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Southern California Foliage & Water Clean-Up, California - USA V1.11

V1.11 - Added more palm trees in beach areas between John Wayne and LAX. V1.10 - Cleaned up some additional foliage and water flooding that I either missed or came out from WU10.  Also added more palm trees in the beach areas of Orange...

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V1.11 - Added more palm trees in beach areas between John Wayne and LAX.

V1.10 - Cleaned up some additional foliage and water flooding that I either missed or came out from WU10.  Also added more palm trees in the beach areas of Orange County and San Diego County.

V1.9 - Added palm trees around Van Nuys airport.  Added 3D VOR models for the following VORs

  • VTU
  • FIM
  • VNY
  • SMO
  • LAX
  • POM
  • TNP
  • TRM
  • PSP
  • HDF
  • RIV
  • RAL
  • PDZ
  • SLI
  • ELB
  • SXC
  • NUC
  • NSD
  • NSI
  • NFG
  • OCN
  • JLI
  • NKX
  • MZB
  • NZY
  • PGY

V1.8 - More foliage cleanup in the Palm Springs area, adding more 3d trees around KPSP.  Also, cleaned up the wind farm just north of KPSP.  Also added more Palm trees throughout.

V1.7 - More foliage cleanup in the San Diego area.  Also added more palm trees at various beaches and around KLGB and KSNA.

V1.6 - More water cleanup in the inland empire.  Also added more palm trees around LAX.

V1.5 - More water cleanup in the inland empire.  Also added more palm trees throughout.

V1.4 - Cleaned up additional flooded roads I had missed prevoiusly.  Also cleaned up multiple marinas.

V1.3 - Added Palm Springs area and cleaned up additional flooded roads that I had missed previously.

V1.2 - Cleaned up additional foliage areas.  Added palm trees here and there (way too many to do).  Fixed more flooded roads that I had missed in previous versions.

V1.1 - Cleaned up additional areas in all 4 SoCal counties.  Also cleaned up major freeway interchanges.  Additionally, fixed streets/bridges near water with flooded textures.

This package removes excess foliage in and around Souther California USA.  See pictures for an exmample of what this packages does (first picture is on approach to RW33 at KLGB.  Note the visual difference on the Long Beach State campus).  When removing the AI foliage, the 3D photogrametry foliage becomes visable.  This look may not be to your liking, so give it try and see... if you don't like it, delete it.  Some of the areas of note:

  • Large parks and High Schools
  • Golf Courses
  • Large Industiral Areas
  • Universities
    • UCLA
    • USC
    • UC Riverside
    • UC San Diego
    • UC Irvine
    • Long Beach State
    • San Diego State (Go Aztecs!)
    • Cal State Northridge
    • Cal State LA
    • University of San Diego
    • Grossmont College
    • Loyola Marymount
    • Santa Monica College
  • Amusement Parks
    • Disneyland
    • Knott's Berry Farm
    • Sea World
    • Lego Land
    • Universal Studios

Check out my other foliage/water clean-up packages including

  • Northern California
  • Central California
  • Chicago IL
  • Milwaukee WI
  • Detroit MI
  • Minneapolis/St Paul MN
  • Puget Sound (Seattle)
  • Portland OR
  • New Orleans LA
  • Phoenix AZ
  • Kansas City MO
  • St Louis MO
  • Vancouver BC Canada
  • Edmonton AL Canada
  • Victoria BC Canada
  • Houston TX
  • Austin TX
  • San Antonio TX
  • Denver CO
  • Salt Lake City UT
  • Albequerque NM
  • Las Vegas NV
  • Des Moines IA
  • Omaha NE

Also, check out the fine work of MisterCoffee1. whom I am coordinating with to cover the US.  In general, I'm covering cities west of the Mississippi and he's covering cities east.

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  • Updated to version 1.11

  • Updated to version 1.10

  • Updated to version 1.9

  • Updated to version 1.8

  • Updated to version 1.7

  • Updated to version 1.6

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Very confusing version numbers. How do you go from v1.9 to v1.10? v1.9 = v1.90. V1.10 is just that, 1.10. 1.90 is a much higher number than V1.10. But the new version is v1.10? That sent me scrambling to see if I was downloading addons from two separate developers.....

Love the mod but it looks like the trees are massive. Is there a way to reduce the palm heights by half?

ummmm since this latest update on the IRNMN2 arrival into KLAX in the Malibu hills, Topanga State Park and in parts of Santa Monica, there are HUGE rectangle buildings / objects scattered throughout there. thought I'd let you know since no one else has seemed to have noticed this. keep up the amazing work. I do have a screenshot saved incase you wanted to see what I am talking about.



4 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Thank you!

Does this work with all the other water fixes or is it combination of them?



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Nice mod, thank you.



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Great work, the sim makes SoCal more lush than it actually is.

Can you clean up the Santa Clarita area? When on the ILS for VNY there is a big river that actually is all dried out.



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

What amazing work you do! Thank you. Does this area include San Diego County? That area is gorgeous and deserving of some TLC. Also, I wish to donate, can't see a place to do it tho.



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

I see what you did here! and I love it! Never understood why so many trees! I recommend a fix in Philadelphia if you have a chance! Thanks for your great add on! definitely a must have!

When adding the file folder am I supposed to extract the folder or can I just drag and drop in the community folder?

Do you know if this is compatible with Bijan Trees?

I have a question. I just flew over UCSD and Sea World in San Diego (I'm a local) and it looks like you removed all vegetation from those areas and left all the PG trees, etc. Is there any more to it?

Why are mine photogrammetry trees just big towers of beams? These monolith of so called trees are scary, is there any fix?

Hey, great work here. Can you work on Burbank/Glendale and San Fernando valley area?

Add a comparison picture so we can 'note the difference'

Great work on this and badly needed since autogen trees are still way too large compared to photogrammetry trees. I've been working on some edits with tree removal and other improvements for the SF Bay Area but I've been too busy to continue it, so it's awesome to see LA covered. Thank you very much!

P.S. I suggest adding more screenshots especially of the amusement parks up close to show the difference it makes in details of those iconic places 😊

I also suggest excluding from stadiums as well (aside from a couple you have posted already). There are also many misplaced trees on small bridges over creeks, freeways, and overpasses but it's a lot to ask for on the scale of LA.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.11 August 08, 2022

    More palm trees between KSNA and KLAX

  • Version 1.10 July 30, 2022

    Additional clean-up
    Added more palm trees in Orange and San Diego Counties

  • Version 1.9 June 04, 2022

    Added foliage details around Van Nuys Airport
    Added 3D VOR models for each SoCal VOR

  • Version 1.8 May 24, 2022

    Additional cleanup around Palm Springs

  • Version 1.7 May 21, 2022

    Foliage cleanup in San Diego
    Added palm trees

  • Version 1.6 May 15, 2022

    More water cleanup in the inland empire.  Also added more palm trees around LAX

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