Bushtalk Radio

Bushtalk Radio is a community driven project with the aim to fill the world of MSFS with thousands of interesting landmarks, POIs and local radio stations! Each POI has a unique audio tour that is automatically played based on your in-game location.

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We have audio tours for all in-game POIs (including all World Update POIs) as well as thousands of community created content with more being added every day: national parks, forests, islands, active volcanoes, historical battles - there's something for everyone.

Users can add custom locations and write their own audio tours. Just write an interesting, witty script and we'll create the audio tour for you. Not the creative type? Autogenerate one with our Wikipedia Import tool, we won't judge you. We want to introduce players to amazing locations around the world. Add them as part of your next bush trip or fly aimlessly and stumble into something special.

This addon allows you to connect to Bushtalk Radio from inside your cockpit. Users of the old external client should upgrade to this instead.

Geting started with Bushtalk Radio
  • Make an account at https://bushtalkradio.com and log in. Make sure this browser window stays open (do not minimise it) as the audio tours are played through your browser in the background.
  • Download this client and drag and drop the folder into your Community folder
  • Download Bushtalk Radio Landmarks pack and drop the folder into your Community folder. This will allow you to see the POIs in-game and will be updated monthly with the latest community submissions. This isn't mandatory but it helps.
  • Once in your cockpit, open the Bushtalk Radio client from your cockpit toolbar and log in. You are now tuned in to Bushtalk Radio. Please note that since the last Sim Update, toolbar windows cannot run in the background so you will have to keep this window open/minimised.
  • Look for places you want to explore on our website, we tell you the most convenient airport to depart from, or make your own bush trip! The audio tours will play automatically as you approach a landmark.
I have a feature request or bug to report

Join our Discord and let me know! https://discord.gg/ZcGgw9mUqA

I love the idea! How can I support the project?

Help us by creating as many high quality landmarks with well written audio tours. You can also help by promoting the project to fellow flightsimmers. Finally, if you really love what we're doing then help us pay for server costs. Any amount is welcome.

Is there a way to remember credentials when I first start the sim?

Navigate to the file: bushtalkradio-client\html_ui\InGamePanels\BushtalkClient\CustomPanel.js
Open in notepad
Add your credentials in between the double quotes as instructed