Beech King Air 350i - JDs Improvement Mod

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Version 1.19.2
Initial Release May 21, 2021
Last Updated September 22, 2021
File Size 68.13 MB
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  • Version 1.19.2 September 22, 2021

    22.09.2021 New version 1.19.2

    Iteration of the Mod to make it compatible with SU5/WU6. Toned some tuned values back down. King Air 350 already has gotten alot better with the last patches. Some Turboprop issues are already fixed and some features, like autopilot bank angle limiter are implemented by asobo. See a list of what my mod now does in the mod description.

    But futher changes are very likely be made by asobe during the next two simupdates, so i didn´t investet too much time in this. But my mod should still slightly improve the  of the King Air 350i.

  • Version 1.1 June 16, 2021

    16.06.2021 New version 1.1

    Adjusted the Fligh Dynamics Part of my Mod to account for the changes Asobo made on the King Air with the last SimUpdate. Asobo corrected some major engine logic erreors. Aircrafts has good performance now, but still istn´t powerfull enough.So i again gave it a 11% flat thrust boost- Asobo made no real flight dynamic changes though, so we still have to use a mod to adjust some things. I again made some changes to lift and drag of the flaps, for better landing behaviour.  

    But futher changes are very likely be made by asobe during the next two simupdates, so i didn´t investet too much time in this. But my mod should significantely improve the dynamics/performance of the King Air 350i.

  • Launched May 21, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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is there a way to set camera inside the cabin as a passenger

SOLVED ! disregard the issue below. Was part of an old JD King Air mod still in my folder. All is well and working great.

Hi JayDee

Did this update fix the Fuel gauge issue? (Needle always shows full upon power up)

I didn't notice it in the changes list.

Well I guess not...Downloaded this latest version and it is still stuck on Full

Working perfect now, thanks JayDee!

How can I hide the pilot yoke on this release? It´s not working the usual way (clicking on it dissapears, click again it appears....) now it is always visible, let me know how to hide it... and in time, regarding suggestion of other user to wait until su6, su7 to work on mods is totally wrong in my opinion, sometimes the fixes are easy, you have to have good sense on it, not simply STOP all work... lol... everybody else is working together, fixing the simple and complex mods to be available to simmers...Sometimes fixes comes next day, sometimes after months...ok... It is a continuous development, anytime in future, this will be pretty calm... If we are going to wait the sim to be on sim update XXV to work on mods, people loose fun , interest and money, regards my friend, thanks for your effort!

Hey there Jay !

I've read you are in the midst of works on making this compatible wikth the post-SU5 state of things.

Now, please hear me out on this - PAUSE YOUR WORK - do your research and explore the SDK in search for the solutions you seek - BUT PAUSE THE MAIN WORK!

Why ?

Whatever you do now, however big of an effort and a bunch of hours you dedicate to the King Air now - in less than 30 days it will all be completely DEMOLISHED by some really cool new features and lots of improvements to the flight model, atmosphere, ground friction and handling, avionics, the altitude, pressure, speed and temperature sensing as well as the turbo-prop engine logic.

Yes, I am talking about the Sim Update 6.

And that's not all !

Just a month later the Sim Update 7 in the first week of December shall introduce even more into the sim and also take every single smallest bit of it together with its soul to the next level into the stratosphere - with FINALLY the introduction of the proper multithreaded task handling for flight model, air mass simulation, avionics, geometry pipeline and texture compression/decompression - together with the introduction of the ray tracing with the small first steps such as the global illumination, shadows and reflections.

Yes, the long awaited DirectX 12 created back in 2014. that has ever since that moment been captivating the minds of us in the industry as simply the perfect, ideal solution for the scenario exactly as this flight simulator.

Just wait for the Sim Update 6, and then continue working on the mod. Do not waste your precious time and avoid the frustration that will simply overwhelm those who are unprepared for what's about to happen in the next 2 months.

Hello JayDee, hope everything is ok with you, thanks for my favorite aircraft... I could not wait for update, kindly tell me, which parts of actual Mod version works ok on su5 wu6, thanks a lot and pleeease,update this piece of art,thanks!

I wish someone would make a mod that will fix the turning on the taxiways across all aircraft, like the one for the 208B it turns on a dime like it should, but only with the mod.

pleasse! Update! txxxx

I know different parts of this package are having issues thanks to SU5 - was the flight model mod affected?

Does this still help after SU5?

I installed this today. When I got into the plane, I was sitting inside myself with crazy graphics of me in my head. I could not click on anything. I uninstalled the copilot mod piece and was back to normal. Not sure if that was a Sim Update 5 issue or not.

I REALLY liked the red glow effect and the white with black gauges!

hey, can you share the github address so we can add it to the MOD Manager? thanks

v/s knob not working after SU5

After Update 5 yesterday,, now I see a model for the pilot (not co-pilot) if i'm in the cockpit, as if i would turn out to external camera and have a look in the cockpit inside.

Turns out it has to be "08 - CoPilot Mod". After deleting this folder, i don't see the pilot on my own seat anymore now.

Loving this thing, thank you very much! Is there any chance you'll be porting it/setting up for use with the community downloader? Would make things a lot easier 😋 Same with the GTN750, and your in-game checklist app. Centralized updates are awesome.

Really enjoy the mods and especially the gps changes, thank you very much for all your effort making things better.

The auto yaw damper is not working for me. Still get the alarm when auto pilot is engaged. Not an issue, just wanted to pass this along.

Thanks for this. Have you done any work on the taxi attributes? Tried stock King Air the other day and it literally took full power to get it moving, and at one point stuck completely regardless of power setting!

Gibt's ne Chance, dass du das Mod zeitnah an Update-4 anpasst, wo ja nun an deinem Flugmodell-Mod-Modul viele Veränderungen obsolet sind?

Hätte gerne das Modul aber nur noch mit den QOL Improvements wie Licht, Half Bank Mode!

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