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Initial Release January 11, 2021
Last Updated January 11, 2021
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General Aviation
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3,700 | V Second Officer

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  • Launched January 11, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Unzipped your file in community folder and it doesnt show up in MSFS why?


I could make a mod like this for the C172 with floats

how to instal? pls help

Thanks for this nice aircraft


Look like the last SIM update suck all power from your STOL


Hi Reaper

you mention on the c172 220 hp

"I am gonna pack up another version, it will be the 6 cyl 210HP with adjustable prop. So that one will be afull fledged Hawk XP. Really soon. This will be a G1000 and a Steam Gauge release. Very soon"

any hint when that will be, ?

I am currently training on such a plane, albeit with a g750 and regular instruments, and I would love to see it simulated

thanks and keep up the great work !


It would be really cool of we could get a 3d Molder to mod this out to have the Horton STOL kit on it with some 850s on the back and 800s on the front
How install? 😀
This is a great mod! I downloaded as guest so it won't let me actually rate it. Is there any chance that you'd be willing to do the same thing for the C182? It makes plenty of power, but landing distances are super long.
I have the Steam version of MFS 2020 and can't get the mod working.
I can't install this mod in fs2020

no puedo instalar el mod es fs2020
Very nice. Is it possible to add Tundra tires?
My 172 land like STOL cub but better landing FOV now. Thank you for amazing mod
does this change the default C172 or add another version?
some numbers are originally from JD's mod, but most are not Engine and prop are new , he's is where I got the idea. Oh feel and ideas for numbers came from flying a very well known bird from FSX and P3D not numbers but feel. So you may feel at home.
It's a very rare Hawk XP mod. Did you implement RPM knob as well?
It's a very rare Hawk XP mod. Did you implement RPM knob as well?

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