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Use the tool with which Microsoft's missions are created in the World Updates, Local Legends and Famous Flyers packages (BushTrips and Discovery Flights). Benefit from the experience and feedback of professional authors and create authentic missions.


BushTripInjector, the generator used to create MSFS World Update Bush Trips and DiscoveryFlights

BushTripInjector generates fully functional Bush Trips from LittleNavMap flight plans and DiscoveryFlights from scratch. No search for coordinates or heights for the runway or waypoints. All MSFS Airports, runways and parking positions are available to select. .
Briefing images as well as images of the runways for the NavLog or 3D images are generated of course. These are real graphics .
It's all GUI controlled and you don't have to worry about formatting. No XML or programming skills required.
Despite intensive testing, bugs and problems may occur. If you have an issue, please PM me on Discord at BuffyGC#0939 or join BushTripInjector's official discord server. I cannot give support on all the different platforms. Thank you very much.

Please visit BushTripInjector's homepage for the latest news abaout BushTrips and Mission creation! 

Main Features

Create your own Bush Trips and DiscoveryFlights
More than 10 different Maps available for creating images, no need for billable map keys

Creates 2D Images for the Landing Airports in Nav Log automatically
Assisted 3D image generation for briefing, landing and waypoints
Use your own Images for Landing, Briefing and Waypoints
Generate Waypoint Images from a Map
Free Texts for Nav Log
Append Nav Log Entries by Wikipeadia articles
Create Waypoint Images from Wikipedia articles.
Create voice announcements for Waypoints (instructions) or self defined areas
Use your own soundfile for announcements or music
Create airstrips for your Bush Trip wherever you want
Trigger and Events Editor: Define conditional triggers and fire an action
Record your own Soundfiles, Includes also an audio sample converter
Browse the Library Objects and use them in your own missions
Browse the whole MSFS Airport Database and search for existing airport properties


Please feel free to use this link for donations to avoid provisions (use friends&family):
Developing and maintaining BushTripInjector costs me a lot of time, so I will be happy about any appreciation
Donate to BuffyGC


Microsoft Flightsimulator
Microsoft WebView2


FronTech has created a fantastic and very comprehensive manual. You can find it here. Give him a like and a 5 star rating for the effort he took to create this awesome document.

Also available is a context sensitive online help. Press F1 or select Help --> Context.  


Join us on discord: BushTripInjector's official discord server

Video Guides

Have a look into the guide on Youtube by DazzaJay and give him a like and subscription:
[Guide] Create awesome Bush Trips for Flight Simulator using Bush Trip Injector. (How to guide) by DazzaJay


Open the zip-file with the tool of your choice. Drag the BushTripInjector folder (containing the EXE file and the DLL) to a place of your choice. Please note that since several files are created, both Flightsimulator and BushTripInjector have rights to create, modify and delete files and folders in thefolder of your choice. So it must not be directly in the program directories ("Program Files" or "Pro


Make a backup of your current BushTripInjector-Folder and drag the files of the BushTripInjector Folder from the zip into your current installation path.

Registration and Activation

A Productkey is mandatory to use BushTripInjector. Use the in-app function to request your private product key. Please allow up to 24h for activation.
Registration and Activation is free of charge for non-commercial use of BushTripInjector!

A small selection of interesting trips created with BushTripInjector:

Italian Alps Tour 2021 by Davide Rosso and Matteo Stevenazzi
Mississippi - adventure and history by Koschi
Flight Of Passage by Pontiac51
South German Castle Tour by Pennsocke
La Haute Route - Alpine Bushtrip by Dready1906
A Tribute for Flight Simulator X: Hawaii Checkout Mission

Checkout another great Bush Trip Generator - Tool!

BushMissionGen by f99mlu

BTI Bushtrip bmg mission
Sim Update 11
Initial Release
November 28, 2020
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© BuffyGC - All rights reserved. Any reupload or redistribution of this file without the author's prior written consent is forbidden. This Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on was created by BuffyGC and shared in Utilities » Toolkits for Microsoft Flight Simulator.



14 day(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Thanks for keeping us up to date BuffyGC



25 day(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Where do I get the new Database?



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Keep up the good work!



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Awesome Tool with Tons of Features!



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

I really love this program. I have a question: Since SU 10, my GPS is not functioning. I get no "path" on the map. Is there something I need to do to get the GPS to show the flight plan?



