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Version 0.16.1
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I have recently written a simple tool to record and replay my flight and would like to share it with the community.

And thanks IamSean for allowing me to include his video as a showcase of the tool's capability and the awesome graphic fidelity of MSFS.


Extract and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.

  • Record and replay with your aircraft or an AI aircraft in the sim
  • Change replaying speed
    • NOTE: when speeding up, your computer might not be able to load scenery fast enough and that will negatively affect frame rate.
  • Save recording into a file to replay later or on another computer
  • Export the recorded data into CSV for further analysis
  • Quickly jump to any time in your recording (you have to Pause Replay first)

Notes: The tool records this list of variables from SimConnect Structs.cs for each sim frame. Some of them are only for analysis and display and don’t affect replay.

  • Experimental & Development version of the FBW A32NX
    • Stops responding to simvar `GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION`, which mean the tool cannot replay thrust lever on replay. This means during replay you will not hear the engine spooling up/down, the reverser won't be activated and there might be "Don't sink" warning constantly. Your aircraft will still fly on the recorded path though.
      I have filed an issue at https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues/3703, but probably FlyByWire team won't be able to fix it due to custom FBW implementation.
    • Stops responding to simvar `AILERON POSITION`, `ELEVATOR POSITION` and `RUDDER POSITION`, so you will not see aileron, elevator or rudder movement during replay.
    • Workaround (suggested by Abriael): since the recording still has correct data, you can replay it on stable/dev variant of the 32NX, or even the default A320.
  • Default A320 and A23NX
    • Aileron reacts wrongly to simvar `AILERON POSITION` when aircraft is in the air.
    • I have reported this in ZenDesk #95574. I'll wait for Sim Update 4 before working on a workaround.
Other Limitations and Notes
  • When starting a replay, your aircraft might be teleported to a far away location which doesn't have loaded terrain. This means the ground can jump up/down really quickly and you might get a crash (not CTD) due to damaged landing gear. Disable crash detection might be a good idea if you frequently replay your flight.
  • I don’t know a reliable way to tell if an engine is running or not, so this tool does not auto-start the engine (because it doesn’t know when). Hence, you should start recording/replaying when engine is already running (or the aircraft will move without a running engine) and stop recording before turning off the engine (not really a problem, but the tool might not shut the engine down for you). Not doing that won't prevent you from replaying or using any features, but replay can look like your aircraft is powered by magic ;).
  • Replay looks weird when turning on the ground. I’m not so sure what is happening there yet.
  • To prevent fighting with MSFS own calculation, the tool sends freeze command when you start replay and unfreeze when you stop replay.
    This means replaying might conflict with other tools leverating the same freeze feature (e.g. YourControl when you are not in control, other replay tools).
  • AI aircraft jitters back and forth during replay, especially at high speed. I'm still trying to figure out the reason.
Reporting Issue

If you have any issue with the tool, please report it in our GitHub page with information for troubleshooting such as screenshots, logs and profile exports.

You can also join my Discord server for further discussion https://discord.gg/azqQrWWEbV.

Other useful links

Source Code: https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Recorder
Releases: https://github.com/nguyenquyhy/Flight-Recorder/releases

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How to install/upgrade the tool?
You can just download the zip file of any version, unzip it and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.
What are the differences between Save and Export?
Save produces a .flightrecorder file that can be loaded later by the tool (using Load button).
Export produces a .csv file that can be opened in Excel for analysis.
Why does reverser not work?

There seems to be a bug in the 32NX experimental version that does not react to thrust lever data from SimConnect, which means the tool has no way to activate reverser. I have filed an issue at https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/issues/3703 (from the look of it, doesn't seem like FlyByWire will fix the issue).

If you are not using that version, most likely you are using a physical thrust lever that conflicts with Flight Recorder by trying to take over control from the replay tool. The easiest way to test this (also a workaround) is to create a clone binding profile and remove the thrust binding.


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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 0.16.1 May 20, 2021

  • Version 0.16 May 18, 2021

    - Replay as AI aircraft. However, there are some limitation with the initial release of this feature:
    - Aircraft jumps back and forth when moving faster than 200kt.
    - Lights are not replayed yet.
    - You have to provide the correct title of the livery to spawn the AI aircraft. If the replay stops immediately after started, you probably have set a wrong one.

  • Version 0.15 April 24, 2021

    - Store aircraft info in saved recording

  • Version 0.14 April 09, 2021

    - Improve Saving/Loading to support much longer recordings
    - Fix crashes when Pausing and Resuming before the first frame is started

Pretty empty over here.


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How do you export an video, and how do you capture those camera angles when you are in the cockpit. Like how all the youtubers do

FlightRecorder.Client.exe won't show up for me. What shall I do?

Now i finally found out, how all those guys can create these cool videos from the perfect camera positions. Thanks a lot for this great tool!

A cool little soft, thanks for it!

Just wondering how do I uninstall the mod?

Don't really know what I am doing wrong but it doesn't ever replay my recordings. I press replay and it does nothing..

I use the tool since some weeks and like it very much. But when i park the aircraft and start the replay the picture is flickering. The replay view alternates with the view of the parked aircraft every 1-2 seconds. Is this a known bug?

I can’t seem to open the app? Do I just need to extract the app file and click it because nothing happens when I do

Hello! I didn´t try with another plane, but with the Cessna C-152, the Heading indicator turns at the double speed that it should. For example, i like to record the take off at runway 35, so i start recording, i take off and i turn 90º to follow the route at 80º. Now I alt+tab, stop recording, and press the Replay button to watch the take off. While i'am watching the turn, the heading indicator becames crazy, doesn´t show the real heading that i see at the compass. When the playback finish and the program gives me the control, my heading indicator shows 170º, when it should be at 80º.

I dont know if someone more have this issue.

Cheers! thanks for this awesome tool 😊

Hi! You did an awesome work. I also have an issue that my A320 or any other plane doesnt put the gear down when landing so when it touches down it just floats from its engines and then crashes if the replay is done. Any fix for that?

Any tips on avoiding the "DON´T SINK" sound when landing? Using the A32NX by FBW here...

Thank you for this really cool tool. Would you consider adding an "autorecord" function, where I can set a timeframe and it automatically writes to a ringbuffer of a given time length? So for example you could always have the last 120 seconds of a flight, without having to worry about start/stop.

Best replay mod i've ever tried. Clean UI and easy to use.

Wondering how we delete saved recorded flights - is there an easy way as the .FLTs etc seem all over the place. Other than that, a big thank you for a great tool.

Parfait, et un grand Merci.

Depuis plusiieurs jours quand je repasse ma scène d'atterrissage mon hélico se scratch à chaque fois au replay! bizzare

Really love the Flight Recorder and finding it a lot of fun Car Racing at KACK - YouTube

Great tool - thank you !!

Perfect, and considering that there's a payware item that does basically the same, you made a great gift to us all!

Absolument génial, utilisation et installation d'une simplicité enfantine. Ce que tout le monde attendait. J'en rêvais asobo ne l'a pas fait, mais ce génie oui il l'a fait. Les mots me manquent.
Mille mercis et chapeau l'artiste.

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