New Zealand Drag and Drop

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Version 1.0
Initial Release May 23, 2021
Last Updated May 23, 2021
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  • Launched May 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Awesome mesh, redefines nz.

Heads up to the dev, there is a small issue with missing terrain on the seaward kaikouras near ohau point, with missing data. No terrain is shown.

I'm crashing into invisible mountains! At least that's what it looks like: I'm getting random altitude warnings of my plane, then the plane actually crashes into something.

Noticed in the Queenstown - Milford Sound area. Exact ccordinates of one of the crash points (there are others): -44.769869,168.126634; flying clearly above ground level (100+ ft)

Can you tell me if this is a side effect of this mod / if I can do something to prevent that?

Would be a shame to uninstall it - these mountains look far better than the default DEM!

I have placed both files into the Community Folder and they show up in the Content Manager but there remain "Not Installed". What is the problem? Other files eg the Vertigo aircraft from installed no problem.

Sadly too much stuttering with this scenery on Intel I5 and RTX 2060super 32 GB Ram. Nice in-between the stuttering though

Hi, probably a stupid question. In which order do I copy the files? Do I start with part 1 being overwritten by part 2 which is overwritten by Part 3 etc... or vice versa? Thx for your mod! 😉

Flew from Queenstown to Milford Sound. Really nice, but I have to say Milford Sound didn't look too great, lots of artifacts. But the Queenstown area looked as it should.

(I note the comments below - I will disactivate the NZMF scenery and have another look at the area - thanks)

Unbelievable total awesomeness!! Well done! I was too busy gawping to even take screenshots ... now that, for me, is quite an achievement!

I found a huge gap and uploaded a screenshot under user gallery with the coordinates.It is only a remark , to this beautiful work.Or maybe it is the boarder line between two parts?

Thank you for all the hard work and getting these to us. You are making my addiction worse.

I found a couple gaps in the elevation data just north of the Kaikōura Peninsula. As if One Punch Man punched from the shore inland, flattening the mountains 😊

25/05 Sim update IV New Zealand ?

Awesome. So much effort and dedication went into this! 😊

The day, NZ finally looked like it really does.

Thanks a lot!

Whatch out, little hobbits, i´m gonna see you now in detail!

I just bought the ORBX one 😭

I usually have problems opening files from u torrent , what am i doing wrong ?

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