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Version 0.4.1
Initial Release April 22, 2021
Last Updated April 22, 2021
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Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation.

Air Creation 582SL MSFS add-on was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.



Model format: glTF (native)

Gauges: partially working (no radio)

Interactive cockpit: yes

VR support: yes

Textures quality: 1k (16k AI upscale)

PBR/Normal materials: presented

Suspension: animated

Flight model: Modern (it will not fly with Legacy)

Controls: simplified (no weight shift simulation)

Sounds: WAV (unmodded)

Model quality: 25k polygons

Liveries: single

Pilots/passenger: generic, not animated


How to install:

Unpack folder "microsoft-aircreation582sl" into Community directory of the MSFS

How to uninstall:

Delete folder "microsoft-aircreation582sl" from Community directory of the MSFS

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched April 22, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • constantine82
    2 day(s) ago
    Nice work! Somehow it doesn't take off. it's just keep going on the runway.. I pull it back but doesn't take off. Am I doing something wrong ?
  • MostlyRandom
    2 day(s) ago
    great work so far
    4 day(s) ago
    Good job ! More power ?
  • JimmyDaKeys
    6 day(s) ago
    So far I like the flight model. It flies like you would expect an aircraft like this to fly. Keep up the good work on this and I'm also hoping to see better camera views soon.
    • Scooty
      6 day(s) ago
      I wanted to post exactly the same!

      This little bird is very nice and feels "real" already.
      Please edit the camera views.
      Maybe - as an inspiration - somehow like it is set for the Cessna 152.

      When using a joystick with a "coolie hat", you can view not only left or right, but also down, to see the lower instruments. This would be very nice to get for this sweet addon, too.
    • ElCee
      4 day(s) ago
      This is what I came to comment on. Everything else is fine.
  • onehyperborean
    6 day(s) ago
    Please add more UNzoom in cockpit view.
  • Jojimbo
    7 day(s) ago
    Keep checking back to see if the author fixed the handling, it's unusable in it's present state. Even the ai flies like an air sick drunk. Another dead mod? sad.
  • SlowPoke
    7 day(s) ago
    Why are so many people commenting about loving the way it flies?!? it flies TERRIBLY!!! What the hell on earth?!
    • mgh65
      5 day(s) ago
      ever flown a microlight ?

      This flies "quite well", not terrible, not unusable nor rubbish.

      The wind catches it right and you have to dive into the wind to keep it straight, just like a ML,

      If someone says its unflyable then its one of the following:

      A - Their MSFS2020 is broken in some way
      B - They have their MSFS2020 setting wrong in some way
      C - They want a toy and not a flight simulator
      D - They have never actually flown a real ML so dont know what they are talking about

      None of the above require anyone to criticise the author. Imagine how disheartening it must be to go to all that effort and then uneducated / unexperienced people comment in such negative terms when its nothing wrong with the model or authors work

      Please think before dismissing the efforts of others - there is a human at the end of your comment

      This aircraft is just fine and a very welcome addition
    • SlowPoke
      5 day(s) ago
      Have YOU? I literally OWN a weight shift trike. This flies NOTHING like it. It "flies" like no aircraft I've ever flown. I've been a fixed wing pilot for almost two decades, Tricycles and tailwheel, Ive flown Paramotors and also have commercial and instrument ratings in Helicopters as well. I own an Evolution Trikes REVOLT you can see on my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaW18JLWZHlalx0N27dP2ew) If this flies even remotely like anything I would say a paramotor, but definitely NOT a trike.
    • mgh65
      5 day(s) ago
      so i guess you are in category A or B then ! it flies fine for me and many others.
    • SlowPoke
      4 day(s) ago
      So every other aircraft I have flies fine except this one, but its my sim, not the aircraft. Got it.
  • thebossIsLit
    8 day(s) ago
    Its Awesome I love how it flies!! Keep up the amazing work!
  • cepik94174
    13 day(s) ago
    this is pretty unflyable
  • MiklosBM
    15 day(s) ago
    Fun, good job.
  • Pauly49
    15 day(s) ago
    Brilliant in VR
  • piotrkol
    16 day(s) ago
    Really fun addon. Sure it's not perfect but it makes exploring really fun and rewarding 😊 Really like this!

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