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Version 2.0.1
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Cessna 172 Skyhawk Bush kit

A powerfull member of the short take-off and landing capable Skyhawk family built on a Lycoming 210HP STC : 

This is a plane patch over Asobo's Skyhawk and adds a new plane to your hangar.

Cockpit settings :
You will find two variants to download :

  • baglu-c172-bush-g1000.zip : to be used with any version of MSFS2020
  • baglu-c172-bush-classic.zip : only if you have the Classic 172 from premium version

Classic cockpit integration is a hack. Known issues with this variant :

  • avionics switches are ON at spawn (even with value set to OFF in the flt)
  • when you start manually, you can get the avionics to start
  • if you then press CTRL-E you have GPS, AP, ADF but not XPDR (it comes later... or not)
  • if you switch on/off BCN, it switches AP...
  • if you switch on/off NAV lights it switches XPDR...

3D model modifications of the original Asobo Skyhawk plane included :

  • large and stable bush wheels
  • Sportsman STOL Camber Cuffs on the wings
  • Increased flaps angle

Flight model modifications included :

  • more power from a STC 210HP 4 cylinders engine
  • 4 position flaps (0°, 10°, 20° and down to 40°)
  • enhanced brakes

Liveries included :

Several liveries are included with this plane :
Default livery is a fictional one
Burgondy is inspired by this plane : 172 Taildragger
Green & gold thanks to ANN0V

Notes to livery makers :

  • Registration numbers are split in two in panel.cfg : you will be able to set different colors for the wing and the side reg.
  • Common parts of the plane have the exact same name as the C172 AS1000 model
  • New parts have there textures in bush_172_* files (wheels, landing gear...)
  • Stickers are baked in the model, if you want to replace with yours, edit the file : BUSH172_STICKERS_ALBD.PNG You can also remove the stickers with a transparent texture file.

EzRyder has made a very nice ALLInOne C172 Template. Don't miss that paint kit.

Flight model :

Flight model is based on reaperS73 work on the C172 STC 210HP STOL G1000 and allows to operate in a STOL mode in bush locations.

About this work :
3D model has been made with blender from the export of Skyhawk G1000 Asobo's original model.
All the external textures and animations had to be redone and match the original definitions.
Bush wheels and legs come from the Asobo c152 model.
A huge thanks to Newktv's developpement series that helped a LOT.
Many thanks to EzRyder who figured it out how to use the classic cockpit.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.0.1 April 20, 2021

    - Fix of the Green & Gold livery (invalid texture path for the classic variant)

  • Version 2.0.0 April 20, 2021

    - Asobo C172 classic support thanks to EzRyder who figured out how to do it
    - Green&Gold livery from ANNOV

    I hope you'll enjoy this new release.

    Please note that you MUST remove the older directory :
    from your community folder. You should have either or both :

  • Version 1.1.0 April 14, 2021

    Fixes in this update :

    Visual fixes:
    - normal & comp maps have been corrected
    - Shinier sporstman kit
    - Texture rework : 2 new liveries

    Model animations:
    - trim tab animation
    - rudder wire animations

    - Warning voices removed (way too noisy for a stol plane)

    Flight model :
    - trim effectiveness 0.5 -> 1 (thanks to RALF9636)

    Concerning the texture rework, I removed the Kenmore decals as it is not possible to work on classical liveries with them. A new default livery has been added with an additional one.

  • Launched April 09, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

  • Fungaming44
    9 day(s) ago
    Btw is there any fix upcoming for the com problem when you change com 2 it also changes com 1 and vice versa, its a known problem for any C172 version that includes a panel.cfg but some have manged to get it working correctly. your nice aircraft however suffer from this issue both this one and the tail dragger and yes I used the classic version because I own the premium.

