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South German Castle Tour

South German Castle Tour Explore the south of Germany with a roundtrip starting in Biberach, a small town in the middle of Swabia. Along your first legs you will follow the Danube river, fly along the Swabian Alb, a low mountrain range, flying over...

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South German Castle Tour

Explore the south of Germany with a roundtrip starting in Biberach, a small town in the middle of Swabia. Along your first legs you will follow the Danube river, fly along the Swabian Alb, a low mountrain range, flying over multiple castles such as Hohenzollern, Lichtenstein, Hohenneuffen, Teck and Hohenurach along the way. You then head to the Rhine Falls and Lake Constance in the south.

You will pass the largest lake in Europe three times including a landing in Switzerland before heading into the german part of the Alps. The alpine mountrain range to the south should make for some great views. Highlight of the trip is the climbing to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain of Germany before descending to the famous Castle Neuschwanstein.

Exploring the Allgäu region you will head back north following rivers and moors making a stop right next to the castle Zeil in Leutkirch before continuing to Illertissen. You will end your trip in Mengen not far away from where you started. Enjoy!


The navlog features for each single waypoint an image and navigational instructions to allow for a pure VFR flight without a loaded flight plan. It also features supplemental information of the surrounding area to give some insight into the region and keep you entertained along the way.  All legs are kept under 30 minutes to avoid very exhaustive and dull passages.

Bush Trip Facts & Configuration
  • Plane: DA40NG (can be manually changed)
  • Legs: 11
  • Total Flight Distance: 452 nm
  • Duration: approx. 3:30 hours
  • Shortest Leg: 9 min
  • Longest Leg: 29 min
  • Activated Configurations
    • Weather (Preset: Spring with few clouds)
    • ATC with voice
    • Refueling
    • Checklist
    • Navlog
    • VFR Map
  • Legs are ended by activation of parking brake (allows taxi and parking)

Unzip the folder into your Community folder. In the main menu go to Activities > Bushtrips and select "Castle Tour - South Germany".


The used airplane is the DA40NG. In case you want to use another airplane check the questions for a quick guide. I definitely would also recommend the Asobo XCub maybe even with the ability to land on water to explore Lake Constance. I chose the DA40NG since it is slightly faster and comes with some good mods while not beeing too fast to alter the bush trip experience.


This bush trip can be flown without any modifications. However, the following mod should be definitiely installed to make it into a proper castle trip: Swabian Castles. Please watch out for World Update 6 Incompatibilities (no CTD). You can deactivate the Swabian Castles mod for the third leg between EDZA and EDNN and reactivate it afterwards or use the duplicate fix (see Mods).

Please see this list and the dependencies tab for a full list of all recommended sceneries and add-ons. Especially the cities around lake constance, the airport mods for Illertissen and Leutkirch are highly recommended for it's great level of detail bringing so much more immersion into the flight.

Recommended Mods



This trip was created with BushTripInjector (thanks @BuffyGC) and LittleNavMap.

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Bush Trips
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  • Updated to version 1.8

  • Updated to version 1.7

  • Updated to version 1.6

  • Updated to version 1.5

  • Updated to version 1.4

  • Updated to version 1.3

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Absolutely amazing! I’m from that area of Germany and I’ve flown to a lot of places in this bush trip IRL. It’s so much fun with the info you give in the NavLog. Stellar work!

Hello, great trip, but when I cant continue the flight when I close MFS. When I load from where I have stopped the flight plan does not load anymore on the aircraft.

Thanks, looking forward to castles!

