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Version 1.1
Initial Release January 27, 2021
Last Updated January 28, 2021
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GPS Coordinates 43.314827, -1.984134
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  • Version 1.1 January 28, 2021

    - More detail on downtown areas
    - Adjusted LOD settings

  • Launched January 27, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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I absolutely love this. Massive thanks! It's huge. I'm on an i5 8600k 3.6Ghz, 24GB Ram and 6gb Asus Stryx ROG and the video i did of this cannot do this Mod justice. Love your work, keep them coming! Regards - Ancient Adi

Hi, very nice work ! i've made 2 videos with it, a short and a long one ! and Thanks !!!

He tenido que cogerme el Air Creation de Thealx para admirar con detenimiento tu obra!! Menuda experiencia, he flipado!! He hecho algunas capturas a ver si te gustan. Saludos!!

Hi there, when I download the zip, there is only part 1 which contains the ezro san sebastian folder that has a Contentinfo folder, a scenery folder and 3 json files. Out of these, which am I supposed to include in the community folder? Is there a part 2 that I'm missing somehow?

Kind regards!

Edit: Nevemind I just found part 2, my bad.

Lo que has conseguido en el escenario de San Sebastián es alucinante ,un gran trabajo , mis felicitaciones , muchísimas gracias por hacernos disfrutar.
Do you think it is compatible with MarkelCrack's Greater Bilbao?

Sorry, I am not familiar with the geography of Spain.
I only see the all white patch. What can happen?
The best scenario I've ever been able to fly in a simulator. Traffic, lights, even tunnels are where you should be. Thank you so much for such good work, and I hope you could do the same with Greater Bilbao and its neighboring peoples, which is where I'm from.
Wonderful looking scenery, but is it safe to use with the modlib file within?
so you just put the two files unzipped together in one folder and then put that resulting one folder in the community folder?
Hi, San Sebastian as well as Santander are covered in snow any month of the year. Any idea what causes this? I have a lot other cities, but only these give this problem
This looks impressive, hope my pc can handle 😉
Many many thanks!
una maravilla!
Thank you so much for this very brilliant work!
Incredible, 5 stars, thank you very much!
Amazing gorgeous job! very impresive :O- i love the cliff area, don´t know why isn´t more addons with photogrametry mountains, we love fly over nature also 😊 cheers
Airfield request:
Fantastic job! Great scenery. Thanks a lot man. Greetings from Holland.
Unbelievable ...
I have seen sceneries improving and improving in just a couple of months.
But this beats all! Crisp and detailled without noticeable loss of FPS and blending in so nicely. It looks like you found the Holy Grail of scenery making.

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