US Ambulance Pack

This is a pack of higher poly models with 4K-8K textures. I only have one livery for now but will be adding more vehicles and more liveries after the first of the year. 

This pack includes a Ford Transit and Ford Explorer ambulance vehicle. There is a version for each model that is parked, headlights on (night), and emergency lights on. 

This package does not include any scenery. It is a collection of model libraries used by scenery creators. I retain the rights to all of these models. These models can be used for personal use or free scenery on only. If you you use these models in scenery uploaded to do not include my package with your upload. Instead add my file as a recommended or required dependancy. This will make sure users get the latest models.

Check the links below for more US emergency vehicles

US Emergency Vehicle Pack - Low Poly
US Fire Department Pack - Coming Soon!
US Police Pack - Coming Soon!

If you use these in your scenery I would love to see some screenshots in the user gallery