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Version 1.3.2
Initial Release April 01, 2021
Last Updated July 18, 2021
File Size 243.33 MB
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  • Version 1.3.2 July 18, 2021

    - 50% increase in shock absorber travel for all 3 wheels. Rough terrain? No problem.
    - Incorporated accurate Savage Cub factory data in the new flight model realism update.
    - Flaperons move exactly 25% with the flaps for an optimum combination of control and lift.
    - Finely tuned STOL wing properties based on the NACA 4412 airfoil.
    - Adverse yaw. Just like the real thing. Work those pedals!
    - Various other improvements across the board

  • Launched April 01, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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This is the final day for the Savage Obstruction. This project will be deleted tomorrow on August 1, 2021. Thank you all for having an obnoxiously fun time with this big-wheeled bird!

Absolut Insane Bird buddy😊) love this^^ many thx^^

Fantastic !!!

MSFS featured an April Fools joke. lmao

Swap your panel? sounds interesting! I've actually really been wanting a G3X in my Savage Carbon. Anyone figure that out yet?

That escalated quickly!

This feels like an April Fool's joke that ran away. 😉 I do enjoy Savage Grravel and vertigo, so this isn't a dig at the author, but this thing is... silly.

gostaria de saber se poderia fazer um Caravan c208 com tripá, e não quadripá.
Looks like fun... but one heavy-ish landing and you wreck the wing struts. My mechanic would have my guts for garters.

On my to do list...
This aircraft is *so* much fun to fly! Great for STOL too.
I love it! What a great job!
Bigger is Better = True

Great Detail in your work = True

In my opinion this is the best free airplane addon so far!

PS: Could you make a version with an even more powerful engine?
we love big ti... ries 😀
My 4K movie of this plane 😊
I fall in love at first sight

Thanks to
- GotGravel for the amazing plane
- Parorng for the wonderful location
- nguyenquyhy for his fantastic Flight Recorder
Is it wrong that I want to fly this instead of the Grravel?

The only thing that could make it better would bet RATO and bigger tires.
What an really is a STOL aircraft .. amazing !!
Pretty sure the Montreal Metro uses the same diameter wheels lol
Ridiculously great fun , love it .
I wander how much this one will cost IRL 😀

Nice one as always!

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