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Bushtalk Radio

Bushtalk Radio is a community driven project with the aim to fill the world of MSFS with thousands of interesting landmarks and POIs. Each landmark has a unique audio tour that is automatically played based on your in-game location.

MSFS Community Spotlight
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We have audio tours for all in-game POIs (including Japan and USA update) as well as thousands of community created content with more being added every day: national parks, forests, islands, active volcanoes, historical battles - there's something for everyone.

Users can add custom locations and write their own audio tours. Just write an interesting, witty script and we'll create the audio tour for you. Not the creative type? Autogenerate one with our Wikipedia Import tool, we won't judge you. We want to introduce players to amazing locations around the world. Add them as part of your next bush trip or fly aimlessly and stumble into something special.

This addon allows you to connect to Bushtalk Radio from inside your cockpit. Users of the old external client should upgrade to this instead.

Geting started with Bushtalk Radio
  • Make an account at https://bushtalkradio.com and log in. Make sure this browser window stays open (do not minimise it) as the audio tours are played through your browser in the background. If you're having issues autoplaying tours, read this.
  • Download this client and drag and drop the folder into your Community folder
  • Download Bushtalk Radio Landmarks pack and drop the folder into your Community folder. This will allow you to see the POIs in-game and will be updated monthly with the latest community submissions. This isn't mandatory but it helps.
  • Once in your cockpit, open the Bushtalk Radio client from your cockpit toolbar and log in. You are now tuned in to Bushtalk Radio. You can minimize or close the client and it will continue tracking in the background
  • Look for places you want to explore on our website, we tell you the most convenient airport to depart from, or make your own bush trip! The audio tours will play automatically as you approach a landmark.
I have a feature request or bug to report

Join our Discord and let me know! https://discord.gg/ZcGgw9mUqA

I love the idea! How can I support the project?

Help us by creating as many high quality landmarks with well written audio tours. You can also help by promoting the project to fellow flightsimmers. Finally, if you really love what we're doing then help us pay for server costs. Any amount is welcome.

Is there a way to remember credentials when I first start the sim?

Navigate to the file: bushtalkradio-client\html_ui\InGamePanels\BushtalkClient\CustomPanel.js
Open in notepad
Add your credentials in between the double quotes as instructed

Pretty empty over here.


These users have donated to Bushtalk to keep him making awesome add-ons everyone can enjoy.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.2 April 21, 2021

    Fixed bug where it would crash if used with VFR Map

  • Version 1.1.1 February 17, 2021

  • Version 1.1 February 15, 2021

    Version 1.1 brings small quality of life improvements. You can now close the client and it will still run in the background. We also provide option to automatically log in on start up.

    Open the file in notepad: bushtalkradio-client\html_ui\InGamePanels\CustomPanel.js
    Add your credentials to the top of the file as instructed. You should now auto-login, even when you first start up

  • Launched February 13, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.


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it works really well

Wonderfull app that gives us many new ideas of flights.

Thank you for creating this and also thank the community that create description contents.

Maybe i can share one tip with BT users :

  • if you create a flightplan with BT POI (for example using Littlenavmap), you may have problems with you GPS,
  • it seems that FS2020 has a bug that it cannot handle waypoints with names bigger than 6 characters, which is always the case using BT POI
  • edit the .pln file and truncate the waypoint names to fix that

You made my game! This is incredible!


I just realised it would be great if the radio would revert to the previously-played station after playing an article.

Wow..... This is fun and immersive. 5 stars from me!!!

Great app! 😊 but i would like to stay logged on, even after exiting or restarting the sim (i am too lazy to messing with keyboard in VR 😀 ). And the option "remember username/password" would be quite handy also (i know this can be achieved via simply html edit /did this myself/, but it would be nice to have userfriendly option).
One of the best ways to explore the world and share what you find.
I absolutely love it but i really wish i had more than five free logs per day. 10-15 would be perfect.

