Cessna 172 Bush Kit

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Version 2.1.2
Initial Release April 09, 2021
Last Updated June 18, 2021
File Size 255.59 MB
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  • Version 2.1.2 June 18, 2021

    Model update :
    - Propeller really turning in the right direction now
    (it was supposed to be fixed before)

  • Version 2.1.1 June 03, 2021

    - The classic cockpit now works correctly ! \o/
    Avionics switchs are ok, no mixup in the buttons, etc.
    Big thanks to MikeFear303 who found the fix (panel.xml+systems.cfg)

  • Version 2.1.0 May 18, 2021

    Model update :
    - Propeller turning in the right direction now
    - Blurred propeller fixed
    - complete redesign of wheels and tires (side and front)

    Liveries update in collaboration with ANN0V :
    - 3 models of tires
    - 4 clean liveries
    - 4 dirty and/or aged liveries

    Muddy runaways are now yours ! Enjoy your bush flights !

  • Version 2.0.1 April 20, 2021

    - Fix of the Green & Gold livery (invalid texture path for the classic variant)

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This one needs an update once SU5 releases on the 27th, currently in the beta of that update when you are in outside view and you zoom out then the inside textures either change color or completely become invisible. This is for all your aircraft but also same goes for custom liveries for any Asobo aircraft.

Hi Bagolu. Thanks for all of these models - great work! I am still getting the blurred prop with this model, but not with the taildragger. Strange! I have installed the latest version of this model (and the taildragger). Is there a texture I can copy across from the taildragger to correct it?

Edit: Bagolu fixed this in the latest version 2.1.2.

What exactly was the fix because on other aircraft that use cusom registration colors also end up having an issue with the Com 1 and 2 being changed at the same time, maybe the fix can also work for those ??

Can you add the wheels from the previous version. Really liked that look😊 Great mod!!

For the People who use this Mod and have Problems with the Altitude/Speed/Oil Pressure etc Indicators since the Update yesterday & also use the WT1000: Its not this Mod. Looks like the Update broke the WT1000 Mod once again. After i removed the WT1000 Mod all my Indicators work again.

Its one awesome plane. Started to use it for my ongoing World Tour and i just love it.

I wish there were more Liveries for it but its still easily a 5/5

That's a blast! Thanks for these. A few have said, and I agree, a mod for standard wheel size without pants on would be a fantastic mod as a stand alone. It seems part of what you have is already there (just smaller and without the other performance changes).
Really excellent, the C172 bush coversion for XPlane 11 is one of my fav and its fantastic to see this plane in MSFS too. Your work is super, thank you very much. Love the performance , ideal for those back country Alaskan gravel bars! nice to see the analog panel as well.
Btw is there any fix upcoming for the com problem when you change com 2 it also changes com 1 and vice versa, its a known problem for any C172 version that includes a panel.cfg but some have manged to get it working correctly. your nice aircraft however suffer from this issue both this one and the tail dragger and yes I used the classic version because I own the premium.

And did you manage to get the switches working correctly ??? Because they also dont work as they should in the classic version.
really enjoying your aircraft, hope you will also do versions of the C152.
Hey bagolu, is there any chance you can just remove the wheel fairings from the regular 172 so the normal landing gear is exposed? thank you man
What an amazing plane! I don't know what you have done to this aircraft but she flies like a dream! And very close to the real bush plane! I'm using it to explore the Okavango Delta in Botswana at the moment and it's a dream to fly. The short field capabilities are excellent. And so stable! Landings are a breeze - but you need to know your power settings! Thank you for this - and for doing the C172 Classic. I cannot abide bloody TV screens inside a light aircraft! I know it's progress, but it doesn't look right at all Thank you - Five Stars!
Anyone having an issue where the Avionics won't turn on? I'm using the classic version. Also I noticed the avionics switch starts in the 'On' position when the aircraft is loaded (cold and dark startup)
Great plane ¡¡ Thank you very much for the steam one. Please make the C152 too, wll be awesome ¡¡
Fantastic! My goto for Machmell.
Great Aircraft, I have the Premium edition but cannot get this aircraft with the
Classic cockpit, deleted your first version.

Regards Brian
Awesome aircraft! Thank you for making a version for the steam gauge C172 classic!
Fun. The Green & Gold livery for the Skyhawk bushkit classic seems busted to me. There are texture issues with the cockpit panels and more importantly, I can't see out of the windows! Seems fine on the G1000 variant.
very good addon!!! i even create a video to introduce it to China players(many of them can't download addons from flightsim.to) https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18V411J7hG/
Great, I love it, just as much as the classic tail dragger version... Thanks for your work...


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