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

This is way cooler than cool!!



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Hi Buffy,

Norton 360 (Antivirus) says that the *.exe is not safe and quarantines it. Is that because BTI



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Excellent help from the dev

love the fact you can fly the bush tips using the airplane you what

very easy to use and setup



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

works well, intuitive, and dev very involved with the community, which is always appreciated



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Makes it really easy to create a bush trip and includes lots of useful features.



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Unfortunately, you did not mention in the description that you need to register to use BTI and that you also need to have an email program installed on your computer.

I don't have one installed on my gaming computer and the registration routine doesn't specify a contact email address.

So I can not try BTI. 😞





6 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

This is the software to have for those who want to share adventures. Indispensable, quick to learn, efficient, everything is there to enjoy.



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC


I'm new at this as a disclaimer... I can´t make it work... I create the plan with littlenavmap then I open it with BTI and perform as indicated in the video, i click generat mission the process runs but as my MFS opens the black screen says... COULD NOT OPEN THE XML FILE and thats it... crashes



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Hi great program , fantastic work cant wait to publish my own



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

I’d give it 10 stars if I could. This tool is so helpful and it greatly streamlines and simplifies the process of creating bush trips and other missions for MSFS.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, the support from the developer, BuffyGC, is absolutely fantastic. Countless times I have asked questions, requested features, and reported bugs, and every time I got a response within hours (or minutes!).

If you’re looking to get into making bush trips for MSFS, this is the way (especially now that the script editor in the SDK is defunct).

One question, for which I did not find any answer: What is the condition to register for commercial usage? Fees? How much?

Can you please support a similar workaround as another mission tool do since last week for triggers leg 2 and later?

Great tool by the way 😊



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

Been using this for a while and really appreciate the work you have put in to create something so easy to use but with so many options and a really elegant interface. Hope that my contribution helps you to carry on doing it...cheers and thank you!



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

What a great Tool. It works very well and I am enjoying it a lot to work with it. Thanks for programming this nice Tool.




9 month(s) ago / Thanked by BuffyGC

This is great tool for me!

Now, I have been learning usage and making test data.

Very useful and high fanctionally.

I have a few question.

1)Is it possible to change the weather for each Leg?

2)Is it possible to make the elapsed time continuous with LEG? 

Thank you.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version November 18, 2022

    Experimental Feature: Multi-Aircraft Bush Trips, Discovery Flights and Landing Challenges
    Add multiple aircraft to your missions! One mission in the community folder, flyable with multiple planes.
    Images and audio files are installed only once to keep the package small.
    This allows your users to fly each leg with a different aircraft of their choice or to perform other challenges and sightseeing. → Broken by SU11

    BUGFIX: Translate: Fixed the broken Translate-Window of

    UPDATE: Flightbook: When you export the flight log to PDF format using your favorite word processing program, the table of contents is clickable now and linked within the PDF.
    UPDATE: Databases: Updated the internal databases to SU11 - 40th Anniversary Update Changes
    BUGFIX: Bundle: The menu item "Start MSFS" was not active.

  • Version November 11, 2022

    SU11 / 40th Anniversary Update Changes
    This Version has many changes in the core functionality of BushTripInjector. Despite intensive testing, bugs and problems may occur.
    If you have an issue, please contact me on Discord: BushTripInjector Discord. Thank you very much.

    Attention: Due to the changes for SU11, compatibility with SU10 cannot be guaranteed!

