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Oshkosh Striker (WIP) - WombiiActual's Fire truck collection

Work in progress! Early preview!This is a recreation of an Oshkosh Striker 6x6 ARFF airport fire truck and the beginning of my truck collection pack. It's currently about half finished with some systems simulated.An early version of this was a popular addition to the airshow...


Work in progress! Early preview!
This is a recreation of an Oshkosh Striker 6x6 ARFF airport fire truck and the beginning of my truck collection pack. It's currently about half finished with some systems simulated.
An early version of this was a popular addition to the airshow on the msfsofficial twitch in September, so I've been working hard to get a public version ready the last few weeks.

Please uninstall previous version before updating!

Please see the manual included in the "Extras" folder!

Check out my airports: 
ENBR Bergen - Flesland
ENZV Stavanger - Sola
ENSH Svolvær



  • It's a fire truck!
  • Carefully crafted truck "flight model" within the MSFS SDK limitations.
  • Switches in the cab animated, clickable and functioning
  • Some systems simulated including lights, siren and lateral acceleration indicator
  • Roof turret sprays water
  • Spray effects and lights are multiplayer compatible

Quick basic controls:
    - Rudder to steer, throttle for gas. Aileron and elevator controls roof turret and flaps activates water spray.
    - Please see the manual included in the Extras folder for switch reference.

Update 0.6.6:

  • Fix for today's jan 6 hotfix which caused throttle axis to be reversed in some third party aircraft.
  • This update is only necessary if you're using THROTTLE AXIS instead of THROTTLE AXIS 1.

v 0.6.5:

  • Wheel/Suspension fixes. Steering fixed. Rear wheels restored. Handling is much closer to SU5.
  • Had to remove the workaround that allowed wheel rotation to be visible over multiplayer. Asobo will have to fix the simvars.
  • Siren HF mode added.

v 0.6.4:

  • SU6 compatibility fixes. Had to disable the last 2 rear wheel contact points. Will keep working on it.
  • Added sounds. Reverse beeper and Siren with 3 tones (Work in progress!). Check the manual in the Extras folder for more info.
  •  Added a Canadian livery.

v 0.6.0:
    - New steps, door handles, cab and body roof, windshield wipers, corrected front around fog light area, some interior updates.
    - Complete texture overhaul, no previous liveries will be compatible.
    - Basic incomplete paintkit.

Fixed in 0.6.2: Accidentally disabled reverse in 0.6.0.


Info for repainters:
I have included a .blend file with the parts that I currently consider to be safe to repaint. I can't guarantee they won't change, but I expect future updates to be compatible. I haven't finished the paintkit, but with the blender file and the included liveries as examples I hope you'll be able to figure it out.

Known issues and limitations:
I've done my best to work within the standard MSFS systems to maintain multiplayer compatibility, but that also has some limitations, especially due to the amount of different light systems on the truck. One issue is MSFS does not properly turn off emissive lights when turning off the internal light potentiometer simvars, meaning not every light is currently cooperating properly.

  • Emissive part of inner headlights off until wig-wag is turned on and back off.
  • Fog and drive lights may misbehave occasionally
  • Hazard lights currently require the master light switch to be on.
  • MSFS is not a truck simulator. Wheel grip simulation is not great.
  • MSFS thinks this is a plane with a piston propeller engine.
  • Reverse is very weak. Will struggle uphill and with tailwind(!)
  • Only roof turret is currently operational.
  • Visual model not finished.

Multiplayer compatibility:
    - Yes, water spray and most lights work over multiplayer. Wheel rotation is currently not visible over multiplayer. This is an MSFS issue.



  • Will you continue to update this? Yes, but I need a small break.
  • Will you add custom sounds? Added siren. Engine sound is a whole lot more difficult.
  • Is this study level? I'd say it's about half way to study level at this point?
  • Will you make it study level? There is a lot of obvious things I can't actually simulate, like AC temperature, but also a lot of stuff that requires a lot of code, like water tank level and various pumps. I can't add CCTV and FLIR camera views to the displays. There is no good way to simulate the difference between spraying foam and water or dry chemicals. There is no way I can get engine performance accurate as MSFS does not simulate ground vehicle engines. I will get it as close as I can.
  • Will you add other trucks? I absolutely want to. I have a Scania in progress and I'd like to add a Rosenbauer Panther at some point.
  • No Snozzle high reach turret? Not yet, but high on my wishlist!


Special thanks to:

Flightsimmer7700 for help with QA testing,

ForderLearnToFly's Wingnuts for inspiration and support.

ARFF World on youtube with great info.

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Driveable Cars
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Thanked by WombiiActual

Best add on, thank you very much for sharing with us, i enjoy driving around the airports.

Thanked by WombiiActual

Love this. Any updates planned?

Thanked by WombiiActual

Vielen Dank

Tolle Arbeit

Thanked by WombiiActual


The latest Fire Truck Video - they're pretty quick around the Goodwood Race Track 😊 https://youtu.be/K9oEmLM3OZY

Thanked by WombiiActual

Love this add-on, I enjoyed traveling around my airport which is a big one. Awesome work.

Hello! I have a question! I used to use the wombiiactual-aircraft-truck fire truck for some reason if I play with it then after 2 minutes all the electricity goes out including the siren. What do I do with this? Thanks in advance

Thanked by WombiiActual

I've made a few videos using this truck here's the latest https://youtu.be/qvt1FnuMDfo and a couple in which it featured - great model https://youtu.be/Gs71xGzMOxI


In action in this one https://youtu.be/WdriA2RuiNo

Thanked by WombiiActual

This is cool!

Thanked by WombiiActual

LOL that was FUN

Thanked by WombiiActual

im shocked

Thanked by WombiiActual

I needed a "day-tripper" ground vehicle to explore my destinations after landing along the Pacific Rim tour I've been doing for months now. This vehicle absolutely works. It's not crash-proof, as I've flipped it on its side hitting an elevation seam or a bush, or tumbled down the side of a hill, but it handles the funky rendered terrain of MSFS like a champ.

I play in VR and the scale of this vehicle seems to be 150% what it should be. It also shows when driving on regular 2-lane highways that I'm twice as big as all the other cars, almost two stories high, and take up both lanes. Is this thing actually that big?

It's definitely a WIP, but the basics work really well and drives solidly, especially when thinking about trying to travel on the same ground in a plane. I would love to see this concept of a rugged all-terrain truck in other vehicle types instead of a fire truck, so I can drive everywhere on the ground like you are meant to in a flight simulator.

Thanked by WombiiActual

absolute perfection

Thanked by WombiiActual

Very fun to drive around the airport, even went to the city with it! Thanks for this mod 😊

hi...this is fabulous. Is it possible to use the scripts for other 3D models...Would you be interested in creating a classic mini or a landrover or a halftrack using these scripts?

kind regards


Thanked by WombiiActual

How wonderful with a fire truck! Many thanks and hope for future updates!

Thanked by WombiiActual

Crazy truck =]

Here is my 4K movie of this monster... https://youtu.be/M4eqcNfF1Oo

Thanked by WombiiActual

Drove these rigs for 35 years !!! Looks and acts like the real deal !!! Thank you SOOO much for your efforts !!!!

Thanked by WombiiActual

Awesome Job, The firetruck looks amazing! But can you make more vehicles, like a catering truck, Or a ramp, etc? Great Work!

Thanked by WombiiActual

Great job, fun to drive

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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.6.6 January 06, 2022

    Fix for reversed throttle caused by jan 6 hotfix.
    (Only necessary if you have that issue)

  • Version 0.6.5 October 21, 2021

    - Wheel/Suspension fixes. Steering fixed. Rear wheels restored. Handling is much closer to SU5.
    - Had to remove the workaround that allowed wheel rotation to be visible over multiplayer. Asobo will have to fix the simvars.
    - Siren HF mode added.

  • Version 0.6.4 October 20, 2021

    - SU6 emergency fixes. SU6 completely broke all effects and wheel suspension.
    - Effects fixed(?).
    - Wheels temporarily fixed. I had to remove 2 wheel contact points so it's currently missing some performance. I'll keep working on it.

    - Added sounds! Reverse beeper and Siren with 3 tones (Work in progress!). Check the manual in the Extras folder for more info.
    - Added a Canadian livery.

  • Version 0.6.0 October 15, 2021

    Includes partial paintkit
    Updated exterior and interior.
    Texture overhaul. Lots of new and improved textures.
    Added steps, engine door, power and air auto eject ports, windshield wipers, door handles, new roof, more switches, various other fixes.

  • Launched September 30, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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