A Written MSFS SDK Scenery Creation Tutorial

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Version 1.2
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Last Updated September 04, 2021
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  • Version 1.2 September 04, 2021

    Adds plenty of changes to describe the different processes changed by Sim Update 5.

    Adds a new section about creating terrain with Digital Elevation Maps - DEM.

  • Version 1.1 July 13, 2021

    Correct a few mistakes.

    Added some more sections to the 3d model bit.

    Shortened file paths in the download.

  • Launched July 11, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Great work ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

Not only have you shared your most excellent creations with us but then you go and actually explain to us exactly how to do it.

Superspud; you truly are SUPER! Thank you.

How to delete tres in the water and in some incovinients places?

Thanks heaps superspud, I wish I had this six months ago!

Your wonderful pragmatic approach is what we need for the next year or two till they get this beautiful sim in proper shape. There is often a workaround.

I really have nothing but thanks and praise for you, but have to say that my own little problem remains unsolved.

I have a simple model (a launching ramp) made in Blender with concrete material and elementary textures, looks great and exports as gltf in the three files exactly as you describe, BUT, when I export it there are no textures in the texture folder!!! ... and so nothing to build in the sim.

Don't the textures come with Blender? or do I have to make them externally somehow? (there is only one, and I thought I made that in Blender).

This has helped me a lot! Specially updating my projects to meet the new standards of the current SDK version! I was wondering if maybe you could add to your guide how to add aerial imagery, I want to do an airport that isn't present in Bing Maps and I need google images as a guide, but can't figure out how to make it work so it appears in the sim 😞

I have just had a look at this and I can tell already it's tremendously helpful - thanks! I never fancied myself a scenery builder with so much else to do, but in the early MSFS days last year, I wanted to create a small airport near my hometown in upstate New York that was missing. I watched some videos and I made something that works but it's ugly and needs better buildings and I finally gave up. With your help I will give it another go and actually complete and upload it!

I am in awe of your perspicacity in publishing this! I was about to start a series of videos on using SDK 13 next week, but I will now revisit my written outline, expand it to your standard and add it to your effort. I have created 26 bridges around New York City to date - all with LODs and minimal triangle counts. I will use that experience to add to your effort and expand on what I've learned "the hard way" as you have.

Don't get me wrong: I think the Asobo team are geniuses, and as a real pilot, I appreciate their upgrades and improvements. I also date from the '60s and Project MAC, so I can understand the scale of their achievement. They're moving in the righr direction in the SDK documentation, but, as you say, no one person can be all-knowing.

I'll follow your lead and upload my efforts along your pioneering lines.

Be well and prosper!

Hello There!

Thanks for your guide!

But can someone tell me how to remove trees? Using the Polygon seems to cause problems, especially when I try to save the project.

All I try is to remove trees in front of runways - I use the polygon to reduce their height.

Thanks for a quick reply - keep up the great work!

amazing, Thankyou

Thanks my bro for this great job , Wish you all the bests ! <3

THANK YOU! I like and appreciate YouTube videos to see things illustrated, but detailed written documentation is so much more efficient for general reference.

Bless you, kind sir. Give me a written manual. Ten years back, I was tasked with buying an audio console for a church. I downloaded and read almost a dozen manuals, some over 300 pages long. Imagine watching a YouTube video of a 300 page manual. Imagine trying to find what you needed to know "RIGHT NOW" in a video while the show is running.

While I have no interest in building scenery, I applaud this effort. Anyone know of a written manual for livery creation?

Hey man, sorry to be a pain, but by any chance does this include how the heck to texture 3D models in Blender, this is the thing that's killed me. If not, do you know of any guide that's real easy to go through without any steps missing because it needs to be simple for me. Cheers man.

All that's missing is the guide to developing and designing an aircraft from A to Z.

Is this guide mainly towards the scenery and creation of airports? I more so want to create night lighting and add a couple buildings to a location. I would work on a project for hours and it never saves. Have you figured out how to save a project/package into the community folder? I cant seem to figure that out.

Many thanks for this ultimate guide. Ca serait super sympa si quelqu'un pouvait traduire en français, of course 😊 merci

Thank you for this! Won't have time to dig through this until after work, but does this cover doing a really basic airstrip? I often fly into remote areas with just a shack and an airstrip, but have had difficulty trying to create even something so simple. Thank you for this!

How many have you done now? I think I might have the lot. I'm glad I waited for a guide as I am retiring soon and want to do this, My main aim is to get to a point where I can fill the old Speke airport with the aircraft at the back of the terminal/hotel. I see the scenery you did which is unbelievably great and want to pop these aircraft in position. then I might be able to get going with St.Helens. Thanks for this. I better get studying!

You are a Super Stud, Spud! I bet you could charge for a class this comprehensive. Thank you for this! It is both greatly needed, and even more greatly appreciated that you are willing to share your time and effort to give us a fantastic roadmap.

On an unrelated note, you aren't from Scotland are you? Lots of Neds and Spuds up that way. 💺

You are MASTER! Thx!

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