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Version 0.18.1
Initial Release February 17, 2021
Last Updated August 31, 2021
File Size 65.00 MB
Downloads 63,598
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  • Version 0.18.1 August 31, 2021

    - Add logging of currentFrame when starting replay

  • Version 0.18 August 30, 2021

    - Allow starting the replay from the middle for the recording
    - Allow clicking longitude/latitude/altitude to copy the value
    - Record more variable for ACS standard
    - Record & replay ACCELERATION BODY to further smooth out AI replay
    - Fix crashes when Flight Recorder is still in connected state after MSFS is closed

  • Version 0.17 July 06, 2021

    - Change saved flight file extension to .fltrec so it won't be trimmed off by Discord
    - Fix crashes

  • Version 0.16.1 May 20, 2021

  • Version 0.16 May 18, 2021

    - Replay as AI aircraft. However, there are some limitation with the initial release of this feature:
    - Aircraft jumps back and forth when moving faster than 200kt.
    - Lights are not replayed yet.
    - You have to provide the correct title of the livery to spawn the AI aircraft. If the replay stops immediately after started, you probably have set a wrong one.

  • Version 0.15 April 24, 2021

    - Store aircraft info in saved recording

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

How to install/upgrade the tool?
You can just download the zip file of any version, unzip it and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.
What are the differences between Save and Export?
Save produces a .flightrecorder file that can be loaded later by the tool (using Load button).
Export produces a .csv file that can be opened in Excel for analysis.
Why does reverser not work?

There seems to be a bug in the 32NX experimental version that does not react to thrust lever data from SimConnect, which means the tool has no way to activate reverser. I have filed an issue at https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues/3703 (from the look of it, doesn't seem like FlyByWire will fix the issue).

If you are not using that version, most likely you are using a physical thrust lever that conflicts with Flight Recorder by trying to take over control from the replay tool. The easiest way to test this (also a workaround) is to create a clone binding profile and remove the thrust binding.


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Pretty empty over here.


Can't use this mod anymore. Whenever i open it, it shows cannot initiailize sim connect. Please Help

Is there a way to make this tool compatible to the Aerosoft CRJ? The replay of flaps, engine thrust and landing gear currently doesn't work on this plane. Or doesn't the CRJ support simconnect like the A32NX?

Love your mod. But from today on it creates CTD. When I push replay the sim freezes. Had an old version so tried your most recent version. Same issue, I was able to have a replay from a saved and then loaded flight; till I paused the replay and uses the slider to look further forward. Then again a total freeze / CTD. Is ther something wrond on my side or is the WU6 the source of this issue?

Just downloaded it - A QUESTION PLEASE, refering INSTALLATION: Do I have to put the program simply into the COMMUNITY and that`s it?

Ty for your flight recorder, work fine .

Me again, is there a way to record the RPM? In Replays always the RPM turns brutally high. Best Regards

is there a way that the recording keeps the other planes? player I have a doubt but could it be? and the objects or effects (for NéoFly missions for example?) great mod anyway i love this !

how could I replay my recorded tape after saving it ?

Crash to ground, when starting the replay. I use the FBW A32NX plane.

the flight replay recording software was having issues. I took off while recording paused replay went to start, played it and when editing, realized that the engine sound was stuck at the full throttle. And when I landed, I turned off the engines while recording the replay at the end while parking to gate, the similar situation. There was no engine sound, landing gears were not visible, and main door was open. They really need to fix this!

Please add auto record feature

good addon and very easy to use, but when replaying It lags alot.

Very useful! Precisely what I was searching for. Thank you very much!

How do I actually view the replay?

Edit: Nevermind, figured it out. Load up a flight with the same plane, load the replay in the recorder app, and press replay. The app somehow hijacks the game and asserts positions and orientations onto your plane model. Cool! Can use the horizontal scroll bar to load up a certain time in the flight. Would be good to have this info in a readme or something.

Hello, I have two questions, the mod works for the A320NX? And the second, what is the A23NX that it says in the description?

Hi! I was just messing with flight control replay because the A32nx doesn't work too well with flight recorder (which is too bad because I like it better than FCR) but I think I know why FCR works with the A32nx. It seems that the tool uses simconnect to initially place the aircraft and control the throttles etc. but the flight control inputs are replayed via the tool as actual inputs for the sim. Maybe you already knew this but i thought i'd provide it as constructive feedback 😊

Love it,

Can you record two planes flying in formation ? (for my airshow)

Super !!! Can you manage to program the tool like this one? link: https://www.aerointernational.de/simulation-nachrichten/fs-recorder-mehr-als-nur-aufnehmen.html

I think it needs an update. Cant see the REV. after landing and the engine sound is the same the whole recording.

Top Toolkit! Always online on my Sys. So i can take Co-Pilot Seat and watch my own Flight absolutly relaxed or show it the community on https://youtu.be/hq5cT0rt4Ro

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