Ganz hervorragender Rundflug mit sehr abwechslungsreicher Routenführung und kreativen Einlagen, wie z.B. die touch & go Landung in Friedrichshafen oder die Umkreisung der Zugspitze. Ganz hervorragend recherchierte Kommentare mit imponierenden Details zu ausgewählen Standorten (Liebherr Standort am Fluss mit potentiellem Kanalanschluss, Deckenfresken in Dorfkirche), die man nicht schon zigmal gelesen hat und dem Trip eine sehr individuelle Note geben. Es hat mir riesig Spaß gemacht. Gerne wieder auf einer anderen Route von Pennsocke. Gratulation!
I saw your additions for the flight (great places to fly!). Could you add Linz, Vienna andAltenberg to your mod? I lived in Austria when I was a kid and my father's family lived in the village of Altenberg. I have plenty of Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles over there and would like to fly over there.
Just finished this trip. Very good. I really liked the descriptions and, even though I live nearby in the Black Forest, I found them informative. Well done!!
Absolutely amazing! I’m from that area of Germany and I’ve flown to a lot of places in this bush trip IRL. It’s so much fun with the info you give in the NavLog. Stellar work!
Tolle Arbeit! Weiter so
Wie bitte kann ich Deine erstklassige Arbeit nutzen? Wohin mit dem entpackten BushTrip-Ordner mit Deinem Rundflug?
Greetings from Canada. I'm enjoying your Bushtrip, but could you please improve some of the airfields along the way? About 45 minutes into leg one, I landed at EDMC, right along the way and there is nothing there. I can't even fuel.
Ist bei diesem mod auch das Oberallgäu dabei mit den Oberstdorfer Alpen?
Gruß Chriss
Greetings from Norway! This is a wonderful trip through southern germany, hills, lakes, woods, alps, mountain lakes. Its also storytelling, with good historcal facts about the sights you see. Great work.
I just downloaded this trip and am excited to fly it. I am going to add a stop at the airport in Lahr though. It used to be a Canadian military base and I lived there for most of the 1970's as a kid. I've been inside Neuschwanstein castle
Hey there, check out my new v3 update on my Project Reutlingen Package, it is definitely worth it to fly over Reutlingen 😀
Excellent!! Really nice trip, thanks!
Just flew this. It's a wonderful trip, very well-done. High quality writing as well. Thank you for this gift.
The course of the heading indicator does not agree with the Navlog

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.8 September 12, 2021

    - Switched plane from Asobo XCub to DA40NG (seems a bit more of a natural choice considering the trip is in south germany)

    - Adjusted bushtrip loading screen and thumbnail to new update

  • Version 1.7 June 19, 2021

    Completely reworked second leg to add four more castles (Hohenneuffen, Hohenurach, Teck, Reussenstein) from scenery mod "Swabian Castles"

    Rerouted fourth leg over Sigmaringen to include Hohenzollern Palace

    Reworked description and text

    Fixed spelling misstakes

    Removed unused images (Thanks to @BuffyGC to implement this feature in the BushTrip Tool) to reduce mod size

    Verified trip with DA40NG

  • Version 1.6 May 22, 2021

    Added additional leg to Illertissen airport (Thx to @Senchay for the airport scenery)

    Added additional text for new and some existing waypoints

    Change Leutkirch approach to circle around castle Zeil

    Minor text fixes

    Verified flight with DA62 airplane (changeable via flt file)

    Updated recommended mod list

  • Version 1.5 May 02, 2021

    Added touch-and-go landing in Friedrichshafen during leg

    Reworked waypoints at Lake Constance to cater to scenery mods

    Changed final leg from Laupheim to Mengen airport

    Replaced some images to give better guidance and cater to scenery mods

    Added additional information in the navlog

    Fix of various spelling misstakes

    Activation of parking brack is now required to end leg

  • Version 1.4 April 03, 2021

    Small text change to cater to new scenery mods

    Updated recommended mod list

    Rework of bushtrip description and added explicit list of dependencies

  • Version 1.3 March 08, 2021

    Added additional waypoint to include Hohenzollern castle into route

    Slight waypoint location changes to better cater for new scenery mods

    Small text changes

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

How to change the default airplane

In case you want to fly with a different plan just use a text editor to alter the following file: \Bushtrip\mission-swabia-allgaeu\missions-swabia-allgaeu.FLT

Sim=Asobo XCub // This changes the used airplane

Possible planes among other:

  • Asobo XCub
  • DA62 Asobo
  • Cessna 152 Asobo
  • DA40-NG Asobo


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