Hey y'all, Papierfranz here,

Friedrichshafen looks a little bit “samey”, so I started creating some basic sceneries.

Things this pack includes:
- Hafen (Harbour)
- E-Center
- Graf-Zeppelin-Haus
- St. Petrus Canisius
- ZF Friedrichshafen AG - Haupterverwaltung
- at least 2 McDonald's
- much more

Right now the buildings sadly don't support Night-Mode or LODs (as I just started learning about the tools). Big shout out to Flying Theston on YouTube for his guide how to implement buildings and whole parts of cities from Maps. 

If you want to support: Just watch this video on YouTube (GERMAN Audio) ;) https://youtu.be/gf-hocPpros

Other Scenery made by me:
- Köln (Cologne) Landmarks | Mini-Pack
- Bonn | Mini-Pack
- Leverkusen | Mini-Pack

Just insert the folder into your community folder.

If the scenery is not showing in your game try opening your "content.xml" and add this line of code:
<Package name="friedrichshafen_bodensee" active="true"/>

Your Content.xml file should be here (at least mine is): C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator