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Version 1.6.0
Initial Release October 10, 2020
Last Updated June 19, 2021
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Intl. Airports
#Handcrafted #Real-Life Norway Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.6.0 June 19, 2021

    World update 5 fixes
    Complete overhaul of runway profile and terraforming to work with new elevation mesh (DEM).
    ILS now correctly aligned and works with autotuning.
    (Known issue: A small forest has appeared on the SAR helicopter apron. It's impossible to remove).

  • Version 1.5.0 April 29, 2021

    - Implemented asset pack. I've included it in the zip for convenience, but for the future I recommend always installing the latest update.

    - New light masts.
    - Animated runway guard lights.
    - Upgraded apron 7 (helicopter apron) including custom light masts, concrete barriers, stand numbers, dolly.

    Deleting the old folder before updating is recommended.

  • Version 1.4.3 March 19, 2021

    Added some startup positions for helictopers, named 53H - 64H.
    Added groundmarkings on helicopter apron.

  • Version 1.4.2 March 08, 2021

    Corrected 27-11 to 29-11 on taxisigns.
    Added jet fighter shelters.
    Swapped out some default buildings on apron P13 (GA).

  • Version 1.4.0 February 19, 2021

    With the UK world update released we're able to make a lot of small fixes, but some stuff also broke here.
    - Increased taxisign size, corrected and added taxisigns.
    - Corrected some ground textures.
    - Corrected runway 29/11.
    - Fixed taxi edge lights destroyed by world update.
    - Fixed missing tower texture.

  • Version 1.3.6 December 29, 2020

    - Crash fix
    - Custom 3D buildings: Tower, military hangars, air history museum and SAR base. (Thank you to Foxbat20)
    - Updated approach lights.
    - Updated custom textures.
    - Updated elevation fixes.
    - Updated vegetation fixes.
    - Small fixes to help snow compatibility.

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I think you're doing an incredible job for the flight sim community, and I'm a HUGE fan of your Bergen and Bodø sceneries especially. I was wondering if there are any plans on recreating the real life main terminal as well (like You've done for ENBO, ENBR etc.) as ENZV is an airport that definetly could use some love 😄

Very nice looking airport. I'm having an issue with the taxiways and runways where there seem to be some sort of invisible obstacle. When taxiing or taking off, after a couple of meters the plane hits something and flips over. Anyone else having this issue?

très beau aéroport mais il manque un petit plus de travaille

for some reason this Airport causes the PMDG DC6 to CTD. Took me ages to narrow it down to this

Is there anyone else who has problem with CTD with this mod? When I have it installed and come close to the airport or spawn on it, it crashes to desktop.

I love what you and many others do for our hobby, and although Stavanger may not yet be up there with your Bergen addon in quality its still so much better than default.
love the airport but can you fix the main runway.....says 11/27...should be 11/29
signs at intersections incorrect.. sorry secondary rwy
Another great addon!

One question, would it be possible to make the red makrings on the ground a bit more faded? They look freshly painted, while in real life they fade pretty quickly, I guess this goes for other colors as well, but the red is very noticable.

Keep up the great work!
Really nice! Hope there is coming a payware scenery for ENZV. Really strange that it is always left out even though it is one of the busiest airports in Norway capable of taking every aircraft (code F, A380 and AN225 e.g). And also considering the history of the airport.
Just one thing, runway 11/29 is a bit too narrow. It is 45 meters wide 😊 12 "piano keys" not 8
A exelent work that got even better with the last add ons. The ATC with decoration exsits in ENZV for X-plane, and the Scandic hotel building. Ask Juan Martorell ([email protected]).
Hi.. The sim crashes whenever I try to start loading ENZV in MSFS.. Anything specific I need to do during install? I just drag/drop the downloaded file in to my community folder..
Thanks, very good job.
Can you add Tallinn airport scenery please ?
Its a very good Airport. Good Job!
Tried several times to take flight ENZV to ENHD. While loading the flight MSFS will crash to desktop with no error message. Not sure if ENZV or ENHD is causing problem?
Utmerket. Takk skal du ha. Det virkelige tårnet på Sola er gjerne ikke så spesielt, bortsett fra dekoren. På østsiden holder 330 til i en hangar fra 2. vk. Det samme gjør flymuseet på nordsiden, og utenfor flyplassen. Hvor det for øvrig lå den første sjøflyhavnen, hvor det gikk rutetrafikk fra før annen fly trafikk.
Yes! Thank you!
well done !
5 stars very nice job THK

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