Bushtalk Radio is a community-driven project with the aim to fill the empty world of MSFS2020 with thousands of additional landmarks and POIs. Each landmark has a unique audio tour that is automatically played on arrival. Think of it as having a virtual tour guide by your side.

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Bushtalk Radio Landmarks This addon allows you to see all of the Bushtalk Radio custom POI markers in-game and now also in LittleNavMap! This file will be uploaded monthly to include all of the landmarks and POIs submitted on the Bushtalk Radio website. If you'd like to sumbit a POI then please do it through the website and it'll be added to the pack on the next update.

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Please bear in mind that this addon only contains the in-game markers.
If you want the audio tour to play, you'll need to connect using the Bushtalk client.

For more info on getting started and how to connect

How do I import the POIs into LittleNavMap?
LittleNavMap POIs can be downloaded the from the Bushtalk Radio website in the Downloads section from the sidebar