    FEATURE: [SU11] Bundle-Packs: Added the option to create your bundles as MSFS-Pack. You can choose, if the bundle is created as a BTI-Bundle as before or as a MSFS-Pack-Bundle. For differences, see: BushTripInjector manual: Bundle Types.
    FEATURE: [SU11] RefuelOnLegStart: Added the possibility to disable the MSFS function that automatically refuels the aircraft every time a leg is started. Default is OFF!
    FEATURE: [SU11] Assistance Presets: Added the new SU11 presets for gliders and helicopters.
    UPDATE: [SU11] PackageDefinition-File: Moved the Marketplace-Data from AssetGroup to its own group as requested by SU11.
    UPDATE: [SU11] PackageDefinition-File: The ContentInfo AssetGroup has been moved to the beginning of the file for better comparability with DevMode.
    UPDATE: [SU11] Landmarks: For the new bundle system of MSFS, the landmark files must be moved to a separate folder. BTI does this automatically on generation for you. If you want to use projects with landmarks in a bundle of type Pack, the sub-mission must be regenerated.
    UPDATE: [SU11] Airports: For the new bundle system of MSFS, the airport files must be moved to a separate folder. BTI does this automatically on generation for you. If you want to use projects with airports in a bundle of type Pack, the sub-mission must be regenerated.
    UPDATE: [SU11] Project-File: Added the new Attributes and Elements introduced with SU11 into the Project-File.
    UPDATE: [SU11] SU10-Audio Workaround: Removed the workaround for broken audio files introduced with Bug is fixed with SU11
    UPDATE: [SU11] Community-Installer: Updated the Community Installer to handle Bundle-Packs.
    UPDATE: [SU11] SPB-Decompiler: Added the new property definitions of SU11.
    UPDATE: [SU11] SimConnect: Upgraded to SimConnect Client provided by SU11.
    UPDATE: LandingChallenge: For liveries, the corresponding FLT-file is searched in the base airplane folder if not present in livery folder.
    UPDATE: LandingChallenge: When "CTRL" is pressed while opening the corresponding FLT-File, open windows explorer and select the FLT-File instead of opening the FLT directly.
    UPDATE: DeepL-API: Adjustments for new formality handling with the DeepL API when the target language does not support formality.
    UPDATE: Aircrafts: Added the Cessna C195 Businessliner aircraft and liveries to the aircrafts list. (thanks to sidekick65)
    UPDATE: Import Images: Accept ICAO-Code inside "()" for adding briefing and landing images.
    UPDATE: Marketplace: Added the possibility to define a title for the Marketplace that is different from the mission title.
    UPDATE: Marketplace: The creation of MarketplaceData for the community version of BTI has been removed. They are no longer necessary to compile successfully with SU11.
    BUGFIX: Marketplace: Fixed an issue with the title for the marketplace when the base language is not en-US.
    BUGFIX: TTS from Worldmap: Fixed an issue with a not unique generated description that prevented the mission from compiling. (Thanks to FronTech)
    BUGFIX: About-Window: Fixed an issue that prevented the display of items in the Info/About window.
    BUGFIX: Flightbook: Fixed an issue that prevents the briefing and landing images from being inserted into the flight log in reverse.
    BUGFIX: Preferences: Set the mission to changed when loading preferences.

  • Version November 01, 2022

    FEATURE: Bundles: Generate the internal packages from the Bundle-Project!
    UPDATE: SU10/SU11: Implemented a workaround to adjust incorrectly compiled localization files due to the new sim localization process preventing audio from playing. Toggleable via the options.
    UPDATE: LandingChallenge: Behavior-Change: Added the option to check the spawn position to be over ground. You can edit the parameters, but the default is set to Enabled and 300ft AGL also for existing LC!
    UPDATE: GUI: Added the possibility to reset the saved window and dialog position and sizes.
    UPDATE: GUI: The possibility to open the SavedMission directory has been removed from the Window Menu, because the directory is no longer used since SU10.
    UPDATE: File → New: The suggested filename of the BTI file at BushTrips and LandingChallenges now corresponds to the LittleNavmap filename.
    UPDATE: Bundles: If the BTI file of a package is not found, it is now also searched at the location of the bundle BTI file.
    UPDATE: Bundles: Fixed several issues with wrong positive generation needed flags. Known issues: When changing sound files or images in packages, generation-needed will not shown as changed.
    UPDATE: Generate: The BTI-File must be saved for the generation to start.
    UPDATE: GeneratorInfo.txt: The information file is now also created on the first save.
    UPDATE: BaseDate: Added a DatePicker Control to select the date of the mission.
    UPDATE: Internal: Several optimizations and preparations for upcoming features.
    BUGFIX: Flightplan: Fixed several issues on flightplan comment, when using unlocked comments. (Thanks to fsx-rwt)
    BUGFIX: Backup: When backing up bundles, the BTI file and the Publish directory are no longer backed up twice.
    BUGFIX: Bundles: Fixed an issue where the BTI file of a package may not be determined correctly.
    BUGFIX: Recording: Fixed a CTD when using WASAPI-Loopback Recording for some speakers.

