on official forums:
It will fasten the work.

Thanks for patience/help!
Wonderful!! i love those kind of runways at the mountains. I have flown at all your altisurfaces around the area and a i have enjoied a lot practicing landings and takings off!! I recognize, my ass get hard doing it hehehe regards from Alicante!


6 month(s) ago
C'etait mon erreur. Je n'avais pas réalisé que je voyais les cônes parce que j'avais fait un autre mod séparé avec eux. Maintenant, je les ai inclus les cônes blancs. Rien d'autre de majeur à part ça. Encore lentement de retour à MFS2020


7 month(s) ago
Merci de faire ces petites surfaces pour nos backcountry planes ! Cependant j'ai un soucis la version 1.3 que j'ai chargé est indiquée 1.2.1 et j'ai pas les cônes blanc (3D ?)


7 month(s) ago
Super ! merci beaucoup.


8 month(s) ago
Merci beaucoup


8 month(s) ago
doing the lord's work with these altiports! keep em coming! 😀 i love flying in and out of these


8 month(s) ago
I am doing tweaks often. But for now not much is changed just uploaded to this platform also and I started at 1.2.
Next update I will try better buildings and little night lighting.


8 month(s) ago
Thanks a lot! Already enjoyed v1.1! Whats new with this upload?

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