This is a small mod of the default g1000 c172.
Changes :
210HP STC engine mod. 4CYL not the 6cyl Continetal
Horton STOL flaps mod (4 notches) the last being 40 deg oh snap who put on the brakes.
Sportsman STOL Camber Cuffs.
a few other little goodies

for max power on ground , place parking brake, then go full throttle adjust fuel flow till the rpms peak.

Livery not included

Feedback welcome from real pilots as I have only ever flow a standard 172 not a STOL mod.
Edit: I am gonna be releasing the Steam Gauge version very soon maybe today 1/20/21 or next day but soon.
Edit: I am gonna pack up another version, it will be the 6 cyl 210HP with adjustable prop. So that one will be  afull fledged Hawk XP. Really soon. This will be a G1000 and a Steam Gauge release. Very soon