  • Version October 21, 2022 - Sim Update 11
    The changes for the new localization system, which is mandatory from SU11, have been implemented.
    The localization files are stored in a new folder "Localization" in the mission folder. If you had your own individual additional loc files, BTI will move them automatically.
    This is a breaking change by MS/Asobo, for more information please visit:
    - Official Forum: [BLOG] October 20, 2022 Development Update - SDK Update
    - DevSupport: New Localization process

    UPDATE: Bundle: Added the possibility to define whether project dependencies should be included in the bundle or not.
    UPDATE: Bundle: Some preparations for the new bundle types that will be introduced with the upcoming SU11.
    UPDATE: ProjectGroups: Better handling and detection of invalid project group paths when assigning a path. Existing project groups are not affected.
    BUGFIX: Images: Fixed an issue that occurred when selecting an image on the image sheet with the same path and file name.
    BUGFIX: Landmarks: Fixed an issue with the mission's Changed flag when landmarks were added via the WorldMap.
    BUGFIX: LandingChallenge: Fixed an issue with incorrect runway designations on arrival.
    BUGFIX: WorldMap: Fixed an issue where after some time the layers (pins, mode) could not be changed.
    INTERNAL: BTI-File: Added the possibility to read and rewrite attributes and elements of future BTI version.
    INTERNAL: BTI-File: A version header has been added to the BTI file to handle different file formats.

  • Version October 14, 2022 - Project Groups
    Project groups help you organize your missions in separate base folders.
    Each project group has a project group directory where BushTripInjector creates and compiles the source and code files. If a project group is specified, the general %ProjectRootFolder% is ignored and the directory from the project group is used. Of course, you can add the same project group for multiple projects.
    Do not open the mission in an older version of BTI, when you have selected a project group!

    FEATURE: LandingChallenge: Added a field to select the current flight state (Default, Apron, Taxi, Runway, Climb, Cruise, Approach, Final) of the LandingChallenge. Default selects a state depending on AircraftType and flightpath length. (Thanks to Adventum)
    UPDATE: Logging: Added some more logging into sound file migration.
    UPDATE: Typos: Fixed some typos. (thanks to oldmattila and Sandy).
    UPDATE: Presets/Preferences: Added RefuelType to AircraftPresets. (thanks to oldmattila)
    UPDATE: Presets/Preferences: Renamed ImageColorOptions to OtherOptions.
    UPDATE: Presets/Preferences: Reward, Optimize and TranslateOptions to other Options.
    UPDATE: Translate-Window: Solved a long-term request with column sizes in translate window.
    UPDATE: Flightplan: Show distances of Flightpath and legs in leg selection control.
    UPDATE: Aircrafts: Added the Beechcraft V35B Bonanza aircraft and liveries to the aircrafts list. (thanks to KillerBluesman)
    UPDATE: Preflight-Check: Added a simple check for the complexity of project short into the preflight check.
    UPDATE: Flightplan: Changed the order of Briefing and Landing image.
    BUGFIX: Internal: Fixed some smaller internal issues.
    BUGFIX: Glossaries: Fixed an issue with the menu item not being visible when entering a DeepL API key and not restarting BTI. (thanks to FronTech)
    BUGFIX: Help-View Changelog: Fixed an issue with the "Help → View Changelog" Command. (thanks to FronTech)
    BUGFIX: FLT: Fixed an unnecessary marking the mission as changed on FLT-Sheet.
    BUGFIX: Aircrafts: Fixed an issue with aircraft loading when some aircraft files are not accessible (thanks to Solarwind)
    BUGFIX: WorldMap: Fixed an issue with the Fuel-Flags on WorldMap.
    BUGFIX: Restore LNM-File: Fixed an issue with a missing message in some conditions, when the LNM-File was not present and had to be restored.
    BUGFIX: Intro: Fixed an issue with the introduction text, when the LNM-file has a flight plan remark the very first time. (thanks to ProfSC)
    BUGFIX: SU10: Fixed an issue on the GUI with the AVGas and JetFuel flags, which are not longer provided by the Sim.

