Bushtalk Radio Client: Audio tours and local radio from your cockpit

Compatibility with Sim Update 5 has been confirmed.

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Version 1.2.1
Initial Release February 13, 2021
Last Updated August 11, 2021
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  • Version 1.2.1 August 11, 2021

    Fixed missing icon
    Fixed massive red blob on specific resolutions

  • Version 1.2 April 21, 2021

    Fixed bug where it would crash if used with VFR Map

  • Version 1.1.1 February 17, 2021

  • Version 1.1 February 15, 2021

    Version 1.1 brings small quality of life improvements. You can now close the client and it will still run in the background. We also provide option to automatically log in on start up.

    Open the file in notepad: bushtalkradio-client\html_ui\InGamePanels\CustomPanel.js
    Add your credentials to the top of the file as instructed. You should now auto-login, even when you first start up

  • Launched February 13, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Realy great add-on for MSFS 2020. I enjoy it very much and use it everytime. Also the feature of tuning in an music radio frequency gives it a thumbs up and a smile on my face.

The sound of the lady who is telling about the poi's could be a litte louder, especially if you view the surroundings outside the cockpit. Then the engine noice overruns the voice of the narrator and it's hard to follow, even with my headphones on.

Submitting interface is a mess, You really put effort in an article and then its deleted in the form. Daily limit is really annoying. A lot of airports missing.

Its a normally a great mod but now the limitations did become just ridiculous. First you could publish five landmarks per day for free (which was already on the low side) and now its only two per day (which is just not enough). Why?

Okay - loaded up the latest update and did a very quick check. Sim loaded okay and I was able to start a flight. As it was late here in UK didn't test thrpoughly but carrying on with a planned tour flight later which should give it a workout. Will post back here if any problems.

Since upodate 5, it does not work anymore for me. As soon as I log in, I lose all control over my plane. The program does not crash but I can no longer control my plane.

SU5 2nd hotfix (v1.18.15) Opening the in-sim window causes the sim to freeze. Removing from Community Folder all okay.

I do enjoy getting local info on my travels around the world - any chance of a fix?

Thankyou in anticipation.

Small compatibility issue with FS2020 update 5 : the BT logo is not displayed anymore in the menu. Also it seems it is necessary to click on this button every flight to activate the connection (before, it started automatically if the credentials are set)

Absolutely amazing add-on. Completely changed the way I use MSFS. Touring the world, hopping from POI to POI has been more fun than I've ever had with the simulator. Adding new POIs is also a really rewarding experience, especially when you see them visited by other users.



Some quick technical musings:

The add-on works very well for me on SU5. The only super minor issue I've found is that no icon is displayed in the toolbar when the client is installed (not sure if this is expected). Either way, just a cosmetic issue as you can still click the button and log in.

Also, it would be really cool if the login was persistent. The workaround by editing the add-on's files works really well, but I could definitely see users who are less techy have problems with that. I assume this is down to MSFS's add-on API, though, and their support for persistence in web views, so perhaps no easy fix. Is there any way we can petition Asobo on that? It seems like a pretty important tool to have in the arsenal of add-on devs.

Really amazing. I would like to see some more options for local radio. I am using it mainly for immersing myself in the local culture, but I often struggle to scroll in the local radio list. Perhaps a scrollbar would be useful in the web view?

Furthermore, it would also be nice to keep up the information related to the radio station.

Love this, thanks!

I love your radio so much

incredible mod ..just what I was looking for in MFS 2020

it works really well

Wonderfull app that gives us many new ideas of flights.

Thank you for creating this and also thank the community that create description contents.

Maybe i can share one tip with BT users :

  • if you create a flightplan with BT POI (for example using Littlenavmap), you may have problems with you GPS,
  • it seems that FS2020 has a bug that it cannot handle waypoints with names bigger than 6 characters, which is always the case using BT POI
  • edit the .pln file and truncate the waypoint names to fix that

You made my game! This is incredible!


I just realised it would be great if the radio would revert to the previously-played station after playing an article.

Wow..... This is fun and immersive. 5 stars from me!!!

Great app! 😊 but i would like to stay logged on, even after exiting or restarting the sim (i am too lazy to messing with keyboard in VR 😀 ). And the option "remember username/password" would be quite handy also (i know this can be achieved via simply html edit /did this myself/, but it would be nice to have userfriendly option).
One of the best ways to explore the world and share what you find.
Bushtalk Radio Client: Audio tours from your cockpit is really amazing. It lets you know a lot of things.
could you add the ability for us to edit our own POI submission wiki scripts after submission realized on one it left / / from wiki and it verbally says "slash" etc I want to fix it for everyone.

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