I also wish it would log all discoveries. Sometimes i discover eight different locations but only two get logged.
Bushtalk Radio Client: Audio tours from your cockpit is really amazing. It lets you know a lot of things.
could you add the ability for us to edit our own POI submission wiki scripts after submission realized on one it left / / from wiki and it verbally says "slash" etc I want to fix it for everyone.

- More spesific categorys!!!
(To make it easier to find things of interest, instead of having to mouse over a bunch of building icons to find a bridge, dam, castle, etc.
I'm a history nut. I love medieval buildings and things like that..)



Railway lines
Airfields and Airports
Airstrips and Smaller Airfields

Mountain ranges

Curiosities (for strange things like the worlds largest cheese slicer, etc. 😊
Unexplained events/Mysteries
Historic events
Historic battlefields
Archeological sites/finds

Historic buildings/ruins

If I come up with more I'll let you know😊

- Wikipictures in mouseover popups like on radarblips (Or add a picture yourself. Much more interesting when you see a picture of the POI and not just text..)
- Place POIs closer together (I manage to do this by changing the coordinates a bit and then decreasing more and more until I'm in the right spot, but an easier way would be nice. Needs shorter autoplay distance tho..)
- Shorter & larger Autoplay distance (down to maybe 200, 400, 600 and 800m ?..)
- Edit other users POIs (icons + autoplay distance. A lot of users might not bother to update their POIs, so it would be nice to be able to change this when you come across something that should be corrected)
- Adding more than twenty POIs per day (a bit frustrating when you have LOTS of things you want to add😊 I'm a Bushtalk JUNKIE!!!!..)

Does the EFB feature of the H135 heli work in VR ??? I love following the map on a seperate screen as I fly, so being able to do that in VR as well would be great!

This has to be the greatest mod for this sim!!!
Not easily surpassed...

Thank you for all the work you put in to this, man!!

If this ever ends, I'm gonna cry..
Just great!
thank you, really love it, perfect with the H135! 😊

Absolutely LOVE this MOD and use it daily in my Facebook Gaming Streams - Awesome tool which I have already created hundreds of POI's into the MOD.

Sadly since the last update I can hardly use it, once I go into a flight and on the runway I move my camera around, throttle up and everything is perfect then as soon as I LOG into Bush Talk Radio EVERYTHING stops working. I loose my Hotas, keyboard everything. 😞
Could you please help???
Hello. VERY VERY interesting and promising addon. I just have one question for now, what about audio languages ? Is it only english or is it possible to have translations ? Maybe some of the most common languages would be great (english, french, italian, spanish, dutch). Should not be a big work to get these stories translated and you "just" have to take into consideration the language that has been set up during MSFS's installation process.
Thanks in advance.
Hey, having an issue with the latest version. Games CTD when clicking Fly with the Bushtalk client in my community folder. If I just remove that, game no longer crashes. Maybe it is conflicting with another mod or something, though I don't have many installed. Maybe it's just me.
Fantastic add on , I love the moving map also .
This is a fabulous add-on and it really works well! So far I have visited some landmarks in the Galapagos and in Iceland, places I hope to visit IRL in the next couple of years. This is a great way to get to gain some "high level" knowledge of such interesting and scenic places.

I would like to create some POI's for Northeastern USA and New England where I live. There are not very many. I have looked at these pages and at the github page and I don't see instructions for doing that. Is there any documentation on this? Thanks for your amazing work on this!

UPDATE: Never mind - I just saw the YouTube link for a user tutorial in your response to another review yesterday - thanks. I have added 11 POI's so far, mostly in Massachusetts and New York. I will add more! Added one in South Africa and did a quick test flight: https://youtu.be/QmOc9tgzH-w
Would it be possible to queue landmark passes so it plays them one after another? I passed a couple while one was already playing so didn't get the audio for them all
Where I can search a tutorial for introducing new points os interest in BushTalkRadio?
What a brilliant idea. Very nice.
Question: when the audio plays the red square in the web interface is lit as if something is recording. After the audio, the green play button turns on which I would suspect you can use to replay the audio but it doesn't. What is the meaning and function of these buttons?

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