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Version 1.0
Initial Release January 11, 2021
Last Updated January 11, 2021
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#Real-Life #Buildings #Handcrafted Indonesia

Surabaya Overhaul is our largest project ever! including Recreated terrain vector data, terrain fix, custom forests vector including mangrove forests, custom 3d landmark,autogen fix, custom ship placement, vector fix for lake, ocean, shore, and displaced trees, and last but not least Night lighting improvement!

this product came up with custom 3d landmark such as:
-Suramadu Bridge
-Al Akbar Mosque
-Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium
And Many More!

this product doesnt have anything to do with WARR (Juanda Intl.) so you can install another addons/mod for WARR without having problem with this scenery.


how to install :

unzip mx-surabaya-overhaul.zip to your community folder


known bugs :

-traffic underneath suramadu bridge (fix ASAP due to sdk)

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched January 11, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

GPS Coordinates -7.250445, 112.768845

  • hftey
    2 month(s) ago
    This is a good quality mod and I enjoyed flying through the city. I had created a musical showcase base on this mod. Harap anda menyukainya
  • lambsauce
    3 month(s) ago
    mantap gann, update terus yak
  • ianlighting
    3 month(s) ago
    Hallo, selamat siang! When do we get the Jakarta overhaul 😉 hehehe The other place that comes to mind that is not already in the process of being converted or worked on is Semarang....Has a great center with the the Dutch architecture and the old Railway HQ with the "100 shutters" and Sam Poo Kong Temple (Gedung Batu Temple) to commemorate "Zheng Hei" voyage 😊
    • Haykl17
      3 month(s) ago
      thx for the review, much appreciated, i will do some airport scenery first before moving on to another city overhaul, doing something like this take sometimes, also busy with p3d scenery atm, but yeah, more indonesian city overhaul soon 😊
  • rafibahasuan
    3 month(s) ago
    nice gan
    • Haykl17
      3 month(s) ago
      thx for the review 😉

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