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Version 0.1.0
Initial Release February 19, 2021
Last Updated February 19, 2021
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  • Launched February 19, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Is this compatible with Sim update 5?

Well done! Thanks
The library is in my Community-folder. MSFS is open, I click on Tools in Dev-mode, Then on Project Editor, there three options open, Project, Edit, and View.
In there there is no Object Browser.
What should I do?
Nice package, I think. But how can I make my scenery-developfunction of SDK of MSFS make this library accessible in order to select those items for insertion in a scenery=project?
First of all, THANK YOU for creating and sharing your excellent creations. Any possibility you can also add military tanks, trucks, jeeps, armories, weaponry, etc.?
Hello, nice addon, just one question... I just need to put MIKEAAT-MILITARYPACK to my COMMUNITY folder or to folder of some airport?
Awesome stuff, as always!

Have you ever considered consolidating your asset packs? They're so useful and getting lots of adoption, but it's getting to the point that many airports need 5-6 asset packs installed and kept up to date. It'd be cool if each author could just do one big pack -- ie, just add the military stuff to your main pack?

Just a suggestion. I can foresee a point this time next year when an airport comes out with a dozen asset packs required. 😊
These will be great scenery additions. Thank you!
has been missing for a long time.
military vehicles would be good too.
Thank you
How did you put the grass on that hangar?
Nice one! Was looking forward to that!
Brilliant. Thank you!

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