  • Version October 04, 2022

    FEATURE: Backup: Added a menu entry in actions to create a zip file with a full backup of all relevant files and folders of your project.
    USER-REQ: Discovery: Added a question when changing the spawning position if you also want to change the heading, too. (Thanks to Adventum)
    USER-REQ: Landmarks: Added a question when adding TTS to E&T from landmarks and the TTS is already present. (Thanks to fsx-rwt)
    USER-REQ: Images: Added the possibility to convert the images modified on the image sheet to the correct size (if mandatory) and type.
    UPDATE: MarketplaceData: The tags must be in capital letters according to Microsoft's specifications.
    UPDATE: MarketplaceData: The user is given a few more hints about what is allowed in the Marketplace and what is not.
    UPDATE: LandingChallenge: Calculate the arrival runway based on last waypoint when creating a new landing challenge.
    UPDATE: Database: The main and parking databases have been upgraded to the World Update 11 Canada version and are available as additional downloads.
    UPDATE: Worldmap: Added a "Reset Map" button on Worldmap options.
    BUGFIX: Compile: Due to a not considered combination in the flight plan, if several waypoints have the same ident and name, the project could not be compiled anymore. (Thanks to bhpowell for reporting)
    BUGFIX: GUI: Fixed an issue with DatePickers which not shown the month correctly in some condition.
    BUGFIX: Generate: An unnecessary marking of the BTI file as modified was fixed.
    BUGFIX: AssetGroups: Correct formatting of the xml (added a line break between assetgroups in bundles).

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Can you include a feature to set the parking brake?

I have already implemented. However, this does not work because the sim automatically releases the parking brake when spawning, for whatever reason. You can check this with the integrated SimWatcher via the window menu.
Actually the feature is to release the parking brake because by default the parking brake is set. Compare the apron.flt and runway.flt of your selected aircraft.

You can help to change this in the sim when you create a ticket for it: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Can BushtripInjector also generate landing challenges?
Some fields are locked and I cannot edit them

Yes, all the information that LittleNavMap provides cannot be edited

I need help creating my trip, found a bug in the BTI, want an extension or just want to chat with the developer

You can find me on Discord at least two hours a day, usually longer. Send a friend request to BuffyGC#0939 and tell me what you're looking for.
Bug fixes and enhancements I usually implement for the next version, if they are possible and make sense. But that also depends on the effort.

I'm speaking English and German

Can I set the time for each leg individually when creating the BushTrip?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The simulator has no way to define this per leg.

The ticket with the feature request has already been created for a long time. As soon as there is a solution, I will implement it in the BushTripInjector of course.

Can I set a different weather for each leg?

Unfortunately, this is also not possible to pass to the simulator when defining a Bush Trip.
As with the times, a feature request has been made to Microsoft. As soon as the possibility is created, I will adapt the BushTripInjector accordingly.

Which Failures are working on which aircraft?

Cessna 172 | Engine 0 Failed 0%
Cessna 172 | Oilsystem 0 Failed 0%

Not Working:
Cessna 172 | Engine 0 Burn 0%
Cessna 172 | EngineFire 0 Failed 0%
Cessna 172 | EngineFire 0 Burn 0%

My security software blocks/warns me about the software


first, thanks for using BushTripInjector.

Yes, the question comes up some time. I have some security software manufacturers who are whitelisting each version (costs by the way something), but Norton is just too slow and takes several days.

First of all: Nobody, including me, is safe from virus attacks on their own computer. Even my development computer has internet access, because MSFS needs it. I have taken some precautions, but there is no 100% security.

My advice: If you don't trust the software, don't run it. And please: NEVER run it as administrator or allow access via UAC. BTI will always run under user rights and never needs administrative access.

If I am honest and I would be the virus scanner, I would block BushTripInjector as well:

  • A software without code certificate (is too expensive for me).
    Generates a number of XML files, as well as text files and other files in text or binary format.
  • Generates executable files (installers for your missions)
  • Deletes directories (generating a trip that already existed)
  • Includes links to domains that are not part of the product (maps, wiki, deepl, github, ...)
  • Calls cryptographic features (encryption of license requests)
  • Calls external programs (flightsimulator.exe, steam.exe, fspackager.exe, explorer.exe - to compile and display files)
  • Creates ZIP files (for copying to the community folder, upload, MarketPlace)
  • And some more things that other programs don't do.

It is just the nature of this product that it does such things and can offer so many features. For example, what generator offers full mission creation without having an SDK installed?

Therefore: it's up to you. Check it with Virustotal (I also do before each upload). If you trust, use it under user rights, you may have to whitelist some features yourself in your security software. But even there, never use the feature of complete trust there, even if it is annoying to unblock each function.



These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

Pretty empty over here.