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EGFF - Cardiff Airport - Upgrade

Cardiff is a place in Wales where people live and do stuff. And they fly to and from here which I think is very sensible. The last time I was at this airport was a pointless day trip getting the train up from there and flying...


Cardiff is a place in Wales where people live and do stuff. And they fly to and from here which I think is very sensible. 

The last time I was at this airport was a pointless day trip getting the train up from there and flying back from RAF Valley in Angelsey which I highly recommend for fans of obscure aviation. That costs £20. The Welsh government pays the other £160. Thanks, Welsh government. You even get free mid flight refreshments like the old days. 

I did not approve of Anglesey's security which was more anal than a TSA ex marine at Miami happening across a traveller wearing a suicide vest and gargling napalm. Since the greatest danger on the flight is a minor Senedd official on a jolly having one more mini can of Coke than they're really supposed to I'm not sure what's going on there.  

All the textures have been binned and replaced. Many a building has had a more appropriate replacement. Car parks, outlying areas like the fire training, GA section, British Airways Maintenance and more have been filled out. Light has also been liberally applied. 

Since the original taxi system has been upgraded to resemble reality I've kept it. This means you get the odd rubbish ground marking from their system. 

This had to be flattened big time since for some reason as as soon as you wipe the original airport the land turns to mush. This is intensely irritating since it started off flat. If you have any terrain glitches let me know.

There's a second version with BA 747s parked up to commemorate... BA 747s parked up. They do block the taxi system though. 

Also included as a separate download is just the viaduct and a wee train if you've bought the UK2000 version. Hit the download button and it'll appear as an option. 

V 1.4

Adds the terminal. It still needs a bit more detail but doing this was so boring my arse fell off and rolled across the room. I'm looking at it now. It's all black and smelly. 

Other than that I've added some extra detail, some items from this - https://flightsim.to/file/23692/superspud-airport-asset-library

And improved a few ground textures. 


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Intl. Airports
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Many thanks.. Compliments my VFR trip around the UK

Very nice.

Looks as good as Orbx stuff that they sell for quid pounds.

Scoundrels. 🤣

Great airport.

Works perfectly, looks great

and is a great upgrade for the MSFS.

I particularly like the many small details.

It is compatible with SU11,

thanks for that

Fantastic effort for Cardiff, as people below said, "payware look & feel". Thank you and simple install as well, drag and drop into community folder.

Is the SU9 red thingie just some gremlins afraid of turning green? 🤔

Hey Superspud, amazing work on Cardiff Airport. Just one tiny thing that will please all the Welsh speaking simmers - "Welcome to Wales" in Welsh is "Croeso i Gymru" 😉

hey spud! currently the jetway centres are missing its not the usual restart a few times just seems to be at cardiff for me bud.

In the screenshot of the flying club, you're missing an FBO. If you have a quick look on Google Maps you'll see the new building owned by Global Trek Aviation. Not crucial at all as this is a stunning pack but just a note in case you wish to add further to this in future 😊

Thanks for the active helipads. Wish more scenery with helipads were designed by people like you. Cheers!

Superspud....your work is just amazing. Thanks again for another masterpiece ! 5 Star !

Got UK2000's Cardiff today. The airport is well modeled and the static aircraft are great, but the viaduct is simply not there at all. It absolutely mystifies me why developers create airport sceneries and then don't bother to include the most essential of landmarks.

I've gone back to using to your freeware for now.

Had an interesting bug with yours today though, whilst viewing with the drone cam. A large airliner came in to land then deviated from the runway, lurched across the taxi way, through the carpark and finally came to a stop in the woods next the airport!

Brilliant Superspud! You have even added the railway viaduct. Smashing, still can't understand why Orbx didnt port over their Cardiff when they did a lot of the other ones but hey, this is free!!

Thank you again SuperSpud, you really knocked this one out of the park and put some other payware devs to shame 👍, thank you for everything you have done for this community, your sceneries are my daily drive especially The channel Islands and giving them some love, hope you have a good Christmas and a great New Year, all the best.

Another typically spectacular release superspud, thanks so much for sharing your talent and effort once again.

Finally got around to flying across the Bristol Channel and landed here. Might be one of your best works Sir, outstanding, has a payware quality feel to it for sure. What would the southwest of the UK be like without you to represent... A+.

Great scenery just missing a few more jetways on the main terminal


Hate to be that guy, but the sim update causes this to CTD 😉 it was great before su5!

Hi is there any chance you could please add Castle Coch? - it's near to Cardiff and such an iconic landmark, but has been roundly ignored.

is there any way that you could do a heathrow upgrade?

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.4 December 22, 2021

    Adds the terminal.

    Improves a few ground textures and adds extra detail hither and thither

  • Version 1.3 April 16, 2021

    Makes this work again after the sodding update.

    Upped the ground clutter. Replaced a few buildings. Deleted overlapping painted lines and ground markings.

  • Version 1.2 February 17, 2021

    Hid some newly spawned autogen buildings.

    Removed some models to make way for the new taxi system.

    Renamed modellib

  • Version 1.1 December 24, 2020

    Finished up road markings.

    Added Porthkerry viaduct.

  • Launched December 12, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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