    And did you manage to get the switches working correctly ??? Because they also dont work as they should in the classic version.
    • bagolu
      9 day(s) ago
      This is not fixed (yet)... Thoses files are encrypted, I'll try my best to sort it out ut that's complicated
      You can try to spawn on the runway and then reposition (slewing or rolling) and switch off. Everything seems to be fine that way
  • Fungaming44
    9 day(s) ago
    really enjoying your aircraft, hope you will also do versions of the C152.
  • Dtawales
    15 day(s) ago
    Hey bagolu, is there any chance you can just remove the wheel fairings from the regular 172 so the normal landing gear is exposed? thank you man
    • bagolu
      11 day(s) ago
      Hu, I'm currently working on other projects, but I've seen a lot of demand for the stock 172 without fairings and the 172 taildragger with classical wheels : I'll try to do that in separate mods !
  • BAW9DV
    18 day(s) ago
    What an amazing plane! I don't know what you have done to this aircraft but she flies like a dream! And very close to the real bush plane! I'm using it to explore the Okavango Delta in Botswana at the moment and it's a dream to fly. The short field capabilities are excellent. And so stable! Landings are a breeze - but you need to know your power settings! Thank you for this - and for doing the C172 Classic. I cannot abide bloody TV screens inside a light aircraft! I know it's progress, but it doesn't look right at all Thank you - Five Stars!
  • steve6248
    22 day(s) ago
    Anyone having an issue where the Avionics won't turn on? I'm using the classic version. Also I noticed the avionics switch starts in the 'On' position when the aircraft is loaded (cold and dark startup)
    • bagolu
      22 day(s) ago
      That's strange, I may have to check some of the files from the classic variant
      I hope they're not encrypted files.
    • RALF9636
      22 day(s) ago
      Also having issues with the avionics in the classic version. Turning on the avionic master switches in the virtual cockpit seems to have no effect. But using the assigned switch on my hardware (Honeycomb Alpha) turns the Garmins on (and off). After having turned on the Garmins with the hardware switch they can be turned off and on with the virtual cockpit switch. The Autopilot and Transponder units cannot be turned on though.
    • bagolu
      22 day(s) ago
      I identified possible issue with the .FLT files.

      As the building process of the classic variant implies a lot of file moving, this will probably take a few tries before we get to something nice.

      Expect a release soon with that little fix
  • genebuckets
    23 day(s) ago
    Great plane ¡¡ Thank you very much for the steam one. Please make the C152 too, wll be awesome ¡¡
  • SkitteryMite71
    23 day(s) ago
    Fantastic! My goto for Machmell.
  • baxterbj
    23 day(s) ago
    Great Aircraft, I have the Premium edition but cannot get this aircraft with the
    Classic cockpit, deleted your first version.

    Regards Brian
    • chrowe
      23 day(s) ago
      Hey - have you downloaded both files? The "Main File" and the "bagolu-c172-bush-classic.zip" files.
    • baxterbj
      23 day(s) ago
      No doing so now, thankyou, all working, fantastic
  • systemdefault
    23 day(s) ago
    Awesome aircraft! Thank you for making a version for the steam gauge C172 classic!
  • BareftPilot
    23 day(s) ago
    Fun. The Green & Gold livery for the Skyhawk bushkit classic seems busted to me. There are texture issues with the cockpit panels and more importantly, I can't see out of the windows! Seems fine on the G1000 variant.
    • bagolu
      22 day(s) ago
      Thanks, I'll check that again
    • bagolu
      22 day(s) ago
      Fix is coming !
      thanks again for the report 😉
    • BareftPilot
      21 day(s) ago
      Awesome, thanks. Hey, this is a minor thing, but would you consider re-categorizing the plane, for instance, "Cessna 172 Skyhawk Bush Kit" with manufacturer "Textron Aviation" ? Same for all of the variants, which I've had a lot of fun playing with, by the way- thank you for that! I guess for organizational purposes I'd just like them to be listed together with the stock 172s.
  • leanoon
    23 day(s) ago
    very good addon!!! i even create a video to introduce it to China players(many of them can't download addons from flightsim.to) https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18V411J7hG/
    • bagolu
      22 day(s) ago
      That's kind of you, thanks !
  • SerenaFrank
    24 day(s) ago
    Great, I love it, just as much as the classic tail dragger version... Thanks for your work...

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